State House 4/20 Celebration Scheduled for ‘Easter’ Sunday

As has occurred annually since 2010, the 4/20 celebration is organized to proceed as usual on 2013_420rallythe state house lawn in Concord, New Hampshire. The disobedience rally in the supreme political venue provided by the state house originally occurred at the revered time on Guy Fawkes Day of 2009, and became a yearly occurrence when a larger group held a celebration in April of 2010. Free Concord has covered the event in 2011, 2012, and 2013, and is expected to collect content from the ritual again. Check out the facebook event page for details on the upcoming festivities.

AKPF #1: Forum Blazing Conference

This week’s AKPF #1, Forum Blazing Conference reflects on a new direction following the NH Liberty Forum of 2014, from which footage will appear in next week’s episode.

0:00 – Cheshire TV disclaimer
0:10 – Huey Newton interviews William F Buckley on the colonist positionakpf_patriotic
5:15 – Irvin Rosenfeld blazes up in the New Hampshire statehouse smoking room in Concord on 12 May 2012
26:45 – Jeffrey Tucker talks to the Russia Today RT about bitcoin and the incarceration of Charlie Shrem
28:50 – End disclaimer

Obama Speaks #SOTU For All

This week’s regularly scheduled AKPF #1 presentation has been rescheduled to present instead the presentation of official USA president Barack Obama in his Union of the State address for all citizens (but not all civilians). In the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but lacking in caricature silhouettes to adorn the bottom of the screen, the audience is treated to smokeblowimagesobamalive commentary from a local demographic recorded during an amity gathering. As scripted, the US president painted vast and vivid pictures of bright tomorrows from obfuscatory presents. The crowd was electrified most of the time, which featured politicians and bureaucrats of multiple privileged rankings.

AKPF #1: Legal Herb, Illegal Audio

2013_08_10_ji_akpf1This informative installment of AKPF #1 takes you all the way to Concord, NH to sit in on the exciting hearing on the wiretapping law for the state, which currently is responsible for granting police the authority to kidnap and rob from innocent human beings under the guise of combating illegal recording. We even hear from bureaucrats who admit their deep-seated fear of recording devices and the individuals who wield them, as well as receiving updates from the cannabis legalization progression in Colorado. In a world where herbs are legal, the ability to make objective records is sure to follow closely behind.

AKPF Presents: Banned Shire TV Episode

akpf_1xjamesgarretAiring on this MLKjr holiday is a very special edition of the late Shire TV program, guest written, directed, and produced by what would be the future crew of AKPF #1, James Cleaveland and Garret Ean. The two were tasked last year with producing an MLK day episode which would be perhaps the most controversial of the series. After a pre-submission airing by one of the Shire TV’s producers, the program was officially banned and censored from the program’s history and replaced with a soft ending episode 2013_01_andybohannonbadgewhich misdirects the fluidity of the original creation.

For the first time on Cheshire TV, one year from its originally blocked release, audiences can now enjoy the complete and uncut original episode as its driving creative talents intended it be seen. Enjoy the show, and have a delightfully disobedient Martin Luther King Jr day.

UPDATE: Amanda Billyrock Arrest

billyrockAround midnight on the morning of Saturday, December 14, Amanda Billyrock was stopped by Laconia Police. According to a witness, she “jumped the gun” on a red light, anticipating that it would turn green. After being stopped, she did not speak to the LPD member who pulled her over, and was arrested. Additionally, she had license and registration problems, and her car was impounded.
The Laconia PD has not released details of any charges against her, though did confirm that there was no bail, adding, “she probably refused bail.” It is believed that she will be held at the Belknap County Jail until she is arraigned on Monday morning.
At 12:15pm, it was reported that Amanda Billyrock had been released on personal recognizance.