Blue Hampshire Blogger Calls FSP Participants “Cult Members”, Fears We’ll “Eliminate our State Government”

"Susan the Bruce"While calling Free State Project participants “cult members” and claiming we support censorship, a Blue Hampshire blogger, “Susan the Bruce” has been busily cleaning her personal blog comments (where her BH post is copied) of unwanted posts. The blog dust-up has hit mainstream news with the Union Leader reporting on it.

Susan, as it turns out, you’re the one in the cult – the cult of the omnipotent state. You Democrats (and Republicans) have charismatic leaders and perform rituals. There’s plenty of jargon associated with “the state” as well as a culture of fear. Please see my piece here that will lay it out for you.

People who just want you to leave others alone to live life how they want, so long as they don’t harm anyone else, are not cult members. We don’t have a leader. Our movement is decentralized. There are no rituals. We use plain english to describe the aggression of the state. You statists don’t like it when we call a spade a spade, though. Some people can’t stand it when the violence of the state is shown for all to see, which we do on a regular basis here at Free Keene.

Now, on to your other accusation that FSP participants support censorship. That’s clearly nonsense. FK blogger Darryl Perry called for impeachment and CENSURE (grab your dictionary!), not censorship. Cynthia Chase should be free to spout her bigoted opinions, however I don’t support bigots holding public office, do you, Susan?

You also complain in your blog comments that “not a one” spoke up during the last, Republican-run house session. That is incorrect. We here at Free Keene have been covering the horrible aggression of the state during ALL administrations. You just weren’t paying attention.

Finally, Susan, I don’t know if all “free staters” support totally eliminating the state government, because some of them are “small government” people. However, I support ending the state. The state is an evil concept that is nothing more than a cover for aggressive violence and the threats thereof against peaceful people. It’s humane to support ending the state and inhumane to support the state, so long as the people calling themselves “the state” continue their aggression and threats.

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  1. foolish democrats, confusing the metaphorical “state” with the NH state govt.

  2. Ian: I do hate to break it to ya, but it’s my blog. I get to choose what comments go up on it. My property, my choices. You know, the free market, and all – how silly of you to criticize in me what you support elsewhere. But that’s the whole story of the FSP. You engage in a lot of parroting about RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, but if someone who dares disagree with the FSP uses their RIGHTS and FREEDOMS the FSP caterwauling begins.

    I never said that I FEAR the FSP will eliminate state government. I tell the truth – that the stated goal in the original FSP manifesto calls for doing just that. Jason Sorens, FSP founder wrote that manifesto. Don’t blame me – it was his idea. I’m just reporting it. And that is what you hate, isn’t it? Anyone telling the truth about the FSP.

    You guys love to bleat about freedom and liberty. As long as no one is criticizing any of you, in which case your thin skins tear right open and the bleating begins. And when the bleating begins, you start trying to shut people up. That’s just priceless – and totally emblematic of what the FSP is. A bunch of rand sniffing authoritarians who want to take over.

    • Susan, I agree – you are free to remove comments from your blog as you see fit. It just seemed ironic in the context of you complaining about censorship, which was incorrect anyway, since the call was to *censure*.

      I’ve never called for censorship – I just don’t think bigots belong in public office. Had Cynthia Chase called for laws to make black people want to leave NH and never come here, then I’m sure you’d agree with my call to censure. However, it’s okay to be bigoted against “free staters”, right?

      If you weren’t afraid of the elimination of the coercive state, then why bother paying any attention to the FSP? If FSP participants are a bunch of kooks, why bother spending time on us? Seems clear to me.

      Susan, I invite critique. How’d you like to come on national radio and let a much larger audience hear your viewpoint? I host a show heard on over 100 stations coast-to-coast. Would you like to come chat?

    • You know, Ian, it was only Free Staters who misunderstood the censure/Censorship thing. No one else had a problem with my words. Why do you suppose that is? Perhaps it’s because they understood that by calling for the CENSURE of Rep. Chase you were engaging in CENSORSHIP. That it was only FSP folk who failed to grasp the meaning says far more about all of you than it does on me.

      As for bigots – today in a hearing, Rep. Infantine used the term “no tickee, no washee” a highly bigoted term mocking Chinese. Will you be calling for his censure and impeachment? Yesterday at another hearing Rep. Spec Bowers launched into a highly racist diatribe. Again – will you be calling for HIS censure and impeachment?

      I think we both know the answer to those questions. Your interest in bigotry extends only as far as it applies to critics of the FSP.

      Thank you for the invitation, but I have no interest in appearing on the radio with you. I don’t have much patience with people who speak in sloganese. I have even less patience with those who are dishonest. That would be you, Ian. Because I tell the truth about Free Staters, in your little randhead that translates into fear. That is dishonest. Just as it is dishonest for you to pretend you support FREEDOM and LIBERTY when in fact, you do not support anything of the sort when it comes to people who criticize the FSP.

      Oh, and by the way – you complained about my moderating comments for my blog? When I posted here, what came up, but this: “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
      Hypocrisy. It’s not just for breakfast any more.

    • Susanth, What is “disagrees with the FSP”? The statement of intent is that the maximum role of govt is the protection of life, liberty, and property.

      So to disagree with the FSP means that you do not believe the role of govt is, at most, to protect life, liberty, and property.

      That’s all. And it is a very logical, rational disagreement. Or at least it could be, if people would be logical and rational about it.

    • Well, Bob – one of my comments has not been posted. Apparently my accusations of censoring were’t incorrect.

      But since you asked, from the original FSP manifesto:

      “Once we’ve taken over the state government, we can slash state and local budgets, which make up a sizeable proportion of the tax and regulatory burden we face every day. Furthermore, we can eliminate substantial federal interference by refusing to take highway funds and the strings attached to them. Once we’ve accomplished these things, we can bargain with the national government over reducing the role of the national government in our state. We can use the threat of secession as leverage to do this.”

      It’s very clear that the FSP is intended to be a force (an armed force) that invades, occupies, and takes over the state. I oppose armed thugs of any stripe invading, occupying, and taking over any location, anywhere.

      You weren’t invited. And then you have the audacity to whine that you weren’t given parades and showered with rose petals?

      It is amusing that you pretend there can be rational discussion. The FSP has proven, ceaselessly, that they’re incapable of rational discussion with critics.

    • Bluehampshire seems to be full of double standard hypocrite liars :Ian freeman is the most tolerant of people with even abusive comments on his site. You and Kathy Sullivan are the biggest liar hypocrites who delete people and block people for the slightest departure from your preaching to the chorus site

    • David – surely as a member of the FSP you believe that people have a right to do what they will with their property. Or does that only apply to Free Staters? Why can’t a blog owner block you if he so chooses?

    • susan, i never witnessed someone talking out of both sides of their mouth the way u do

    • David – you’re a screaming bore. I don’t moderate Blue Hampshire. I’m not a Democrat. And I’m not a parrot. You, on the other hand are a hysteric of epic proportions.

  3. A representative of the people of Keene called for the passage of laws to restrict freedom and make New Hampshire unwelcoming. Is this part of the platform of the Democratic party of New Hampshire?

  4. Susanthe:

    I am assuming you are a democrat, since you blog at a place called BlueHampshire, what makes you think the democrats you support AREN’T authoritarian? Do you support liberty? Peace? Freedom? I do. So naturally, I am not affiliated with either of the two mainstream political parties. Why do you get behind a party who has a president in the white house who has no problem bombing people in other countries and holding people indefinitely without trial? Some defender of liberty he is, and for fairness sake he is no different from any other president who has ever been in that white house. Back to the topic at hand though, I have only ever known the FSP participants to, by in large, to support peace and freedom for everyone.

    Tell me, what is it about the government that you like? Do you support the actions of Barack Obama and his administration? If you do, why? I can tell you right now, I do not support the federal government or those who say they represent me, I never agreed to anything, nobody asked me, I never signed the so-called social contract. The state does not support me, it doesn’t care about me, it might even kill me if I do something it doesn’t like, so why, oh why, should I swear allegiance, pay it money, or follow it’s arbitrary dictates?

    I don’t expect you to agree with me, however, ask yourself, why can’t we all live in a peaceful society where interactions are voluntary?

    • Your first statement tells me that you haven’t read the discussion. Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing. Try it!

  5. The petition, from

    NH State House
    Whereas State Representative Cynthia Chase has stated, she wants “to pass measures that will restrict the ‘freedoms’ that [Free Staters] think they will find here,” and
    Whereas this shows her intent to enact laws to interfere with protected rights, and
    Whereas her intent is to harm a specific group of people, and
    Whereas her statements are in violation of the “Equal Protection Clause” of the…
    Whereas State Representative Cynthia Chase has stated, she wants “to pass measures that will restrict the ‘freedoms’ that [Free Staters] think they will find here,” and
    Whereas this shows her intent to enact laws to interfere with protected rights, and
    Whereas her intent is to harm a specific group of people, and
    Whereas her statements are in violation of the “Equal Protection Clause” of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of these United States of America;

    Be it resolved, that we, the undersigned call for the immediate censure of Representative Chase from the General Court, and
    Be it resolved, that we, the undersigned call for impeachment proceedings against Representative Chase, and
    Be it resolved, that we, the undersigned request the General Court take any additional actions against Representative Chase that the General Court sees fitting.

    [Your name]

  6. im blocked from bluehampshire

    • lol Dave, I posted one time with this FB name and they deleted the Facebook posting option almost immediately after I posted a very persuasive paragraph that I thought was as benign and nice as the Sermon on the Mount.

    • How dare someone moderate their blog? Shocking, I tell you!

    • what you call “moderate” is a insecurity about having there ideas challenged: the same reason you deleted what people have said :you run from challages… “oh no i may be wrong” :that’s the fundamental difference from your and kathy sullivan’s forum’s and this one..: this one invites challenges,as it shores up the righteousness of the ideas and tempers them; because those can withstand challenges :they don’t RUN from them as your and kathy’s forum does … you’re a hypocrite “susan” and a liar and a

    • ideas being challenged is called democracy…something im sure you claim to hold dear :hypocrite

    • Below is a pretty good summary article on Progressivism, They arent liberals or democrats. They follow one scary ideology historically rooted in fascism.

      “They want an all-powerful federal government with the individual subjected to its will and whims.

      How far will they go? One thing progressives won’t do is allow anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to stand in the way of their agenda.”
      Why “Progressives” are not “Liberals”

    • Are you high, dim? I hope so. Because otherwise you are deeply stupid.

      What is this place that you are shrieking about? “Your and Kathy Sullivan’s blog” Where is this Brigadoon you’ve imagined for yourself?

    • go away susan…go fly a kite…be glad you aren’t “moderated” out …lol

    • Simple questions are too difficult for you, aren’t they dim?

    • no “susan” they aren’t “too hard”.. I just dont want to waste my time with a person who talks out of both sides of their mouth as you do.. Hopfully that is clear to you now,so that you dont have to ask the same question :-)

    • Oh I see – you want to be free to tell lies and make stuff up, without fear of being contradicted!

      Why didn’t you just say that, dim? You just keep on typing, david. You’re the perfect poster boy for the FSP.

    • thanks “susan”

    • BH doesnt moderate, they censor.
      FreeKeene has no moderation and works beautifully well, wouldnt you agree?

    • Is that not the description of a Democrat? Is that not what a Dem.does?

  7. It’s clear that you continue to ignore the actual Free State Project only to focus on Jason Sorens’ original article. You obviously do not know that Sorens is not a participant in the FSP.

    What’s funny is that I haven’t seen a rational disagreement with the FSP from you yet. You claim that Free Staters are not capable of rational discussion, yet even this post by you claims that the FSP participants are caterwauling armed thugs.

    You accuse people whose openly stated purpose is to leave you alone of being “authoritarians”. You are not being rational.

    And since you seem completely ignorant of what you speak, the FSP participants were invited. You may disagree with Gov. Benson, but you cannot continue to deny his invitation without being irrational.

    • It’s clear that you are desperate to have the Free State Founder’s statement of intent ignored. I can understand why.

      Benson was such a bad governor he served only one term. He may have invited you, but he didn’t take a democratic vote from the rest of the state.

  8. Why aren’t you calling for their impeachment and censure? Aren’t you offended by those terms and phrases? Or are you being niggardly with your disgust budget?

    • That’s your job, Authoritarian Free Stater Bob. I’m not in the business of censorship.

    • Bob, I’ll need to know more – she’s making interesting claims. In Chase’s case, she posted her hate online for all to see. I can’t go by heresay, but if it’s true, I’ll happily sign a petition, just like I did for Darryl.

  9. Actually, you got caught in Disqus’ unregistered user hold. I’ve shut that off, so you shouldn’t have that happen again.

    I don’t like Rand. She supports war and the existance of the state, from what I understand.

    I don’t think you know half as much about me as you think. I’d be interested in hearing more about the racist tirade – there are fewer things I find more despicable.

    Interesting that you don’t want to talk on the air. Can’t say you weren’t given the chance.

    • It’s not interesting, it’s sensible. I’ve been gotcha’d by dishonest radio hosts before. I have nothing to prove to you or your audience, and I’m not interested in being a target or a recruitment tool for the FSP bullies.

  10. Why not air this whole debate somewhere in a neutral open forum, maybe at the local college in an Oxford style debate.

    susanthe picks her debating team members ———- Ian picks his debating team members

    debate is formal, cordial and professional. media is invited.

    how about it? I’m fairly sure Ian would agree as he is confident in his ideas and positions.

    Will susanthe agree? Is she confident in her ideas enough to debate them in a neutral setting, say Keene College auditorium?

    Sell tickets, proceeds go to charities? Sounds like a fun time for all.

    How about it Bluehampshire? Let’s debate the Free Staters, heres your chance.

    • Please pay attention. It’s plain that reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit around here. I am not Blue Hampshire. I am not an editor or a moderator. I post there sometimes. That’s the extent of my involvement. Are we clear on that, Mr. Ammo?

    • Ok, thank you Ms. Insult Lady.

    • Yet you haven’t chastised any of your companeros for insulting me. Irony sticks her head in the oven once again.

    • Porcupines dont initiate aggression, but will use self-defense :-)

    • Translation: It’s okay when WE do it. Hypocrite.

    • Quit being cowards and fascists over at BH, open up BH blog to comments.

      FreeKeene is the gold standard for any free speech blog in NH and a pinnacle BH will never reach

    • Free Keene is certainly a pinnacle. A pinnacle of idiocy.

      I don’t own Blue Hampshire. I’m not a moderator, an editor, or anything else at Blue Hampshire. I am not part of Blue Hampshire. I have no say over what happens at BH. I am not affiliated with Blue Hampshire.

      Can you get someone to read that to you very, very slowly so that maybe you’ll understand it?

    • Tell Mike to stop the censorship.
      NH deserves better.

    • idiot

    • come now “susan” thats not very educated response… :”oh yea ,well your dumb” lol

    • lol

      best thread of the year so far!

    • Susan was an editor (and did use the moderation functions when they were working), to be clear…

    • It’s interesting that not telling the truth is your idea of CLEAR, Seth. Not terribly surprising, though, given your history of dishonesty at BH.

      TRUTH – I did not have the ability to ban people, block people, or delete their posts.

  11. Calling a spade a spade, you seem like an extremely hateful person
    Susanthe, at least judging you by what you’re writing online. Since
    nobody else has called you out on your failings with understanding
    simple concepts, allow me to:

    “Censure: an expression of strong
    disapproval or harsh criticism. Among the forms that it can take are a
    stern rebuke by a legislature, a
    spiritual penalty imposed by a church, and a negative judgment
    pronounced on a theological proposition.”

    else besides Susanthe see anything close to censorship in a censure? A
    censure is a reaction to what someone has said, it is not a dictate
    meant to silence anyone, nobody is going to shut up Mrs. Chase, it’s
    pretty much a group of people telling Mrs. Chase that they feel her
    statements were out of line, it’s an opinion by a group of people. How
    is that censorship, or are you just twisting words here to benefit your
    own opinion about the FSP? Also, you not understanding the registration
    system at this site is not Ian’s fault, he doesn’t go around wiping out
    comments on HIS blog. He has given you a platform to express your

    How very Free Stater of him, right?

    • Yeah, I’m hateful because I won’t kowtow to you bullies? I didn’t send myself all the nasty messages and blog posts I’ve gotten from you people in recent days.

      I don’t have mystical powers, sparky. I couldn’t possibly know about the registration system until Ian explained it.

      As for the censure/censor biz? Only Free Staters had difficulty grasping what I was saying. That oughta tell you something.

      Do yourself a favor Princely one. Stop whining about me. If you all are so wonderful, work on showing those of us who hate being occupied and colonized how very wonderful you are. Shouting slogans and talking points isn’t the way. Insults aren’t the way.

    • Susan. Please put up the nasty messages with the names attached. The community can then take appropriate action against those responsible to try to prevent this unproductive nasty behavior in the future. Please also include Rep. Bower’s tirade for the same reason. We need to hold people responsible for their hate.

    • Names attached? All of the nasty messages from your FSP brethren came from the same family: Anonymous.

    • Maybe I missed something but how can you say it came from liberty lover when they were sent anonymously? Anyone can write a nasty message with a liberty loving theme, even people who would love to discredit the FSP. I am not a FSP participant at this time, but I love the idea.

    • you are a dishonest hypocrite susan…”hate being occupied and colonized” … you are a liar susan

    • Explain to me (if you can) how a large group of people moving to a state to change it is NOT occupying and colonizing.

    • go fly a kite susan…you are a liar and a hypocrite…

    • I suspect the ability to reason is far, far beyond you, david.

    • no “susan”,again, why would i want to spend my time trying to reason with a liar hypocrite who talks out of both sides of her mouth … go fly a kite susan… this is all YOU get from me “susan” :go fly a kite “susan”…lol

    • go fly a kite susan …

    • The majority of NH residents were not actually born here.

      But, if you imagine that someone moving here from another place and trying to change NH is negative, how about Chase moving here, and trying to turn it into another hell-hole like her native Rhode Island? That’s not “colonizing?”

      Sorry, but liberty lovers moving to the “live free or die” state are not “colonizing” – they’re moving home. Someone from “live enslaved or die” moving here and trying to make NH over in that image, is a colonist who’s trying to take over.

    • Reading comprehension really is in short supply here. The FSP announced it’s intention to move 20,000 people here (an invasion) to take over and change the state.

      Are you really incapable of seeing the difference between TWENTY THOUSAND people moving with a stated intention of invading and colonizing, and one person from Rhode Island?

      Sadly, I suspect you are.

    • Your partisan blinders are keeping you from recognizing the fact that the actual person who wants to change NH is you, Ms Susan Bruce. You want the state to be ever more intrusive. I want it to stop.

    • Partisan? What political party am I a member of?

    • 20,000 additions to a place the size of NH can’t “take over.” Bare minimum necessary to “take over” would be 100,000. That means each of those 20,000 would need to convince four natives to go along with them. That’s an educational campaign, not an invasion.

      Also, it’s not “one” individual from Rhode Island. Lots of folks move here from totalitarian hell-holes every year. More than half of NH residents are not natives. So, those 20,000 are a drop in the bucket, compared to the total number of non-natives who move here.

      Apparently, you don’t even have basic math skills.

    • So, in Free State math/myth, 20,000 people is just the same as one person. I must give you credit – you can certainly manufacture up some craven horse droppings when you feel threatened by the truth.

    • Ah, so… in addition to not understanding basic math, you can’t even read. Public school, right?

  12. Also, Ian inviting you on his radio show to give you a nationally syndicated platform to express your ideas goes above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion. His radio show is called “FreeTalkLive”, listen to 5 minutes of any episode and you’ll see that they are extremely fair to those who have a differing opinion.

    I doubt you’ll take him up on his offer though, you’ve made up your mind, it’s closed, it has no room to acknowledge new ways of thinking. Such a shame.

    • I’m not interested in being a gotcha target for the hive minded goons of the Free State, it’s true. I’ve had plenty of experience with what those who have differing opinions get – both here, and at my own blog. No thanks. It’s almost mind boggling that you people present yourselves so nastily, yet you expect me to be “open minded” about it?

    • ..nice evasion chicken

  13. “I’m not interested in being a… recruitment tool for the FSP”

    Too late.

    • Bringing in more angry white guys with arrested development will be a real coup!

  14. I support your right to be a hypocrite Suzie.

    • Thanks Willie. I support your right to buy the biggest codpiece you can find.

  15. Give susanthe the insult lady a cigar and a microphone!

    She should replace Triumph on Conan LOL

    • My name for her will be “Susan the Lenny Bruce”

    • Good work, ammodude. The confirmation of my suspicions about you boys is truly gratifying.

    • Insult Lady,
      How did you get Ammo? My avatar is a deep sea fishing reel.

    • And when you type, you make an ass out of u.

    • Have a good day Insult Lady. :-)

    • And what a charming metaphor, ammodude. Comparing women to dogs. That, by the way, only feeds my belief in the inherent FSP misogyny. Well done!

    • Wow, another big jump of faulty logic!


      WE love you susan, thanks for coming over for the discussion BTW.

    • Um, no, /you/ were compared to a dog, if you want to stretch a cultural reference that far.

      Not “women.” Just one individual. Would you be upset if the same statement was directed at a male? Probably not – you seem like a typical bigot, who only gets upset when s/he is able to invent some slight against his/her group.

      But, of course, you’re supporting Chase, so the fact that you’re a bigot goes without saying.

    • “Probably not – you seem like a typical bigot, who only gets upset when s/he is able to invent some slight against his/her group.”

      OMG – you’re comparing me to a FREE STATER!

    • Um, “I know you are, but what am I” is infantile when a toddler says it. How do you imagine it makes you look?

  16. not technically a “member of the fsp” but thanks for the complement……

  17. then why did u delete comments that point out holes in your argument

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t think you do, either. Delete comments where?

  18. u r a liar susan lol

    • Dear FSP: Please put David in charge of all of your PR.

    • If you open up your blog to open comments you might get more readers,

      FreeKeene blog doesnt practice censorship and works just fine.

  19. Susanthe, you still haven’t looked up the definition of censure. How sad. And no, it’s not my job because I’m not an authoritarian. By your own statements, it is you who believes you have authority to rule other people’s lives, thus you who are the authoritarian. Please, get out your thesaurus and spend some time learning this wonderful language “English”.

    • Oh, how I love a patronizing, condescending man. I know the definition of the term censure. I fear that you folks don’t know the definition of CENSOR – and that you all have a complete inability to comprehend what you read, unless it comes from von Mises, in which case you can parrot it till the cows come home.

      Do provide the direct quote from me where I claim to have authority over other people’s lives, Bob. Direct quote. From me. Not some phonied up FSP interpretational guano.

    • Looking back through your posts, I see most all are just insults and statements about things you see people doing wrong.

      What you seem incapable of believing is that much of what you point out as wrong, such as Ovid’s wanting to make same-sex marriage illegal, and bringing the state into medical decisions, are issues upon which you and much of the FSP related people completely agree with. I’m sorry you can’t give up your hate long enough to realize this.

      Where your authoritarian streak becomes clear is in reference to anything where someone does not agree with you when you think it’s just fine for the state to interfere. Your references to education and medicine (other medicine that is, but not abortion), your statement on October 26th that interfering with business is fine if it’s to make men and women get paid the same, but not if that interference is to make wages different. Direct quotes are difficult, because your insults and disgust are pointed at other people’s action, and it is left to the reader to imagine that your vitriolic abuse of those people is based upon believing the opposite. This based upon the opening of your Oct. 26th article, “The opposite of progressive is regressive, and the regressives have had too much control for too long.” Am I to just “know” what you mean by “progressive”?

      A direct quote? Very difficult, because while you say things like “education and infrastructure are desperately important”, your statements are based in abuse of others for lowering taxes, while carefully NOT saying “raise taxes”. Instead it’s things like this: “NH can do better. Indeed, we must, if we ever intend to join the 21st century” at the end of your Sept 28th article, which was all about how not having an income and state sales tax is horrible and terrible.

      Your authoritarian streak is obvious every time you write about something the state does that you like, or that the state doesn’t do that you want it to do, if in no other way than that you abuse anyone who isn’t doing what you want them to.

      How does this compare to the people at which you spit the word “authoritarian”? While you want the state making laws saying same-sex marriage is legal, I don’t want the state involved with marriage at all. I’m not authoritarian.

      Where you want abortion to be legal but other medical issues covered by govt mandate (since you abuse those who oppose it), which is authoritarian, I don’t want the state involved in making medical decisions for anyone. I’m not authoritarian.

      The list goes on and on. At every point either you and I agree that the authorities should not be involved, in which case you arguing with me about it is insane, or you believe govt should be involved (the authoritarian position) while I believe govt should not be involved.

      You call my words to you “condescending” when I say you clearly don’t understand English. Well, Susanthe, why do you continue to use words incorrectly if you do?

    • Thanks Bob. Let me translate that waste of words for you. You made an accusation. I asked for direct quotes. You were unable to provide them, so you blathered on for a far too many paragraphs in an attempt to distract everyone that you couldn’t back up your assertion. I stipulated direct quotes, and no phonied up FSP interpretational guano. You served up 7 paragraphs of interpretational guano.

      You’re too pompous and egotistical to admit that you couldn’t actually back up your bogus claim.

      I understand English just fine, Bob. You just don’t happen to speak it or write it very well. Someone programmed you to bleat about CENSURE and CENSOR and you’re clinging to that raft like a dying man, even though the raft has deflated and you’re sinking. You’re still bellowing out the words, though, even as the water is rising up over your lip. You’re a good little automaton.

      The only people who fail to grasp what I wrote are here. No one else in the world had a problem. Just the FSP. HINT: the problem isn’t me.

    • “I asked for direct quotes”

      Indeed, I did not easily find any direct positive statement of yours concerning what you want, other than the word “progressive”.

      What I did find was a stream of articles containing nothing more than hatred of everyone and everything.

      If this is your considered and deliberate use of English, I feel very sorry for you. It must be awful to have nothing positive to say.

    • Bob, you said: “By your own statements, it is you who believes you have authority to rule other people’s lives, thus you who are the authoritarian.”

      I said:Do provide the direct quote from me where I claim to have authority over other people’s lives, Bob. Direct quote. From me. Not some phonied up FSP interpretational guano.

      You’ve failed. You gave the phonied up FSP interpretational guano, and you’re too small and fearful a man to admit it. Do, however, take your fauxpity and wedge it firmly and deeply in your santorum.

    • Susanthe, I realize this is difficult because it requires logic:

      When you hate something, and say nothing else, it can only be concluded that you feel positively about the opposite.

      The one and only positive statement I could find was toward that which is “progressive”, but you do not define it.

      Would you be so kind as to say something you do support? Something you like, or approve of? Do you have anything like that?

    • Oh, it’s not difficult at all to see what you’re going here, Bob. You made a specific accusation. I called you on it, You failed to provide a direct quote.

      Now you’re trying to change the subject, because you can’t admit that you were wrong – that nowhere have I ever said I had (or wanted) authority over other people’s lives. You’re attempting to distract us all from your failure and your subsequent inability to man up and admit you were wrong.

      I’m not going to play Bob’s Silly Games. Your games are as interesting as your dialogue. Not at all.

    • Susanthe, when you say you hate people who would make abortion illegal, may I conclude that you support legal abortion?

    • Is there a Mrs. Bob?

    • Susanthe, you’re changing the subject. Answer the question please: When you say you hate people who would make abortion illegal, may I conclude that you support legal abortion?

    • I’m playing the same game you are, Bob. You’ve done all kinds of diversionary crap. Like the old drug ad: I learned it by watching you.

      Now, is there a Mrs. Bob or not?

    • I see. This is more of your deliberate mocking. I have done no “diversionary crap”, and tried to answer the questions you raised. If you do not like the answers, I cannot do anything about that. If you cannot answer a question to you, that again is something over which I have no control. After all, I’m not an authoritarian.

    • Oh, did I miss the part where you owned up to making false accusations about me that you were unable to back up? Did I miss your apology?

    • Hey, Internet check it out! Ms Susan Bruce is asking Bob Robert to apologize to her. How sweet. But, Ms Bruce. We libertarians don’t have stockholm syndrome anymore. We’ve grown past that.

    • I understand Muck. The cult never admits when they lie, or when they’re wrong and they certainly don’t apologize for it. I’ve had a wealth of experience in that area. Don’t get carried away – I don’t expect integrity from the hive.

    • Susanthe, when you say you hate people who would make abortion illegal, may I conclude that you support legal abortion?

    • Where did I say that, Bob? Do you have a quote where I say, “I hate these people who would make abortion illegal?”

      Another round of this crap, really? I think we both know that you’re going to pull some more interpretational guano out of your santorum, and try to use it as a “quote.”

    • “Do you have a quote where I say, “I hate these people who would make abortion illegal”

      Yes, in fact you do. Here, from Oct. 26:

      “Ovide Lamontagne is the regressive running for governor of our state. Ovide is opposed to abortion in cases of rape and incest. He supports the so-called personhood legislation that would make a clump of cells the legal equal of an adult woman. He’s also opposed to marriage equality, and wants to repeal Obama’s health care law. Despite his obvious religious extremism…”

      Do you need the link? Have you forgotten so soon?

      This is also the posting where you get the closest I saw in any of your posts to being in favor of anything, that of “progressive”, at the end if the first paragraph.

      So, when you say you hate people who would make abortion illegal, may I conclude that you support legal abortion?

    • For someone who pretends to be a stickler for language, you’re remarkably poor at coming up with quotes.

      Nowhere in that piece does it say, “I hate these people who would make abortion illegal.”

      More phonied up fakery. More dishonesty. Outright lying, in fact. I’m done with you Bob. I don’t truckle with liars.

    • So, when you say you oppose people who would make abortion illegal, may I conclude that you support legal abortion?

    • So, when you belittle, berate, and abuse the policies of people you then associate with the prohibition of abortion, may I conclude that you support legal abortion?

  20. Susanthe, not “ignored”, just examined in context along with what the Project itself is, which is based upon only part of that original essay. You would know that if you had actually examined the Free State Project.

    • Again with the patronizing and condescending. I can’t tell if you’re thoroughly brainwashed or lacking in any sort of imagination – but clearly the idea that anyone could do plenty of research into the FSP and come to different conclusions has never occurred to you.

    • It has occurred to me, Susanthe, that you looked just long enough to find something to hate, and then stopped.

      Since your statements directly contradict the method, goals, and individuals that are involved with the FSP, I am left to conclude only that you don’t care to do anything more than spit hatred and abuse.

      So please, go ahead and spit. You are welcome to your prejudice and bigotry, because I am not an authoritarian despite your continual assertions. But if you try to entrench your hatred in law, I will oppose you. Your choice.

    • Well, Bob, it occurs to me that you are an incredibly tedious and repetitious individual with absolutely no imagination. All you have is fear and propaganda, which you express endlessly in parroted slogans.

      Thanks for the best laugh of the day, though. The VERY MANLY THREAT. “If you try to entrench your hatred in law I will oppose you! Your choice!” What are you, twelve years old, issuing playground throw-downs? I’m not a legislator. I don’t make laws. The bottomless bleating victimization of the Free State Project is a wonder to behold.

      But, I want you to know that you’ve succeeded! I feel terribly sorry for all of you. There’s no intellect, just parroting empty phrases. There’s no wit or humor. You’re grim, angry, white boys.

      Enjoy your victimhood Free Staters! You’ve worked hard for it!

    • Fascinating, Susanthe. Did you even notice that you added exclamation points to my statement, after putting it in quotes? I am left to wonder if this is an example of your accuracy, or your level of honesty. Either way, you again demonstrate that you don’t care what others say, you will spit your vitriol and hatred regardless.

      Why do you consider opposition to be a “threat”? Or, in your words, “The VERY MANLY THREAT”?

      Do you always feel threatened when someone disagrees with you? It certainly would explain the hatred with which you treat everyone with which you disagree. Have you considered talking to someone about this hatred?

    • Why, yes, Bob. I added those exclamation points intentionally. I was mocking you. The VERY MANLY THREAT? Again – I was mocking you.

      It’s a shame you keep on meeting my expectations. Grim. Angry, Humorless. And really, really dull.

    • If you’re going to paraphrase, please say so. That way I can know it’s deliberate.

      I’m sorry you hate men so much. That’s another subject you should talk to your psychologist about.

      Best of luck with your therapy.

    • “I’m sorry you hate men so much.” @Bob_Robert, Agreed.

    • Oh, I don’t hate men, Bob. Just the stupid ones.

    • You said, “The VERY MANLY THREAT”, bringing gender into the discussion in a derogatory way towards men. You said “I was mocking you”, so you’re using “MANLY” as a term of mockery.

      Have you spoken to your psychologist about this hatred you have of men?

    • She does seem to need one, does she not? Between the persecution complex where she takes a random comment against her as an attack on all women, her extreme levels of paranoia in which she views small political movements as “invasions,” and this misandry of hers, she seems like she has a pretty substantial need for psychological help, at least, if not psychiatric.

  21. As often the case, the comments are more interesting than the post.

    But this bread show does seem to have turned into a circus. How much time is now spent digging forums that until recently were felt by regulars there as a “safe haven to vent;” for an outrage outlet? For how long is it going to go on? When is someone gonna wade through other forums for juice? What are we all gonna do when the internet goes down?

  22. I’m not in the least bit interested in insulting Susan, I’d rather talk about and address her concerns if possible and express some of my own concerns. I understand, if you don’t see eye to eye with the main points Free State Project participants bring up, you might form a negative opinion of the Free State Project as a whole, especially if those viewpoints expressed are in direct conflict with your own.

    On the flip side, I believe a good deal of those FSP members see what you are saying as painting the FSP’ers with a broad brush based on negative interactions with a handful of people. I believe that is quite unfair. If you met me on the street, you’d think of me as an outgoing, charming, polite individual who simply has an opinion you do not share. I don’t make it a point to insult people, and you yourself have done nothing to insult me. Why can’t we have a cordial discussion? I think it would be awesome if you called in to Free Talk Live one night, I’m absolutely positive Ian and Mark and yourself would have an awesome discussion. You are concerned that you would somehow be insulted on their show? Why? What has led you to this conclusion? I’ve only ever known them to be nasty to callers who are nasty to them to begin with, and I’ve listened for quite a while.

    I’d encourage you to call in, it would be a great experience.

  23. No one wants to Censor Rep. Chase. Ian, made sure everyone one know she is a hate monger that wants to willfully deprive people of rights and privileges protected by the Constitution and laws of the United States and of NH.

    Maybe you didn’t realize it’s against the law? But when people who are elected to office, and they make it known that they want to willfully deprive people of rights — it’s a bad thing.

    • Let’s stop pretending, shall we, Chris? This great big pearl clutching hysteria over Cynthia Chase (and to a lesser extent, me) is for one reason, and one reason only. The FSP is filled with attention whores (see: Cohn, Seth) desperate to keep on presenting themselves to the media as victims. That’s why ya’ll are flogging every maggot you can out of the dead horse this story has become.

  24. When the Mayflower brought travellers here, the participants didnt keep calling themselves Mayflower-ites. It was only a boat.
    The Free State Project is only a boat.

    There is no Free State Party just like there is no Mayflower Party.

    Once travellers arrive to New Hampshire, you shed the FSP and become an Independent because Free Stater isnt a Party.

  25. (Bob Robert, thank you for your last comment, well put.). To all, I’d say the best way is the honest way and the only way to get there is to always keep an open mind. I’d tell people to lose the “I’m right because of this attitude” and replace it with “really, but if that’s true, then what do you think about this?” attitude.

    It’s tough for anyone to admit they are wrong because of their pride but what type of person would you prefer to deal with/be? Someone who is always respectful, honest, open minded to discovering and open to the possibility of being wrong (and you can see that), so you can truly trust their motivations (this person is also quite happy because they truly live honestly) OR someone who acts like they know it all (“I can’t believe your too stupid to understand this”)…someone who “reacts” with canned responses, never really listens, comes off as disrespectful? Are these the type of people others want to be around? If people don’t “like you” (don’t think you are being respectful towards them), they certainly will NOT be persuaded by you (isn’t that your goal?). Think about how you would like to be treated and then act that way towards others is all I can say.

    PS: It’s impossible for the FSP to “take over” when the core philosophy of the group to always hold and protect the “Individual as supreme,”… because then everyone’s protected equally… versus what we have now…laws that are made to favor one group over others (via political donations = laws are for sale). Are honest people supposed to look at that and find no problem with it? I think not but what do you think?

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