The 2014 Cheshire Fair: Now Featuring Bitcoin!

Liberty activists are back at the 2014 Cheshire Fair for our third year!  In addition to the usual liberty-oriented propaganda, this year’s booth features a bitcoin vending machine!  If you haven’t gotten started with bitcoin yet, drop by and we can set you up with a free bitcoin wallet from and you can fund the wallet with bitcoin via the vending machine at the table.

Like last year, the Shire Society Declaration is available for you to sign and keep, so come on out!  The fair runs through this Sunday.


Christopher Cantwell explains Bitcoin to a new Shire Society signer at the 2014 Cheshire Fair

Christopher Cantwell explains Bitcoin to a new Shire Society signer at the 2014 Cheshire Fair

AKPF #1: Courtinuance

With the exciting double parking ticket trial of AKPF #1 co-producer Garret Ean last week, the audience is treated in this episodeakpf_trial_2014_07_18 to the complete and illustrated footage of the court hearing featuring infamous faces of the Keene criminal justice system. Judge Edward Burke hears the case brought forward by KPD prosecutor Jean Kilham, with AKPF agent Jane called upon as the sole witness. In this inquiry, we see how eager to object to anything and everything that the state’s representative is, and Burke also plays a significant role in tipping the hand of the defense on lines of questioning. Ultimately, most arguments are not permitted to be made, and the disproportionate fine of five dollars per offense is levied, though compensated partially in Obamacoin.

Steve Vaillancourt Endorses Freeman for Governor in Dem Primary

SteveVaillancourtRNH[1]Steve Vaillancourt is a liberty-leaning state representative who is a relatively widely-read blogger at NH Insider. He’s a studied opponent of the insane War on Drugs and has frequently testified in favor of ending drug prohibition, at least on cannabis.

Now, in a recent blog post, Vaillancourt speaks about my run against Maggie Hassan in the Democratic primary race for governor of NH, giving me both kind words and his endorsement:

Freeman’s approach was both ingenious and refreshing…were I a Democrat, I’d vote for Ian Freeman

Thanks, Steve! You can read his full blog post here.

Weare Police Settle With FSP President for $57,500!

Gericke_Carla2008[1]After being trounced in the 1st federal circuit court, the Town of Weare and the notoriously corrupt Weare Police Department have settled with Free State Project President Carla Gericke to the tune of $57,500!

After Weare police had arrested her for “wiretapping” for recording a traffic stop then dropped the charges, Carla sued. She had recently won an “interlocutory” appeal case where the 1st circuit decided (again) that there is an established right to record government police doing their job in public and that police cannot claim “qualified immunity” from personal liability when arresting videographers.

The civil case against Weare, the WPD, and the individual officers was remanded back to the federal district court to move ahead to trial, but now that trial has been canceled with the news that Weare has given up and settled the case for over $57,000! Plus, there are no restrictions on her discussing the case, as are typically found with settlements. Congratulations to Carla and her attorneys for this epic win!