Robin Hood Opposition Distributes Second Pro-State Proclamation

For the second Monday in three weeks, anti-Robin Hood proponents have issued a 2014_03_17_rhoodflier1denunciatory printout, distributing the flier to car windshields around the downtown portions of Keene. This week’s flier is less profane than the last, which included the ‘f’ word uncensored. Perhaps in response to negative feedback, the flier now bowdlerizes the language with asterisks and includes seldom accurate information listed sequentially following pronouncements declaring the content, ‘Fact’.

One goal of the flier’s author seems to be consciousness raising directed at the home address of myself (Garret) and at least one other Free Keene blogger. I can’t imagine too many of the recipients of the flier will be delighted to read what amounts to a distasteful rant posturing as though it were a serious critique of community activists. In all honesty, could one ask for a more useful opposition?

ESSAM Explains the NYC Drone Art Campaign

tumblr_essam_500The 2013 New Hampshire Liberty Forum was host to a special presentation which has not, until now, been publicly broadcast. New York City street artist Essam was facing 56 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument, grand larceny possession of stolen property, and weapons possession. Last November, all felony charges previously filed by the state’s attorney were dropped, and some were reduced to misdemeanors. Word broke March 6 that all remaining charges against the dissident artist were dropped regarding State v Essam Attia.

july24-essamnypdIn this presentation, the audience hears directly from the source how a guerrilla art project was planned and executed throughout New York, the motivations behind the pieces, and the potential penalties for the subversive signage. Release of video from the talk has been delayed pending resolution of the criminal case, as there is incriminating information provided which defense attorneys understandably would oppose providing directly to the prosecution. One motivation for the state’s decision to cease prosecution of the case may have been to avoid the constitutional questions raised as to when street art intersects with protected speech. An article from chronicles the most recent update and has been following the story from its breaking.

Four voters sue Keene School District



Before the Deliberative Session, Conan Salada collected signatures on 7 warrant articles to be placed on the official ballot before voters in the upcoming Keene School District election.

During the Deliberative Session, all 7 warrant articles were amended in a manner that eliminated the subject. These amendments were challenged as out of order, however the moderator over-ruled those motions, and the majority of voters in attendance agreed with the moderator. The Keene Sentinel described these changes as “Machiavellian legal maneuvering… to avoid letting voters decide the merits of the articles“.

After the Deliberative Session, Darryl W. Perry, was directed to the 2011 Rockingham Superior Court decision in the case of Bailey v. Town of Exeter. In Bailey, the Court ruled, “the Court finds and rules the only way the phrase ‘no warrant article shall be amended to eliminate the subject matter of the article’ can logically be read is to conclude that any amendment that made the subject matter of the article a nullity was forbidden,” adding that “[m]erely because the majority of the voters were more clever in the way the amendment was worded to create the nullity does not mean their action was not a violation of the statute.”

Perry, Salada and two other voters (David Crawford and Eric LaRoche) have filed suit against the School District due to the illegal actions at the Deliberative Session that have disenfranchised the voters of Keene, including petitioners.

The filing can be read here. A court date has been set for Friday, February 28 at 11am.

AKPF #1: Conspiracies Abound

This wonderful commemorative Dear Leader’s Day edition of AKPF #1 delves into a number of ancient conspiracy theories and their modern connection, including through Peace Tea. While broadcasting on schedule on Cheshire TV, the episode was compromised on YouTube for copyrotten reasons. Fortunately, LiveLeak stepped in a saved the day, and prior an outlet for human beings around the world to consume AKPF #1, despite state censorship attempts. See the first ever LiveLeak distributed AKPF #1 episode Conspiracies Abound below.


Emerson’s Towing Threat Video Blowing Up on LiveLeak

Emerson Lyons Jr.Graham Colson’s video where he is threatened by Emerson Lyons Jr., the son of the owner of Emerson’s Towing, went up on yesterday and is already up to nearly 40,000 views thanks to it being featured on the front page of the site!

Early last week I left a message for the owner of Emerson’s Towing, Emerson Sr., asking for an official statement on the incident. As of yet, I have not heard from him. It appears Emerson’s has again taken down their facebook page again, however their Yelp entry isn’t looking so hot in the reviews department as people comment nationwide. Will Emerson’s continue to avoid commenting on this situation?

AKPF #1: Wiretapus Dialectus

Straight off the press of the latest episode of AKPF #1, this persevering installment features historical footage from the Boston ATHF hoax of 2007 which resulted in a major press conference regarding hairstyles of the 1970s. The show also hosts discussions from a Chicago grassroots group responding to Obama’s Union of the State address, and concludes with a discussion on wiretapping and the tactics of videographers working behind the scenes to produce the weekly AKPF #1 program.