Rich Paul Bail Set at $500 – He’s Out!!


Rich Paul, after checking out of the Keene Spiritual Retreat

After viewing the video of the first attack on local chalkers in Central Square, superior court judge John C. Kissinger decided to set bail for Rich Paul at $500. This is a huge step down from “no bail”, the previous decision by the judge, who at the time had not seen the video and was told by the prosecution that Rich was a menace to society and a threat to public safety – a ridiculous claim.

Activists quickly posted bail and Rich Paul is out! The full VOP trial will be 7/24 at 9am at Cheshire superior court.

Here’s video of the hearing:


Ransom Rich Paul!

2013_04_20_freerichFor those of you who don’t know, I, Rich Paul, have been sitting in the the Keene Spiritual Retreat for the last couple weeks. I am technically in for violation of probation and there are four violations alleged:

1) That when Dorrie O’Meara’s employees/ thugs attacked an artist/ friend of mine by surprise and from behind, I stepped in between the gang of attackers and their intended victim while holding a stick, and thwarted their attack.

This is true, but justified by my inalienable right to self defense and defense of others, I believe that the court will disregard this allegation.

2) That I have not paid the $3,500 in fines that the court demands. (more…)

Graham Colson Enters Spiritual Retreat

Attitude is everything. Pick a good one.

Friend, blogger, and fellow activist Graham Colson walked into the Cheshire County House of Corrections today. He was sentenced to 60 days for the “crime” of Contempt of Court. Before he checked in, we had a chance to chat about the events that led up to this moment. Ian Freeman and I also reflected on our own jail experiences and reminded Graham that life is always what you make of it–even when you are living in a cage.

AKPF #1: Festivial

groupphotoporcfestThis week’s stellar installment of the AKPF #1 series features footage captured during the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival, held between June 22-29 in Lancaster, New Hampshire. The gathering was noteworthy for the prolific use of alternative currency by attendees, where vendors readily accepted not only cryptocurrency, but also the elusive Obamacoin, which traded at both three for one dollar as well as the spot price of four per dollar. As usual, the event set a record for participants in attendance.

Rich Paul writes from jail

Rich has sent in a blog post for Mail-to-Jail to publish:

Hello, everybody!

I have now responded personally to each piece of mail that I have received since I’ve been back in jail. Thanks to all who wrote to me! Y’all are my inspiration!

Thanks, also, to all those who have promoted and/or donated to my fundraising page at”“. All good things require resources, and the fight for freedom is no exception.

And let me give a special shout out to Derrick J, Ian Freeman, and Jay Denonville for all their help in facilitating communications and fundraising for me. I would be helpless in here if not for your eyes, ears, and hands!


Plea Deal News from Rich Paul in Jail

Pot Activist Rich Paul called me last night from the Cheshire County House of Corrections, where he is currently being held on a violation of probation charge. Support his fundraiser to help him escape the cage faster!

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Video of Arrest:

Alleged violation:

Arrest Explained:

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