PumpkinFest Riots 2014

NEXT DAY UPDATE: Check out footage of the bottle war that erupted here.

Once again, the college kids are rioting at PumpkinFest. There is raw video and unedited images posted at
http://ban.jo/News/US-Canada/20141018/Riots-Break-Out-At-Keene-State-College-Keene/ It appears that police in riot gear have been positioned on Winchester St between Main St and Ralston St. Eye witnesses reported seeing college students throwing beer bottles on Baker St, and dozens of police in riot gear.
pumpkinfest riot


pumpkinfest swat

Robin Hooding Spreads to Poland!

Robin Hooding has made such an international impact that a group of libertarian activists in Kraków, Poland have taken up the heroic activity!

On their first foray into the streets they successfully saved six good people of Kraków approximately $100 USD in tickets from a very sad parking enforcer! Here’s video (click the “cc” at the bottom right to turn on english subtitles):

Front-Page Feature Article on Keene Copblock in KSC Equinox

KSC Cop Block

Original Illustration from the Equinox

Last week’s Keene Equinox featured a major above-the-fold front page article on Keene Cop Block, complete with an original graphic which dominated the header of the paper.  Equinox journalist Alexa Ondreicka wrote the well-researched piece.  She was genuinely interested in the subject of holding the police accountable, as her friends had already been harassed by Keene police for victimless crimes.  Plus, Keene Cop Block has been regularly down in the college neighborhood handing out thousands of know-your-rights fliers.   I had the honor of being interviewed for the piece  while Keene Police declined to comment.

While we discussed students’ rights when dealing with the police in detail, the head of college security did comment correctly that when students sign up to go to school there, that they surrender their right to privacy while on campus, which is unfortunate.

It’s a very informative piece, and I’m grateful I was given the opportunity to comment.  Here’s the full piece: (more…)

Rebel Love Show ep: 22 Independence is not Impossible.


Rebel Love Show comes back from hiatus with in studio guest Mattheus von Guttengberg.  Topics discussed include recent Cop Block activism in Manchester, recent Free Staters being elected in the primary, Scottish Independence, getting new signers on the west coast, future NH Independence outreach, Keenevention, FreeCoast Festivial, current price drop in bitcoin, and an announcement on Joel’s future plans. All Rebel Love Show archives can be found at RebelLoveShow.com 

Parking Enforcer Loses It: VIDEO

While out doing election day outreach at Keene State College, parking enforcer Linda comes along to issue some threats to peaceful motorists. I grab my Robin Hooding supplies and begin saving people from parking tickets. She begins behaving erratically as we approach an intersection, acting like she is going to cross and then turning around, then turning around again and so on. It was probably very frustrating for the poor people who had stopped to wait for her at the crosswalk while she played childish games with Matt and I.

After this encounter, I pulled out my video camera and continued to feed meters while holding her accountable for her actions. As soon as I approached with the camera she began her erratic behavior again, turning around a total of eighteen times within two minutes. She also accuses me of harassment and interfering, which we know are untrue – Robin Hooding is legal in New Hampshire and talking to government workers is not harassment. Eventually, she leaves the area, having failed at writing further tickets.