Activists Gather Hundreds of Petition Signatures Opposing Concord BEARCAT, Hold Press Conference

BEARCATLiberty activists, led by Free State Project participants, recently gathered in Concord over the weekend to go door-to-door asking for petition signatures opposing the proposed BEARCAT, the armored “attack truck” the police are currently drooling over. ┬áHere, the Concord Monitor reports on the successful petition drive that gathered hundreds of signatures.

On Monday, FSP president Carla Gericke spoke out at a press conference, calling for the grant application to remove all references to Free State Project participants and Occupiers being “domestic terrorists”. ┬áThe story about that press conference made the front page of today’s Union Leader.

Here’s the full press conference video, thanks to Biker Bill:

  • Porcu Pine

    There are as many non-FSPers working on this effort as their are FSPers. The actual collection of the signatures I think was accomplished by more people that are not members than are. We need more help.