State House 4/20 Celebration Scheduled for ‘Easter’ Sunday

As has occurred annually since 2010, the 4/20 celebration is organized to proceed as usual on 2013_420rallythe state house lawn in Concord, New Hampshire. The disobedience rally in the supreme political venue provided by the state house originally occurred at the revered time on Guy Fawkes Day of 2009, and became a yearly occurrence when a larger group held a celebration in April of 2010. Free Concord has covered the event in 2011, 2012, and 2013, and is expected to collect content from the ritual again. Check out the facebook event page for details on the upcoming festivities.

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 47

This week’s run-in with Mayor Bradford – possible theories arise: (a) Bradford is Graham’s father. (b) Bradford is Graham from the future. (c) Rich Paul is a Terminator sent back in time to protect Graham from himself • Bradford spills the beans on the secret of Keene • New COK conspiracy: Who really runs parking in Keene? • Maggie Hassan vodka review • New 5 gum movie trailer starring Vic Diesel • Walt Disney sends Robin Hooders cease and desist letter • This is your face on drugs • Who is Burnt Brian? • James, Garret, and Shaunna join. Show notes at:

AKPF #1: Bonus Panel Portion Four

Just when the audience of AKPF #1 believed the panel series to have concluded, the bonus portion four premieres to feature the discussion which continued after the allotted hours of the official Robin Hood of Keene Direct Action panel. In this unique installment, there is a acantwellpf200x3001generous serving of B-roll to visually illustrate the verbal narrative delivered by the four panelists. Don’t forget to look for unique footage from a new day for the Aqua Keene Parking Force during next week’s creative complimentary.

This footage airs on Cheshire TV Monday April 07 at 7:00pm. The panel was captured on Saturday February 22 at the 2014 New Hampshire Liberty Forum.


Crime Dog McGruff Featured in Illustrated AKPF Video

The issue of parking and its enforcement in downtown Keene occupied much of the final akpfsafety-tips-from-mcgruff-the-crime-doghour during yesterday’s weekly episode of SoundOff on WKBK radio. Hosts Greg Pregent and Chris Cotes were joined by Keene Sentinel correspondent Kyle Jarvis. One of the calls in to the show was placed by none other than city code enforcement officer Fred Parsells, who has previously moonlighted for the federal Toilet Safety Administration and has also operated as a chalk removal agent for the AKPF. Hear the entirety of the parking analysis as posted in audio format to Free Keene.

Nashua Telegraph Covers Manch Airport Gunman Story

Airport Gunman MooseEarlier today Manchester liberty activist, Liberty Carrots, visited Manch airport for about 45 minutes with a rifle strapped to his back.  Free Keene broke the news earlier today.  Thanks to Bradford Randall of the Nashua Telegraph for filing this report, which includes excerpts from Carrots’ interview with the reporter.

Here’s the story from the Telegraph.  And here’s a picture of Liberty Carrots having fun with the airport moose:


Anti-FSP Hitpiece Mailer Sent to All Households in Bedford

1234006_10152032239402989_1527376460_n[1]More proof of how effective the Free State Project is: the political establishment has teamed up to attack the FSPers running for town council and school board.

A hitpiece mailer has gone out to every household in Beford in a direct mail campaign with a two-sided, full-color flier that likely cost thousands to print-and-mail. This, after the duo of Matt Philips and Aaron Day were attacked on cable access television and in online emails. It’s a nonstop attack against the FSP that merely vindicates further the strategy of combining activist efforts in one geographic area – the establishment is freaking out and the official move for the FSP has not yet begun!

I also love that the state-worshiping opposition has now paid to advertise the Free State Project to every household in Bedford. Awesome!!

If you love liberty, please join the Free State Project now and help us reach 20,000 participants sooner, rather than later so we can trigger the official move. Join the fun and the amazing community.

WMUR even ran this report: