Hate Robin Hooding? Get parking tickets on purpose!

What a great idea from the owner of the “Free Keene From Free Staters” group on Facebook:




That’s right, get parking tickets on purpose! Boy, they’re gonna show us paying $5 or more for each one out of their own pockets! Reality is funnier than comedy…

  • Matt Roach

    This guy clearly suffers from some sort of mental illness, or something.

    This has got to be larger than some cultural difference. This is true masochism. And he wants other people to suffer the torture with him, because torture is fun and smiley. Psycho. No thanks.

    • Steve Newell

      or he’s trollin dawg

    • Snowdog

      Actually, it sounds like a good idea from his perspective. He’s funneling money away from the Robin Hooders, and giving it to a cause he believes in.

    • George M. Reardon

      How is he funneling money away from Robin Hooders?

    • Snowdog

      Inevitably, they will come across his meter at times, and put money in the meter for him.

    • George M. Reardon

      I don’t think you read his plan. He says they’re going to guard the meters to prevent that.

    • Avr Works

      That’s some funny stuph right there!!!

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  • Snowdog

    Another myth dispelled, that if there are no taxes, then no one will voluntarily give money to the government.

  • William Kostric

    This guy’s superpower is dumb.

  • Hans

    I have an even better idea: Let this guy pay ALL parking tickets. If he loves his government this much …

  • George M. Reardon

    This has got to be a friggin joke. I think someone hacked their facebook page and posted this to make them look stupid. There’s no way anyone dumb enough to think of and post this would be capable of using a computer.

  • Zhaliberty

    How bout this… get parking tickets on purpose, DON”T PAY, take it to court, and cause a big ass line of stupid court cases. Win some, lose some, but keep the Parking enforcement officers off the streets while they testify in court. Much better idea imo.

  • Aaron Sellers

    Why not make other things illegal, give some people a job to make sure people aren’t doing them, and then do them in order to make sure that person gets a paycheck? Why we could have full employment immediately!

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  • thinkliberty

    Even the statist are following free keene in to civil disobedience and openly breaking the law to try and fix flaws in their system

    • Avr Works

      Best comment yet!