Official LRN.FM App Now Available for Android & iOS

We finally got an official app for Keene-based Free Talk Live and LRN.FM! We need your help – the developer of the new LRN.FM & FTL listening app tells us that the first 30 days are the most important timeframe to get downloads from the Apple and Android stores. If there’s a good initial download amount, the stores are more likely to feature the app!

Even if you already use another app to listen to FTL or LRN.FM, please take a moment to install this app via the links below and give it a try. It’s free! There are still a few tweaks that need to be made to the features, but it sounds great and allows you to listen to both the FTL 24/7 streams and the LRN.FM streams in the same app.

Please download and then rate five stars, and then share the link on your social media. Thank you!


Matt Connarton UNLEASHED Interviews Free Keene’s Ian

Last week I had the pleasure of being the guest on Manchester Public Television‘s “Matt Connarton UNLEASHED“. Matt is a liberty-friendly New Hampshire native and we had an excellent conversation covering talk radio, Free Talk Live, the Free State Project, conspiracy theories, the Libertarian Party, ballot access restrictions, and market justice. Here’s the full hour of what was a live television broadcast on Wednesday at 2pm on MPTV.

Matt Connarton Unleashed (4/29/15) from ipmNation on Vimeo.

Ian Freeman Threatened With Arrest for Chalking Supreme Court Sidewalk

Wednesday, June 18th 2014 – 10am – Activists convened at the NH Supreme Court to hear Rich Paul’s attorney argue for an appeal. That means even though Rich Paul lost his original trial, he can ask a higher court to hear arguments to decide if the original ruling was wrongly decided. If they decide to go forward with the appeal, Rich will have a whole new trial. The Supreme Court’s ruling is where laws are challenged and clarified. Whatever they decide has the potential to set future precedent.


Camera Robbery Coverage on FTL

Chicago-police-punch2It’s been a hectic 36 hours since my camera was seized from my person by two armed men, one of whom rifled through my pockets with his bear mitts. In that time period, I’ve organized videos regarding the encounter into one source on Fr33manTVraw, and have followed up with legal professionals on how to move forward. The next step is finding out where the missing affidavit is, and if it even exists. I’ve since received a backup recording device from a friend, which I used today as I went Robin Hooding with visitors in town from Michigan. Fortunately, I have not been accosted by law enforcement since the robbery. I’m am still operating under the impression that myself or my property may be seized at any time while I am about, as there is no deadline on the surviving portion of the search warrant that was executed on myself yesterday morning.

Last evening, a good portion of Free Talk Live focused on the peculiar encounter with law enforcement, as I occupied the guest chair on the program, beginning at 0:21:34. In addition to the incident, we discuss AKPF #1, Robin Hooding, and toward the end of the show, the war on chalk is examined. The full episode is linked below, courtesy of the soundcloud.

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