Black Sheep Rising – Episode 46

Judge dismisses case against school district • Free Keene haters losing their damn minds • Darryl did NOT win the lottery • What your drink says about you • Freerock joins. Show notes, audio and archives at:

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 44

Keene election results • City douche nozzles recommend increasing parking rates and fines • The hell is a Noped? • First Kiss video = fake.  Darryl disagrees • Woman joins search party to find herself • Which countries have the least sex? • 12 sexiest accents • Ashley hates the British. accent.  Matt and Ashley join.  Show notes at:

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 43

This week: 5 Gum = Illuminati propaganda • Need to play more Muse • Matthew Bellamy = Freddie Mercury • Bill Hicks = Alex Jones • Why conspiracy theories matter • Government kills agorism • Fire those sucky teachers • Vote week in Keene • School district breakin the law • Spends $23,000 on advertisements • Still more on Keene pedestrians • Anarchy flag = 16 year old delinquents • Rapsher recommends The Sopranos.  James and Rapsher join.  Show notes at:

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 42

Dumb pedestrians in Keene – Voters vs Keene school district: Ongoing lawsuit – Man attacked by moose responds with deadly force – 5 reasons not to tip.  Freerock joins.  Show notes at:

New $13 million bond so good you pay for the advertising

 scratching_head2The Keene school bureaucrats have gone all out this month in an attempt to “educate” the voters on a controversial, 20 year, $13 million bond to be used for the restructuring of five elementary schools.  I’ve uncovered huge, full page adverts in both the Keene Sentinel and the Monadnock Shopper.  They put together a 30sec radio ad that plays on WKBK.  If you turn your adblock off, you might notice a “vote on article 1″ at the top of the Sentinel’s website.   I’ve also discovered a number of campaign signs scattered throughout Keene and yesterday I received a flyer in the mail.   Who’s paying for all this nonsense?  The taxpayers of course.  How does the district justify such an unethical use of your hard-earned money?  It’s for the kids, duh.  Shut up and get back in line.

Article 1 sign


Court Hears Arguments in Activists vs School Board Case

John C. Kissinger Jr.A decision is expected likely next week from today’s emergency hearing at Cheshire superior court on liberty activists’ suit against the Keene school board for their allegedly illegal actions at this year’s deliberative session. The Keene Sentinel’s Kaitlyn Mulhere reports:

A judge has taken under advisement a request by four residents to find actions that took place at the Keene School District deliberative session were illegal.

Conan Salada, Darryl W. Perry, David Crawford and Eric LaRoche filed a petition against the school district last week, saying that the amendments voters approved at the session completely void their seven petition articles. (more…)