Rebel Love Crew playing catch up from Porcfest

Its been a busy exciting past month for the Rebel Love Crew.  Below are the last four episodes in video and podcast form for you enjoyment.  Pre, during, and post Porcfest epsiodes.  There is also a lot more content on the way soon.  Special content from Porcfest, Operation Arcadia, and the DUI check point party in Manchester will be released soon too.

Episode 12: Porcfest Eve with Theresa Eudaimonia


Episode 13: Recorded at Porcfest with Ian Freeman (more…)

Manchester Activists Continue Jury Nullification Outreach

10410096_298255033682853_3078734082147211273_nOn the morning of  June 16th, 2014 myself and fellow Free Keene blogger Joel Valenzuela were accompanied by activists Angela Aronoff, Nicholas Buroker, and new Free State Project mover Andrew Vermiglio at the Hillsborough County Superior 10448210_298250733683283_7905153735992598897_nCourt House located in down town Manchester NH.  We arrived at the court house to warmly great jurors as they approached the building.  As they approached, we were handing out pamphlets to jurors.  The pamphlets inform the jurors of their rights as a juror.  The emphasis being that a jury can vote not guilty if the law is unjust.  Jury nullification outreach has been consistent every jury selection at this court house since March of this year.  Hopefully other activists around the state will do the same at other court houses.

Manchester Jury Nullification Outreach Gaining Steam


Early on Monday, June 2nd, a hardy band of Manchester activists met outside the Hillsborough County courthouse to distribute pamphlets to jurors. These pamphlets contain information regarding jury nullification rights, and by informing jurors of their right to find defendants not guilty of victimless crimes we could save lives. Among the activists present were Free Keene bloggers Pete Eyre, Robert Mathias, and yours truly.


jury3Many of the jurors, however, had already received nullification pamphlets. Several of them came to court carrying the exact same pamphlets we were handing out. That means that our activism efforts haven’t been in vain, that people are taking their jury nullification rights seriously. We’re starting to have an impact.

One simple act of rights education. Consistent repetition. That’s all it takes to make a difference. What’re you waiting for?

Rebel Love Show Episode 8

Infamous Manchester activist Liberty Carrots comes on the Rebel Love Show to talk about his past experiences as a law enforcement officer, and his current work keeping police accountable.

Jury Nullification Outreach in Manchester NH.

Jury outreach ManchesterJury nullification outreach has started up again in Manchester NH.  Jury nullification outreach is activism with the purpose to inform jurors of their rights as a juror.  A jury can serve as a check on the law itself if a law is unjust.  Every two weeks jurors are selected at the Hillsborough County Court House in down town Manchester NH.  There were five activists that showed up two weeks ago to hand outJury outreach Manchester jury nullification pamphlets.  This week we had four activists including myself, Riaz Kahan, Kurt Thomas, and Amanda BillyRock.  There were two different pamphlets being handed out.  The  pamphlets are available from and  The following dates in which future jury nullification outreach will take place will be on May 19th, June 2nd, and June 16th at 7:45 am located at 300 Chestnut st, Manchester NH.  If you are in the Manchester area and wish to participate, meet us at the court house.  All are welcome to join.