Ron Paul Supporters Burn GOP

The chips have fallen where they may and the Grand Old Party is looking less grand especially in New Hampshire.  Governor Romney’s loss is not much of a surprise for many given the startling similarities between him and President Obama.  Even during the primary many polls showed him losing to Obama in the general election and yet the Republican Party put a great deal of effort into squelching the one candidate who could beat Obama, Dr. Ron Paul.

Supporters of Ron Paul did not forget and when the time came to back Romney in the general election, the votes were just not there.

Both of New Hampshire’s seats to the U.S. House of Representatives were held by Republicans and both were lost to Democratic ousters.  One in particular has some interesting numbers to note:

C. Shea-Porter Dem 49.8% 172,356
F. Guinta (i)    GOP 45.8% 158,482
B. Kelly           Lib     4.3%    14,968

Brenden Kelly captured enough of the vote to deny Frank Guinta another term in office.  Had the GOP been able to court more support from libertarians and independents the results may have turned out differently.

Soda Tax seeker Catherine Mulholland won a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.  With quotes like,“To be addicted to sugar is just as bad as being addicted to alcohol or tobacco,” New Hampshire residents will have another legislator looking to impose nanny-state sin-taxes.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg instituted a ban on super-sized beverages but Mulholland has a different approach, “That’s a great idea, but tax it. Don’t restrict the size.”

Tim O’Flaherty captured more than just the vote this election season.  He also captured the attention of bloggers at Comedy Central with an interesting post about running in a race against his roommate Dan Garthwaite.  The post became much more intimate with a funny response from Tim indicating that there was more at stake than a seat when jokes about the bedroom were made.

New Hampshire voters came out against the income tax with a majority voting in favor of a Constitutional Amendment though the total fell short of the two-thirds majority needed.  The topic shaped the debate with Governor-elect Maggie Hassan vowing to veto a personal income tax and general sales tax as Governor.

With the election over the campaign signs are disappearing like so many political operatives and shadowy money.  Now perhaps New Hampshire residents can get back to real, tangible, and productive work and the airwaves will have less negativity spewing forth.


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  1. not2bad

    That’s right. What did the GOP expect anyway? What went around came around. Hurts doesn’t it? Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Thanks Ron for trying!!

    • Tim Garrett

      You are a moron for thinking there is no difference between Obama and Romney. We’ll all be hurting because of you’all’s childishness.

    • LeadPoop


    • Scotty Reid

      Sounds like the same dude to me! Other than skin color, not much of a difference at all.

    • McB

      No, no!!! They were VERY different. One had a D after their name and one had an R. Otherwise, I agree – no philosophy difference on anything that Constitutionally matters. At least the right-wing will scream every time Obama does anything – they would just cheer every time Romney did something, thus Romney would have been worse…. much worse.

    • Brian Duda

      Just another example of the corrupt one party system of America. I didn’t care who won. But I somewhat cheered for Obama. Now it’s easier for Rand Paul to run next year 🙂

    • nathanbeal

      I was with you until you said Rand, he is not his father, and he did endorse Romney…

    • MsMag

      Agreed. He was a sellout. Totally.

    • Johnny Mandia

      Not a sell out, he was told what to say or go home. He did not sell out just listen to what he is saying NOW and what he said immediately after the RNC he may not be his father but he does not stand next to these others.

    • American Republic

      A mistake we will hold him to account. Repent he will?

    • Austincrazed

      The problem is that Dems would be furious and protesting in the street if Romney was killing American citizens without even charging them with a crime, then killing their children just in case they were thinking of following in their parents footsteps. They would be marching on The Capital if Romney granted himself the power to start wars all over the world, killing millions of people with bombs and sanctions without congressional approval, all to aquire their gold and oil for his corporate puppetmasters. They would be all over the airwaves condemning Romney if he was providing arms to Mexican drug cartels or if he was giving trillions of taxpayer dollars to the biggest banks and corporations all over the world through the (non)Federal (no)Reserve. Obama gets a pass on all this and so much more because he has a D next to his name and Republicans have been brainwashed into believing that our brave soldiers are actually dying to preserve our freedom but that we must give up most, if not all of that freedom so that our government can keep us safe from all the enemies they have created for us all over the world.

    • James Gragg

      Tim Garrnet: “We’ll all be hurting because of you’all’s childishness.” NO! We’ll be hurting because of the childishness of the way the GOP ran its primary campaign, and went out of the way to illegally disinfranchise a very large sedgment of theirown “party.” Our “votes” are NOT anyone’s to COMMAND. The GOP does not “OWN” our votes. If the GOP had really desired to “win” they would have gone with the ONLY candidate that EVER was tied with Obama almost through the entire primary season. The GOP has NOBODY TO BLAME but themselves, And any “fool” that says otherwise, is completely ignorant of truthful facts.

    • Austincrazed

      That reply must not have been for me because I agree.

    • Doc3

      Patriot Act goes to Bush. Same with TSA and Homeland Security. There is a Federalist Statist machine in DC that is destroying the Constitution.

    • Johnny Mandia

      Doesn’t matter who did it! It can be un done. None of them are willing to do that.

    • LeadPoop

      The whole point is Obama and Romney supported it. Thats a big no no for me.

    • Peter Hudson

      Controlling the People… errr, same…

    • alvn

      ^ Lol. He voted for the bigger moron of the two apparently.

    • Micah

      What’s this “we” that is all hurting? I’m an independent voter, and I vote my conscience. If I see republicans stepping outside of traditional party views as Romney has, I’m going to stick with my views and not vote for the person. Political parties are meant to serve us, not us parties.

    • Kem Williams

      There is a difference between Obama & Romney. one is for 4 years and the other would have been for 8 years. 4 of the same stuff is a lot better then 8. don’t you think?

    • Blount Truth

      Not because of Ron Paul supporters, the GOP showed life long Republicans that supported Paul’s ideals the door to their own demise. Not enough difference between Obama and Romney to make many of us get off the couch, and what a feeling. If looking for someone to blame look no further than the RNC and the fraud, cheating, lies, and violence perpetrated by the right, had they compromised an inch Romney might have made it to the White house but there is more integrity in the thumbnail of a Liberty lover than all the blind partisan sheep put together. Before you cry out that the GOP is innocent perhaps you need to look up the vids and learn the reality of the 2012 Romney campaign.

      So I blame the fake conservatives, and the members of the RNC and Romney campaign that forced many Republicans (that the media labeled “Libertarians”) to stay at home like we did for McCain, so stop presenting us with Liberals and neoconservatives to vote for and perhaps the GOP can get our vote, but not before, it is the ONLY way to effect change.

    • Chris Don Tremaine

      Don’t you understand the goal was to get someone better than Obama, everyone was right of Obama. He is the worst ever.

    • Arthur Gayton II

      If the idea was to get someone better than Obama, why did the GOP establishment choose Romney? Romney’s views are almost the exact same as Obama. Let me see do I want Romneycare or Obamacare? Let’s ask Massachusetts if Romney was a terrific Governor worthy of being President.

    • freedomsreign

      If the GOP wanted to win, they would have been backing Ron Paul. They now consider liberty to be their enemy, and it’s because they serve the same people and agenda as Obama, and that agenda preys on covetous people.

      Romney wanted to be Satan Clause too. He just has a slightly different list telling him who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

    • George

      Chris,……….using your “logic”…….it seems you would
      favor drowning in swimming pool, rather than the ocean.

    • American Republic

      Absolutely no difference. Sure, abortion, gay marriage, and emotionally hot button issues different. The meat and potatoes are the same. Same Federal Reserve system, identical foreign policy, tinkering with taxes. Civil liberties exactly the same. You bet, the electorate didn’t see the difference. I would be butting heads with you even if Romney did win, you would have discounted me and called me a fool for supporting Ron Paul. All Romney would have had to do would be embrace one of Paul’s issues. For example going to Congress for doing military actions. Nope? How about auditing the Federal Reserve. No, you say? NDAA, PATRIOT ACT, TSA, HEATHCARE! Yep, same. “Screw you”, you say? “Don’t need you” you mutter. Fine.

    • John Vandertow

      show me a policy difference then Tim?? just one. then find out why all the young people support the oldest person to ever run for pres over these two clowns

    • KentPerry

      Hey we tried to warn ya jack ass but you stupid republicans STILL DoN’T GET IT! You still think YOU’RE ALL THAT! When you insisted a vote for paul was a vote for obama when the polls were showing he was the ONLY candidate that could have beaten Obama, we made ourselves quite clear. We said Ron Paul or no one at all. and You laughed,,, calling us the fringe. That paulbots didn’t matter , just a small insignificant group of nutjobs.

      We said it again, NO ONE BUT PAUL. and we proved we were not the fringe. While mittens was hardly able to attract an audience to fill the local moose lodge to capacity,, Ron Paul was packing em in football stadiums to over capacity, and you and the media, ignored us.

      When we caught numerous Romney Campaign members ballot stuffing and various election fraud tactics in ever state. You said: “Romney Won, Get Over It!”

      We didn’t and we began working on the delegates and taking back states that under normal and fair elections circumstances, Ron Paul would have won and many in a landslide but it wasn’t your problem you told us.

      When you started hijacking many of Ron Paul’s platform ideas like ending the fed and defending the constitution, it was becoming more obvious that all the reasons you had used to justify the replacement of Obama, were the same issues and legislation Romney supported, so you just changed the subject. and started talking about the RNC in Tampa. The when you found out Ron Paul had won plurality of delegates in 14 states making him a legitimate contender for the Nominee, you changed the rules.

      When we acted fast to get our delegates to the floor to vote on the rules change, you KIDNAPPED all of them and locked them in a bus that refused to stop driving in circles until the vote was over and you told our duly elected delegates to go home stripping them of their position.

      When you called the police and told them we were trespassing just because we kept insisting the votes get called out aloud, you called it inciting a riot. Yet we won all those publicly counted votes. So we told you not to treat us like garbage and you called us paultrash,

      Then you said you didn’t need us. You made up lies and we warned you Romney could not win without us and again you said “Don’t let the door slam” and sent us home demoralized and our own Party, our media and a bunch of voters whose support of the troops is to get in this veterans face and tell me Ron Paul doesn’t know a damn thing about foreign policy yet he predicted we would be the target of a major attack in his 1998 speech if we didn’t stop bombing and in a 2002 speech accurately predicted all 11 potential outcomes of our bad foreign policy from the economic collapse to Russia invading Georgia, to the Taliban being a future enemy we were making a huge mistake in arming and trusting. Even when all the top foreign policy experts in the CIA and War College agreed with his non interventionist policy of war ONLY when congress approves.

      You went off saying he thought it was ok for Iran to have a Nuke when Israel has 300 hundred of em illegally so when Ron Paul tried to explain why Iran might want one, you called him nuts.

      When Tampa came, we told you it was going to be winner take all no one but Paul.

      and unlike when mitt Romney says anything,,

      WE MEANT IT.

      Then when you all came back saying we need to come together to beat Obama, we offered you two equally distasteful alternatives JUST like you gave us.

      We said, since you were telling us, staying at home is a vote for Obama,, in a damned if we do damned if we don’t ultimatum and threatened to blame Paul supporters if Romney loses,, we had enough!

      We said you want us to get involved?

      You choose the lesser of the two evil choices.

      1) We stay home and not vote for anyone

      2) We go out and vote for Obama just to spite your neocon asses saying a no vote is a vote for Obama.

      You told us the choices were ridiculous and that all we were doing is destroying the Country and not helping to defeat the enemy. But when YOU support a candidate that has agreed to the NDAA the patriot act, CISPA, the FED and all the same things we are replacing Obama over, When you use voter fraud, intimidation tactics, voter suppression all the same things the democrats did and you complained about it,, When you blame someone just like the enemy Obama does,,

      When you do ALL that do you know what happens?
      you are no longer fighting the enemy,,



      – Kent Perry, AZ.

    • George

      Well said Kent !
      Regarding the emptiness of objectivity, reason, and
      character that both Party Electorates embrace, it is
      my belief that this quote could apply to all men:
      ……….”he who has, even more shall be given,..and he
      who has not, even that which he has, shall be taken

    • Josh Gerschutz

      how is it childishness to vote for the person you believe should be President, I shouldn’t have to vote for someone that I don’t believe is the best person to run the country

    • joepeeler

      Let’s see what we get with either Romney or Obama:
      Same centrally planned, unconstitutional monetary system. Rigged interest rate grid and paper currency are the source of bubbles, price inflation, excessive leverage, excessive debt, and a massive, hidden transfer or purchasing power.
      Same foreign policy of empire with foreign-aid (bribery), drone strikes by the thousands, puppet regimes, client states, and a corrupt petro-dollar system.
      Same govt. departments and bureaucracies.
      Same spending levels.
      Same production tax system within a few percentage points.
      Same NDAA, Patriot Act, War on Drugs, attempts to control internet, etc.
      Same corporatist measures as with subsidies, mandates, public-private partnerships, regulations to create barriers to entry, collectivized risk, govt. loans, etc.
      The parties only vigorously debate along a very narrow spectrum of establishment dogma. That’s not a choice.
      A crisis is coming when interest rates spike. Mitt wouldn’t have been able to stop it. I would just as soon Obama be in there because voters associate him with central planning and big government. For some odd reason people associate establishment R’s with free markets and small govt. despite all evidence to the contrary.
      It’s people like you that are child-like for not understanding that Obama and Romney are the same on the things that really count.

    • cookielee

      wake up. goldman sachs won they couldn’t lose. they support romney and obama.

    • George

      Timmy, oh, Timmy,,,…………use the grey matter between your ears,…………..did you not,….nor have you not done your research, and SIMPLY OBSERVED Romney’s voting record ?
      There “is” a difference between OBAMA and ROMNEY,….just
      like there’s a difference between drowning in the ocean, or

      drowning in a swimming pool.

  2. jayremy

    This is an example when you shame, defame and push out a base that would’ve stuck behind you and a representative that stood for the best of us. Now we are stuck with a bought out politician we call Obama that no repub can agree with, as an independent don’t support, and even dems were upset with his performance.

    GOP could’ve claimed liberal/democratic support even with Ron Paul but instead they rig an election, polls and take a dump on him in the media with nobody sticking up for him.

    • MsMag

      It was the proverbial “nail in the coffin.” Good.

  3. Thane

    RAND PAUL 2016!

    • Kragskov

      I’d give it some time and see who else might come along. It’s too early to get behind a fellow who sold out his dad and a movement. Besides Rand is not very charismatic. I don’t think you’d get very far with a guy who bears such a troubling resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald.

    • jayremy

      Rand Paul needs time and better resume behind him. For now it will be Gary Johnson, I’d say by 2020 or 2024 Rand will be primed for the spot to also push the movement with his father and have some glorious to campaign on.

      As Kragsov said, if he had high charisma about him he could get away with it next session.

    • James Stabaum

      do you think its possible to bring johnson back into the republican fold? he seems pretty happy as a libertarian? or do you think the republican party needs to fracture, and the social conservative/neocons go one way, and the fiscal conservatives/libertarians go another way, with the (L)ibertarian party getting absorbed into that?

  4. LeadPoop

    I would have supported the republicans but watching what they did to the Ron Paul delegates was totally wrong! I cant support scum like that.

    • Chris Don Tremaine

      So you guys pretty much gave the election to Obama. Was that your goal? I believe that if all conservatives voted for Romney he would have won. This has happened to the conservatives many times. It may seem wrong to vote for the least evil, however, when you do that you get the worst evil! Ross Perot did the same thing. This is why we always lose. We need to pick someone and stick by them.

    • Arthur Gayton II

      I’m tired of people who think they have to vote for the lesser of two evils. What kind of stupid thinking is that? “You guys” gave this election to Obama by supporting Romney. If you would have supported Ron Paul, the true conservative, or even Gary Johnson we wouldn’t be in this predicament. I blame the 98% of America who don’t vote their conscience but vote on party lines or vote through faulty thinking. Who would you have voted for Stalin or Hitler? I choose neither and my conscience is free. You can go ahead and sponsor evil with your vote, I will take no part in that.

    • LeadPoop

      Dont look at me, I voted Gary Johnson sense the GOP stole delegates from Ron Paul! If you want your candidate to win dont pick a guy who aligns up with his opponent. I could not bring myself to vote for Romney, to untrustworthy.
      Did i want Obama to win? No. But at least now, I only have to worry about four more years of Obama instead of a scary and unknown eight years of Romney!

      Ron Paul had the support from everyone, old, young, liberal,democrat, republican, black, white, gay, and all those in between!
      Romney lost because of Romney and a failure of the GOP to follow its own rules!

    • RP1776

      The people that voted for Romney are the same ones that believe the lame stream media.

    • MaineShark

      Yeah, because if we got Mitt Obamney, it would be so much better than Barack Obamney. Never before have two candidates this identical been presented. I’ve challenged many folks to find any actual difference between the two, since they both have established records in executive positions. In actual reality, when put in that seat, they do exactly the same things.

    • Austincrazed

      The GOP gave Obama the election just like they planned. The only Republican candidate that was polling equal to or better than Obama during the primaries was Ron Paul. I never heard one Republican during the primaries tell me that they were voting for Romney. I never saw one Romney sign until a couple weeks ago. The GOP conspired with Romney to use fraud, lies, threats, assault and kidnapping to steal the primary from the voters. This began right from the beginning in Iowa, where they got caught witholding votes and declaring Romney the winner, right through the convention where they impeached duly elected delegates from service because they did not support their preferred candidate. Republicans should have been rioting in the streets after watching these criminals steal an election. You can sit on it and spin sheep because my vote was a principled vote for The Constitution and and future of this country, your’s was obviously for your molesting coach of your “team”

    • Jason Kearns

      Stick to Rand Paul 2016. The Dems will be so screwed up a resurrected Truman
      couldn’t win the next election. Rand can bring a splintered Rep party back to
      it’s strengths of a smaller and more responsible government. That or the
      libertarian party will grow rapidly.

  5. Maine Halyard

    RP supporters did not burn the GOP. The GOP was burned more than a decade ago when it decided to bow to its masters, the multinational corporations. Of course, the Democrats are getting harder to see clearly given all the smoke that surrounds them.

  6. Charlie Peters

    Is CA using SHELL Brazil sugar ethanol at a premium of $0.16 per gallon so Valero is shipping GMO corn ethanol to Brazil? Is SHELL also moving on the CA natural gas electric market that the people pay at double the national rate? So is CA funding export of energy profit?

  7. sameolbs

    I would have supported Romney if he could have given me just one good reason to but he didn’t. For example, if he had stated that he was against NDAA, I would have been on board even with his bank support, neo support and establishment support. I would have put that aside if he could have sent something my way…he didn’t.

    • George

      As simple as it sounds, you’re correct, Romney
      offered absolutely “nothing at all”.

  8. Charlie Peters

    Ethanol may be the largest volume chemical in this country. Does ethanol become part of our water supply? Does our water folks test for ethanol in the tap?

    The local radio KCBS shared a study raised that ethanol might be a factor in brest cancer.

    Do the water folks check for ethanol?

    • PabloKOh

      We should prohibit ethanol!!!! Life sentences for 1st offense. Think of the children.

  9. Charlie Peters

    Mary Nichols was reported to own BP stock, BP has big bucks invested in GMO policy at CA Berkley. Can you spell conflict of interest?

  10. stoky

    I am just thrilled about Carl Rove and CHarles Krauthammer having to eat crow. these know-it-alls KNOW NOTHING. They ditched the only candidate who had a chance again obama… Dr Ron Paul. Hey Carl,, do you like your bird hardboiled?

  11. Gman Dothan

    Didnt care for Obama’s policies, but Romney making it personal…there was no way in HELL he would get my vote and Gary Johnson got it instead!

  12. Kem Williams

    They major league Burn Paul supporters last year & this year and then turn around and think we will kiss their behinds and support their candidate just because they say so. LOL they are such morons. They deserve what they got. we all told them Romney could not win with out Paul supporters they did not listen. its their fault and their fault only.
    I’m glad Romney lost. any one that thinks they only need a lawyer to wage war is incompetent to be president.

  13. Joe Vaughan

    Ya darn tootin right!!!

    Shooda voted for Dr. Paul- now yaller stuk wit 4 more yeers of elleegal infertratin and defasit spenin. Good luck wit dat der fashist war criminul Obamer!

    Good job sheeple- way to give up your rights!

  14. Blount Truth

    To all the sore losers, perhaps turning off fox news and focusing on facts and truths will do you some good in the future. We screamed from the mountain tops that Ron Paul was the only Republican polling high enough to beat Romney but your blessed Fox news led you down the primrose path and tried to garner Romney support via falsehoods and skewed polling to no avail. Even the day of the election Rasmussen showed Paul ahead of Obama while Romney still trailed. So go whine elsewhere as you will find no sympathy amongst the large part of the Republican party that the GOP and RNC decided not to give a voice, and the reason the GOP does not control the white house has all to do with partisan blindness and less to do with anything Ron Paul or his followers did. Next time perhaps you can demand the democratic process be followed by the losing party, and stop the fraud, violence, lies, and tricks against another very valid GOP candidate, end the fraud and perhaps you can earn the voters that sat on the couch election night, or get used to a Democrat in the White House.

    • jayremy

      Like racist bigot Santorum was second, Ron Paul was always a close second the delegates themselves were stating there votes weren’t being counted in the debate polls, making more votes go to Romney and Santorum instead.

      Gingrich and Ron Paul had a lot more votes that were portrayed, but Gingrich really didn’t stand a chance. Having Santorum even get as far as he did looked bad on the Republican party. No moderate repub or independent would ever consider getting behind that nut.

      Romney never held a firm stance and wouldn’t bother to elaborate a single thing he mentioned, he only said he “disagreed” when he couldn’t explain what made him so different, the third debate was just about agreeing with everything Obummer said.

      Romney even before and while the GoP race was going on was getting a majority of the coverage and media support, while liberal media had loads of stuff to attack him on. Yes if you buy into your fox news and other far right BS you hear on special interest controlled TV as 100% true then your own damn fault for CHOOSING to believe the lies.

  15. Steven Rayos

    Hang in there Dr.Paul, we need ya!


    Steve, California

    • George

      Now “that” would be sweet. Who knows, might happen!
      I can only “imagine” what shit would be hittin the fan.

  16. commonsense_1776

    Ron Paul supporter burn GOP?? It should be the GOP burned Ron Paul supporters.

    • George

      The willfully blind ensnare themselves and twist
      the truth. COMMON SENSE is not all that common
      anymore. Those that blame Ron Paul supporters are
      internally angry that there are those that vote outside
      of “the status qou”. They are angry at “themselves” for being fundamentally weak individuals
      that are “externally” programmed and molded in their thinking.
      There in lies their contempt for those that can stand “on their
      own”,……which is the primary principle of our constitution, as well
      as RON PAUL’S platform.
      It’s the same as high school mentality and PEER PRESSURE.
      Those that can’t, OR WILL NOT, support RON PAUL’S message
      are revealing that “they themselves” have nothing internal from
      which to draw from,….They dysfunctionally NEED a leader !
      Ron Paul has NOTHING to offer us, as a president,….except that
      which our constitution gave us,…..LIBERTY and OURSELVES !
      Most can not see this, THEY ARE NOT GROUNDED WITHIN !

  17. Mike Combs

    Those of you who are supporting the Libertarian Party instead of continuing to take over the Republican party are destroying the Liberty movement. Ron Paul was in the Republican party for 30 years for a reason….. the Libertarian Party will never stand a chance at winning anything…. ever.

    • Mike Combs

      We made the republican party lose, they will learn their lesson, and repent. If not we continue to make them lose until they bend to our will. But whatever we do, we have to do it within the Republican party.

    • Mike Combs

      I would also like to add that I think Rand endorsed Romney knowing it would solidify Ron Paul supporters AGAINST Romney guaranteeing Romney a loss in the general setting the stage for a liberty candidate like Rand in 2016. Because now the GOP know they are not going to beat the democrats without OUR vote.

    • Arthur Gayton II

      Did not the good doctor run under the Libertarian Party in 1988 for President? Ron Paul’s Revolution isn’t about parties. It’s about ideas of government that resonant across all party lines. I say support your Libertarian Party, be weary of the Republican party, and always support those who profess our views no matter which party. And as for the Democratic/Socialist party teach them the love of Liberty and the faults of Socialism.

    • jayremy

      We aren’t destroying anything but fascism supporting politics. Romney was never a good rep for the party on multiple issues. He never deserved my vote, he couldn’t care to elaborate on anything or disagree on anything that really matter with Obama like: the Fed, reducing Military presence and spending, reformation of medicare and public health provisions, “stimulus” spending aka special interest funding, war on drugs and attacks on our rights like NDAA, patriot act, drones in the U.S.

      I support equal rights for gays, woman choice and marijuana legalization. Obama more closes resembles my vote than Romney, at least Obama says the right stuff, though he can never deliver or attempts to.

      The RNC is how the republican party lost, you showed us how corrupt and badly you would treat willing supporters who had legitimate, serious disagreements that needed to be addressed and/or adopted.

      Republican party many are calling dead and libertarian many are saying will be THE party of the next election cycle with wide support.

    • James Stabaum

      the LP is a tool. you cant just pressure the GOP from the inside. it needs inside pressure to change paired with an outside threat of consequences if they dont change. thats why you stay in the GOP for primary season, and bolt in the general if you dont get an acceptable candidate. rinse lather repeat until you have change. once you get your change, the LP numbers will diminish.

  18. nunyabizness71

    Lets get this straight. The GOP burned us, all through the primaries, and caucuses. Legally elected delegates and chairman for Dr. Paul were arrested, and beat up only because they won. Whole counties and districts votes disappeared… DISAPPEARED! The GOP showed us the door. It’s their fault they lost. No body else. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for nominating the Liberal flip flopper Mitt, and blame the establishment GOP for their strong-arm tactics. I will not get kicked in the face and come back for more.

  19. Jo Bailey

    Third party/write-in totals cost them Florida too. Great news for the Revolution. Now maybe the GOP will listen – one more time – You can’t win without us.

  20. Aaron Carmody

    Hey GOP, start by being honest once in a while. DOnt rig the primaries because you think you know better, let the people decide and stop meddeling.

  21. quest2quest

    Do you think they will open the flap to the tent now? Or are they insane?

  22. Houmid

    Given that the GOP leadership basically screwed themselves by virtually banning Libertarians, Free Staters, and Tea Partiers at the convention; I still would have expected a more practical, pragmatic, and forethoughful response of voting for Romney as a means of preventing a worse president back in office. Maybe they wouldn’t have made any difference in the outcome if they hadn’t voted 3rd party. I just don’t know which way they would have split oterhwise.
    Principle is great. Such as having the right of way in a crosswalk. But principle doesn’t stop that 18-wheeler from turning you into a pancake if it doesn’t decide to stop.
    Obama is going to pancake the United States. Ya’ll may have just helped him do it.

    • PJ McFlur

      Sure bud… next time you need our help, try not to break our fingers, purge us from delegate roles and maybe count our votes.

    • MaineShark

      Obama and Romney are equally-bad. At least, this way, Obama has to sit in the hot seat when the bills come due. If Romney were elected, all of the mess could be blamed on him, and the next president would be even worse.

    • KentPerry

      Well most of us knew that already and to US,, the elections were over in Tampa. It wouldn’t matter which wall street bank bought bastard brought us to our doom The difference is, YOU CAN’T IMAGINE ANYONE BEING MORE EVIL THAN OBAMA.

      Well I can, and his name is Mitt Romney.

      We said Give me liberty (Ron Paul) or Give me Death.

  23. PJ McFlur

    Skrew the GOP. Ive supported Paul since 07 and can tell you from what I have witnessed that we were not wanted. We were treated like crap from the first day. We were cheated, lied to, beat up.. and yet.. the GOP loyalists expect us to come running on election day. Eff that.

    Wake up GOP. Ill try to reason with you. If you had supported Santorum or Gingrich and had the same tactics used on you to stifle your voice and action… Would you want to show up on election day to get your abuser elected?

    GImme an effin break. Embrace us. We come with a few million activists.. not just arm chair critics.

  24. Lara Castro

    I read these comments and all I sees are caged hamsters running on a wheel that spins and spins and goes nowhere. Yeah, sure, you citizens, next time it’ll be different. You just have to put in more of your time, more of your money, and vote harder. This system can work if you just believe in it. Chumps.

    • RP1776

      The first thing we need to do is take a sledge hammer to all the electronic vote stealing machines.Every vote needs to be on paper and counted out in front of everyone.
      I can’t believe more people aren’t fighting this corruption.

  25. hostage707

    we all knew this was going to happen after what culminated in Tampa, and all the skullduggery through the primary….but this is what happens when you are a fat cat with a billion dollars in an offshore account, your head is in the clouds and you think money can buy anything. Throwing Paul supporters out of the tent and Ron Paul under the bus was the death knell for the party. When Republicans stop acting like democrats they will get the conservative vote.




    Read most of these! Paul supporters are idiots who know nothing of reality! Paul is no Republican … his own son supported the Republican candidate! If Paul had won he would have had zero support in congress…. you bastards gave the enemy of the United States the power to destroy the USA!… He is not a Democrat! BO is a “Progressive”! His goal is the destruction of the USA system of government! if you stinking idiots had an ounce of sense; If Ron Paul cared one whit about the US he would have sacrificed his inflated ego to prevent Obama’s reelection! You will, probably, never get another opportunity! the Progressives will put two or more justices in place and you total derelicts will be the cause! Ross Perot gave Clinton 8 years. All of you and the UNITED STATES will pay dearly for your childish infantile pay back!

    • hanz

      Romney is a “progressive” too. But besides that, maybe it would be a better strategy not to play dirty tricks and not to insult people, if you want them to support you. Just think about it.


      Mitt Romney is the most honest decent generous man ever to run for president! What dirty tricks!? You bastards are not worth a crap you have no idea what a “progressive “is you are all ignorant morons full of self righteous horse manure who gave the country to the most vile dispicable anti-American group of Criminals in US history! You are no better than accomplices!


    • MaineShark

      Actually, Romney is identical to Obama on every single policy issue. He’s the one who invented ObamaCare, for example. If that’s not “Progressive,” I don’t know what is…


      You aren’t even man enough to use your name! Cowards aren’t worthy of consideration…either as men or of their opinion!


    • MaineShark

      My name is “Joe Brown.” Hence, a nickname, since it’s a ridiculously-common name. I’ve used MaineShark for so long that pretty much everyone knows me by that. Since it actually identifies me (you could ask someone to point out “MaineShark,” and they’d point at me), it is a real name.

      Got any more brillian insights? Are you proud of your support for an anti-American socialist psycho like Romney?


      I am, indeed proud of my support for Mitt Romney! I know that he is the opposite of each of you adjectives! He, like all Latter-day Saints believes in the US Constitution as inspired by Devine inspiration and holds it in almost sacred standing! He is a good Christian who has done good deeds his entire life! He has donated many millions of Dollars over his entire life to charity and to help the poor! Romney has never taken one cent for his religious of public service! He pays MORE in taxes than the IRS requires! He is a decent hard working honorable & extremely honest man that you and your ilk prevented from restoring to the greatness of its past! You and your co -conspirators insured Bill Clinton’s election by supporting third party egomaniacs like Ross Perot, Ron Paul and Virgil Goods…you gave our country away to our enemies! You will see that your selfish, childish, egotistical self righteousness will allow BO and the liberal far left to apoint two or more Supreme judges and to allow BO to weaken our military, strengthen our enemies and ruin our economy. Ian betting you will never see another Republican in the whitehouse …ever! You gave the election to a clever enemy!


    • MaineShark

      Yawn. Come up with something that isn’t blatantly-false propaganda. Romney thinks the Constitution should be used for toilet paper. For just one example, he’s anti-gun, and there is /no/ level of restriction on the right to keep and bear arms that is Constitutional, other than “zero.”


      You are full of horse crap! Romney is a Mormon! Mormon doctrine extols the Constitution! You are a dismissive idiot who believes the anti-Romney crap of your “fearless” leader! Rand Paul was a Romney supporter! Even Ron ‘s own son did not support his dad!


    • MaineShark

      So, you’re telling me that Harry Reid is a lover of the Constitution? After all, he’s a Mormon, so he must be, right?

    • wvufan87

      lol nice one MaineShark. Clark Burdine is a brainwashed sheep.


      The bottom line is you idiots sacrificed the entire USA for your “never gonna win” dogmatic ideology! You are as much an enemy as the Liberal Dems …and worse since you claim to be the opposite! The age old adage is : you cut your nose off to spite your face! Worthless is more valuable than your kind!


    • MaineShark

      Romney is every bit as bad as Obama, so whatever damage was done to the USA, was done when Romney was nominated.


      Beyond stupid! Keep telling yourself that! None so stupid as those who lie to themselves!


    • MaineShark

      Fact is, if you voted for anyone other than Ron Paul in the primary, /you/ re-elected Obama, because Paul was the only candidate who stood a chance of defeating Obama.

      How’s your buddy, the lover of the Constitution, Harry Reid, doing?

  28. Ed Blevins

    You Ron Paul supporters are like a bunch of little spoiled brats ,If you don’t get your way you made damn sure that moron in office gets 4 more years to totaly destroy the country. Have fun paying for his health care,As for me I probaly won’t be around for another election,Such a bunch of Idiots.

    • MaineShark

      Yeah, because if Romney was elected, he would repeal Obamacare… and replace it with Romneycare!

      I mean, really, if you’re going to call others “idiots,” you might want to have knowledge that goes back more than five minutes. Obama actually /copied/ from Romney in developing that program, and you’re going to use it as an example of why we should support Romney? That makes zero sense.

  29. FreeAgent

    Ron Paul would have won because of the pot issue. Colorado voted in favor of legalizing it, across party lines. More people voted for it than voted for Obama. I said this all along – Ron Paul is the only one of them that can win, and none of my Tea Party associates believed me. They didn’t like his foreign policies, blah blah blah. If y’all wanted Obama out so badly, you should have supported Ron Paul. And guess what else? I’m an Obama supporter – that’s right, I pick winners. But there’s a chance I might have voted for Paul, because I like my weed. So there you have it. Use your brains next time if you want to win – figure out what the average person really wants. Even to democrats/libs, Ron Paul came across as trustworthy and decent. Mitt Romney came across as a liar.

  30. ProudAmericanFirst

    RNC/GOP, and everybody who voted “anyone but obama” romney – I have a present for you:

    If you EVER prop a socialist on the Republican ticket again, I will assure you that like this election, you will lose again.
    Here is a suggestion: Instead of letting corrupt msm dictate how you should vote, take it upon yourselves to LOOK AT VOTING RECORDS. That is why we have primaries; to select the best conversative candidate.

  31. G C

    there was a time when one didnt even know the federal gvt existed.

  32. cookielee

    people better wake up the new world order is controlling everything. ‘America Freedom to Fascism” watch it.

  33. RP1776

    I think they’re power hungry and insane.

  34. El_Tigre_Loco

    Sorry, but I held my nose and voted for Romney. Voting for anyone else is a vote for Obama. I would rather not vote at all than vote for Obama.



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