AKPF #1: Ridley Report Emporium 01

In this week’s historical installment of AKPF #1, we are exposed to select Ridley Reports of recent months past, with minor additions inserted as well as a redacted finale from the Cheshire TV controversial after hours program lanekendall_leninartakpfBlack Sheep Rising, wherein parking rates are discussed. This episode of AKPF #1 broadcasts Monday 14 April 2014 at 7:00pm on Cheshire TV.

00:00 – Warning disclaimer to Cheshire TV audience
00:10 – Dublin illustrations through MiniDV eyes, landscape town building (Ex cop flees Ridleycam)
01:42 – Peter Sturdy Thomas runs from Ridleycam and scampers away, head hanging low, despite his former employment as a police officer and private investigator; Peter Flimsy Sturdy.
04:43 – Shadowy figure rantings to Ridley of disillusionment in Keene circles which he had wished to interject himself (Camo-clad Constitutionalist demands to be sued by city)
08:50 – Driving in circles around Central Keene somewhat confusedly anthem advertisement by Dave Ridley
09:46 – The comedy of the commons – The joyous fun among the political angst of the collective proletariat (Fighting cop state doesn’t have to be serious)
14:25 – More from a camoman on Ridley’s Report outside of the Concord BEARCAT city council central committee vote (Banned Keene activist still supports Free Keene) (more…)

Black Sheep Rising: #38 Family Friendly AKPF Cut

The producers of AKPF #1 are pleased to present this special edition family friendly censored edition of the thirty-eighth kimachu1kimjongil1episode of controversial Cheshire television talk series Black Sheep Rising. In this invigorating episode which originally published to the world on 06 February 2014, Conan, James, and Garret discuss wordly affairs as well as the present tribulations facing the restructuring Aqua Keene Parking Force. This offering of the episode is delightfully available in full widescreen format, in contrast to the 4:3 ratio interpretations of the usual installments. See the show notes and original uncensored cut of the episode as published to the official page of the Black Sheep Rising.

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 45

Manchester activists exercise their first and second amendment rights at local airport • Healthy streets Manch = fun time activism • 15 metaphors/similes only a millennial will understand • More on what is fake • Humankind needs more cuddle time • Circumcision: legalized baby torture • Nemi, Joe and Shaunna join.  Show notes at: BlackSheepRising.org

Are Elements of FBI Entrapment Justifiable?

Ridley raises some controversial questions about FBI entrapment strategy and whether or not certain elements of the strategy would be justified by a nonviolent defensive organization in a stateless society. The questions are raised on the heels of an Illinois jury refusing to convict three protesters arrested prior to the 2012 NATO Summit of terrorism-related charges after manufacturing four molotov cocktails with the assistance of multiple undercover police operatives. More could certainly be said on the topic, with one of the major criticism’s of the practice’s ethics not being addressed, that of the use of deception and fraud to motivate actions of others.

BEARCAT Ban Bill Hears from KPD’s Ken Meola

Today’s Monitor published a story which covers the public hearing on a bill designed to curb police militarization by limiting what grants law enforcement agencies can be approved for in New Hampshire. The hearing was attended by the usually mute Keene police chief Kenneth Meola, who praised the BEARCAT’s presence in Keene for its low cost. Check out the story linked below by Kathleen Ronayne:


AKPF #1: Legal Herb, Illegal Audio

2013_08_10_ji_akpf1This informative installment of AKPF #1 takes you all the way to Concord, NH to sit in on the exciting hearing on the wiretapping law for the state, which currently is responsible for granting police the authority to kidnap and rob from innocent human beings under the guise of combating illegal recording. We even hear from bureaucrats who admit their deep-seated fear of recording devices and the individuals who wield them, as well as receiving updates from the cannabis legalization progression in Colorado. In a world where herbs are legal, the ability to make objective records is sure to follow closely behind.