With this week’s timeslot for the AKPF #1 program hijacked by opposition forces, themountains_06sfk1 Cheshire TV audience is subjected currently to a dissenting video production known as The STOP FREE KEENE!!! Show. Featuring some new content and a variety of older Free Keene and assorted videos with disclaimers and warnings attached, this new show marks new territory for the opposition to Free Keene group and the affiliated co-chapter, Monadnock Community Coalition Corporation.

Local Man Threatens Garret, Blocks Parking Meters

A local heckler, allegedly named George Parkhurst, decided to get into it with Robin Hooder Garret Ean this week. In this RAW video, Parkhurst threatens Garret, insults him, and blocks both Jane the parking enforcer and Garret from doing their jobs by covering up the parking meters. According to Garret, Jane called Keene police on Parkhurst on her own volition.

Here’s the ridiculous and amusing video (1/2):


Local Heroes Save Town From Chalked Smiley Faces

Members of “STOP FREE KEENE!!!“, Dan and Kay Georgina visited Central Square on Saturday and destroyed countless chalked smiley faces and other peaceful messages in a scene that is a perfect metaphor for SFK!!!:

bowers_chalkThrough their actions, the key members of SFK!!! prove the anger in their hearts – what kind of person could feel good about such destruction of community artwork?

Some STOP FREE KEENE!!! members believe that threats, violence, and protest will somehow stop the flow of activists to Keene and NH at large. However, all they are accomplishing is attracting more movers and sparking new activism.

Free Keene is about love and peace. “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” is about anger. Peace is the way.

Stop the war on chalk, “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” members. It’s very childish. Even Keene Police Officer Peter Bowers supports chalking smiley faces, as he proved at the 2012 Chalk the Police day in Keene where he joined in the fun.

Full RAW video is available at the Fr33manTVRAW channel.

Black Sheep Rising: Ep. 47 (Family Friendly Censored Edition)

The producers of AKPF #1 are pleased to present this special edition family friendly censored edition of the forty-seventh episode of controversial Cheshire television ji_bsr2talk series Black Sheep Rising. In this invigorating episode which originally published to the world on 14 May 2014, Conan, James, Garret, and Shaunna discuss wordly affairs as well as the present tribulations facing the restructuring Aqua Keene Parking Force. Also featuring a special official New Hampshire state vodka tasting in the program’s second hour. See the show notes and original uncensored cut of the episode as published to the official page of the Black Sheep Rising.

New, Anonymous “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” Blog Claims Transparency

The freedom-fearing folks of “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” have apparently started an anonymous blog site.  The site claims on its “Get Involved” page, “we believe in transparency”, yet readers have no idea who is writing the articles.

Of course, actual transparency can be found here at Free Keene.  We have a list of all our bloggers, biographical information, and even photos of each, and have had it from the beginning of Free Keene’s existence.  Each blog post here at FK is attributed to a specific blogger, unlike SFK’s site.

Another important difference is that FK’s bloggers are willing to talk with people who disagree in real life and online, whereas many of SFK’s members thus far have shown an unwillingness to communicate with their neighbors.  Their blog’s comments are moderated, meaning each comment must be approved by the site admins. (EDIT/UPDATE: They appear to have changed their moderation settings to either allow all comments or allow all after one approval, as I am now able to post without pre-moderation.) 

In contrast, the Disqus commenting system we have here at Free Keene allows anyone to post, though there is a moderation system which at times on its own will hold up certain posts.  Those auto-moderated posts are usually approved, provided they are not spam, racism, or advocating violence.  People masquerading as others are also not welcome to comment at FK.  However, anyone can post here with anonymity and by default comments are not moderated.

In real life at the recent “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” silent protest, I am told there was a middle-aged man (not a liberty activist) who came up and attempted to talk to SFK’s Joshua Erickson, (one of the administrators of their facebook group, a self-described socialist) and inquire of him about their protest.  Josh apparently refused to speak to the man, but Free Keene blogger, James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland was more than happy to talk to the gentleman when he inquired, and they had a great conversation.  (Some of which you can hear in the background of the video from the event.)

To SFK’s credit, they did have an awesome turnout at their event.  Unlike their predecessor, the long-defunct “Keene Matters” blog from 2007, SFK actually has a real-life presence.  Too bad not even the heads of the organization will talk to anybody about their ideas, whatever those are.  So much for transparency.

One more interesting thing in the realm of transparency, some of SFK’s members have bragged about their facebook group having over 1,000 members. (more…)

Phat Stuff to Rebuild “Bigger and Better”

DEAchalkPhat Stuff’s Mat Boardman, the employee that was there when the DEA came to rob the place on Wednesday, spoke to me today via facebook and informed me that the local smoke shop plans to rebuild, saying, “we are going to use this tragedy as motivation to rebuild…bigger and better than it already was”.

Today, activists chalked on the sidewalk in front of Phat Stuff in protest of the DEA’s aggression and later gathered for a 420 in remembrance of lost liberties.

Phat Stuff re-opens today at 2pm.


420 gathering in remembrance of lost liberties