AKPF #1: Magic Mountains

In this creative installment of AKPF #1, Magic Mountains, viewers are treated to lush scenery and engaging verbal information from the annual Vermont Freedom and Unity Festival, held this year on Saturday August 16, 2014. Included in this special episode is a sneak peak at the upcoming Cheshire TV program, Amish’s Outdoor Aventures, hosted by Amish Paul and featuring nature journeys in all variety of colorful places, weather conditions, and mental states.

Locals voice support for Manchester Cop Blockers

On the night of August 22, 2014, dozens of activists flooded downtown Manchester NH on the corner of Elm st and Bridge st in order to warn drivers of the unconstitutional check point that was ahead.  Every time this takes place, there is always a strong local support with honking, hand shakes, and words of support.  On this night, I decided to talk to random people enjoying the nightlife of Manchester to see what they thought of the cop blocking that was taking place.  There were also two immigrants from Mexico that had no affiliation with the liberty community but joined with fellow cop blockers.  They have had bad experiences with the police and were ecstatic to join and help people avoid interactions with the police.  I also spoke with the captain that was supervising the check point around three hours into the operation.  I questioned him if there were any courses of action that the Manchester PD could take that did not violate the 4th amendment of the Bill of Rights. Only one person was arrested, which was for a suspended license.

Ian’s Speech At the First NH Gubernatorial Debate (Hassan Chickens Out)

Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of being able to speak for up to ten minutes in front of the first New Hampshire gubernatorial debate. There will be no democrat debate, since both of the other democrat candidates refused to respond to the invitation from Franklin Pierce University. I’m grateful to the organizers at FPU for the opportunity to speak despite the other candidates’ absence.

It’s kind of surreal to watch a voluntarist (me) speak truth to power about the criminal state while standing in front of that very state’s flag (gang insignia), yet, it actually happened:

(And only possible in New Hampshire.)

Here’s the speech in written form: (more…)

Rebel Love Show Episode 16 (7/16/14)

Recorded on July 16th, Neal Connor of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence comes on to talk about independence rallies, peace, love, and Bitcoin.

WARNING: One of our microphones malfunctioned, so the audio quality can be spotty at times.

NH ACLU Files Amicus Brief for Robin Hooders in Supreme Court Case

NH ACLUThe NH ACLU has filed their 42-page amicus in the Robin Hood NH supreme court case.

The NH ACLU’s attorney, Anthony J. Galdieri argues  that the city has no case when they claim Robin Hooders have engaged in “tortious interference”:

In the context of non-violent protests aimed at influencing societal or governmental change, tortious speech is only actionable if it amounts to violent or unlawful conduct.  See Claiborne
Hardware Co., 458 U.S. at 917-18 (holding in context of protest that the state may impose
damages only for violent or unlawful conduct, not for non-violent protected activity, even if
that non-violent protected activity causes economic harm).

The NH ACLU also affirms that the city’s proposed restrictions on Robin Hooders are unconstitutional, including a “buffer zone” where speaking to the meter maids would be prohibited, as would be recording them.  The  proposed restrictions are clear violations of NH Constitution article 8 and 22, which protect the right of people to access a responsive government and protect free speech.

Nor should the city be allowed to handle the Robin Hooders through the courts, says the ACLU: (more…)