RLS 063 – The NH Hempfest Experience


Recorded September 9th, 2015
The Rebel Love Crew has returned from the NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally invigorated with good vibes, peace, freedom and love. Topics discussed include Hempfest’s mission, our experience at the festival, best moments, favorite drugs to use there, pro pot Porcupine speakers, experiencing Zach Deputy for the first time while rolling, the Rebel Love campsite, the silent disco, and what we took from the second annual festival. Other topics this week include the recent detention and threats of violence Rob and his Rebel Mistress faced by the hands of the Manchester police and a NH State trooper earlier this week. The Rebel Love Show broadcasts every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM and Rebelloveshow.com

Detained in Manchester over a license plate light bulb.

While on our way home from a friends party with the co-host of the Rebel Love Show Ann Leverette, we were pulled over by a Manchester police cruiser. The reason for the detention was over a light bulb that apparently went out above the government issued identification plate on the back of my car. Mind you, I have been pulled over many times by Manchester PD at this point. I am assuming it is because of the philosophical stickers on the rear bumper of the vehicle. What was odd this time was that there was a NH State trooper with a Manchester police officer. Both officers have “lively” conversations with me. At the end of the video, I get the Manchester police officer to admit he would gladly “arrest” me over a light bulb if I didn’t pay his boss a ticket of $44.64. I do plan to fight this ticket in court and will update on the results. Just like life, use this video as a learning hospital. How did I handled these two people that had detained us over a light bulb? What should I have done differently?

Cop Blocking in Manch Vegas, Cedar and Union

Cop Blocking is not one of my favorite forms of activism. To be honest I dislike it. Mostly because I try to avoid violent people as much as I can. However, in the situation when police are threatening violence to your neighbors right in front of you, I feel an obligation to help out. The Rebel Love Studio is near what New Hampshire considers a “ghetto” in Manchester. On the night of August 12th, 2015 there was a large crowd of minority teens and a large contingent of Manch PD on the corner of Cedar and Union St. Ann Leverette, Renee Kate, and I hit the streets with smart phones in hand to help out our neighbors from the threats of violence by the police. We used the opportunity to hand out cop block lit to the people the police were harassing. The Manch PD also confront us a couple of times during the incident. Luckily no one was arrested on this night.

VIDEO – State Rep to Activist: You Have No Right to Record Me!

In a video recorded on Keene’s Main St. Sunday evening, State Rep Gladys Johnsen calls Keene Cop Block‘s JP Freeman “dumb” and tells him that he has no right to record video of her! This, after being pulled over by KPD’s officer Leslie Ainsworth – kudos to KPD for not giving the state rep special treatment. Here’s the video of Johnsen’s shocking behavior:

Johnsen  (contact info here) doesn’t appear to understand the NH Constitution’s Bill of Rights‘ Article 22 which protects the freedom of the press or Article 8 which says government agents will be open and accountable.

This is certainly not how a state representative should behave, especially in front of a camera. You’d think she’d know something about the freedom to record, considering she co-sponsored the bill to mandate police body cameras (currently retained in committee). However, her bill does not allow the public access to the police footage, which is a huge issue and goes to show that Johnsen is just an arch-statist to the core. Her NH Liberty Alliance report card for 2014 ranks her as a “D-“. In the yet-to-be released 2015 rankings, Johnsen scored as “Dereliction of Duty”, meaning she missed 70% or more of the NHLA’s scored votes. The NHLA recommends she step down from office as a result of missing so many important votes.

For the raw footage of the encounter, click here.

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