Plea Deal News from Rich Paul in Jail

Pot Activist Rich Paul called me last night from the Cheshire County House of Corrections, where he is currently being held on a violation of probation charge. Support his fundraiser to help him escape the cage faster!

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Video of Arrest:

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Rich Paul’s Bitcoin Address: 1FwhAjyBkHNNgsHJjkAeyveqTioPvyvvtQ

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AKPF #1: Year of Television

AKPF #1, a series that began bringing the internet to the television over one year ago, celebrates this week its revolutionary anniversary episode. With DPRK fireworks erupting over opening credits, the scene unfolds from the People’s BBQ in Central Square, which was enjoyed on Friday, March 9 between five and seven pm. With approximately thirty tacos distributed to the people, a strictly regimented battalion of STOP FREE KEENE!!! silent ObamaCoin-1aprotesters picketed the barbecue, facing traffic at the head of the grassy roundabout. What occurs is street preaching, sociological analyses, and fetishistic disavowal. Following the feature, we cut to two days prior, as local business Phat Stuff is pillaged by the Drug Enforcement Agency operating at the behest of the federal department of justice. Be sure to stay tuned until the show’s conclusion for a brief Obamacoin presentation.

Free State Project Participants Donate over $1,500 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital

st-jude-logo[1]A couple of weeks ago, Free Talk Live host Mark Edge pledged to donate $10 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital for every signer of the Free State Project received by the end of April.  I pledged to match his $10, as did FTL listener Michael January.  The FSP racked up 52 signers in the timeframe, so now over $1,500 is being donated to St Jude!  Thanks to everyone who signed up for the FSP – see you in NH!

Announcing the Robin Hood of Keene People’s BBQ May 9

Robin Hood and the Merry People are pleased to announce a very special public event to be held on Central Square on Friday, 09 May 2014. To commemorate the first year anniversary of service of the lawsuit by the city of Keene against Robin Hood and bbqrhimg02friends, a free barbeque for the people will kick off at 5:00pm, just as the hours of parking enforcement conclude for the day. All peaceful people are invited to take part in this event and are free to bring along food and drink to share, or simply bring one’s own smile and share in the good company of others.

The people’s BBQ will be a great opportunity to meet Robin Hooders and other activists in the Keene area, and to voice one’s own ideas for how to make our community’s activities more effective. Beef tacos and bottled water will be available for all, as well as a vegan option to be determined. For more information, check out the event on Robin Hood of Keene’s facebook page.

What does it mean to be “affiliated”?

In video shot this morning, Keene District Court’s Judge Edward J Burke tells Cop Block Radio‘s Eric Freerock that he’ll accept his thirty-one community service hours as certified by the Shire Free Church.  (He volunteered to record hours of panels and speeches at a recent event.)  However, Burke warns Freerock that one is not supposed to do community service for agencies with which one is affiliated.  That makes no sense.  Why wouldn’t one be able to do community service for an agency one has already supported previously?

If one has worked previously at say, the Community Kitchen, does that mean one is “affiliated” and cannot perform community service hours there?  Or does “affiliated” mean that one is on a board of directors of said organization?  That is not made clear during this hearing, and the community service order that courts issue to defendants says nothing about a prohibition of affiliation with an agency.  Regardless, Burke accepts the hours.  Case closed.

In case you missed it, here’s the full video of Freerock’s trial in January where he was convicted of not showing his license to a state cop fast enough.  Here’s the community service hearing from this morning:

Cody Wilson Explains How IP Laws Target Wiki-Weapons

Cody Wilson has a unique relationship to the intellectual property that he has been developing for the past few years. He has designed three dimensional, printable plastic firearms accessories and essential parts, including rifle lower receivers, extended magazines, and the first functional printed plastic pistol, known as the Liberator. However, intellectual property laws in the United States prevent him from being able to directly share Screenshot-codywilsonnhlfthese designs with the world. While courageous others risk fines or jail time for hosting the schematics independently, the information produced by Defense Distributed is essentially illegal. The reason for this is that the IP laws unique to munitions technology specifically state that all intellectual property related to munitions are deemed to be under the ownership of the US military. As a crypto-anarchist, Cody is interested in neither profiting from nor restricting the sharing of his designs, yet his wishes as the product’s creator are rebuked by federal statute so as to place an artificial limitation on the advancement of the technology. Despite the restrictions and the uses of intellectual property laws to limit the free flow of information and media, Defense Distributed continues to stand for the right of producers to share their created items freely, understanding that ultimately ideas cannot be owned. The above interview was filmed on 22 February 2014 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire. (more…)