AKPF #1: Three Dolla Grill

This new installment of AKPF #1 includes more footage from the joyous celebration annual 2014_07_01_dollarflag2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival. In addition to these ominous scenes, the audience is treated to analysis of cinematic productions framed through the lens of parking enforcement. To conclude the session, we learn about all sorts of anti-authoritarian artwork imported form another state.

0:00 Cheshire TV warning disclaimer
0:10 AKPF #1 title card
0:12 Ideological analysis of They Live by Slavoj Zizek as featured in documentary
1:11 Obamacoin transaction footage
4:58 Battleground Keene
5:47 Distorted reality
6:11 Three Dolla Grill PF-XI
13:42 Chicken and Bacon
14:23 Read all directions and instructions before use, warning danger
15:12 Ideological analysis of lie in The Dark Knight by Slavoj Zizek as sourced from The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology
15:51 An ignoble lie
16:10 5ive (5) five gum trailer footage
18:21 The Art of people against authority; religious and political
28:43 The beach of Surry end credits
28:50 End disclaimer of the Cheshire Television

Tragic End to Long Standoff in Keene

[The video previously featured in this article has been removed from YouTube. Please follow the link to view the video at LiveLeak.]

At around 6:00pm last evening near the Staples store in Keene, police attempted to arrest a currently unidentified man. Rather than submitting to the arrest, the person fled the area and displayed a firearm, which he is witnessed to have turned on himself. Early reports identified the situation as a hostage crisis, however witnesses on the scene stated that the only hostage in harm’s way throughout the duration of the standoff was the man training the gun on himself. Shortly before 10:30pm, a single, small caliber gun shot was heard, followed shortly after by an audible scream. The man was visible laying on his back for several seconds before SWAT officers rolled the man onto his face and appeared to handcuff him. Within ninety seconds of the shot being heard, paramedics began to prepare the man for loading onto a stretcher and wheeling him into an ambulance. WMUR has reported that the man had passed away while being treated at Cheshire Medical Center. The story has also received coverage from the Keene Sentinel, whom report two shots having been fired, but do not identify the source of any discharge.

The following photos were captured by Keene Peaceful Streets correspondents on the scene moments before and after the unfortunate conclusion which led to the loss of life.

keene1_2014-07-02-05h13m37s243 (more…)

AKPF #1: Festivial

groupphotoporcfestThis week’s stellar installment of the AKPF #1 series features footage captured during the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival, held between June 22-29 in Lancaster, New Hampshire. The gathering was noteworthy for the prolific use of alternative currency by attendees, where vendors readily accepted not only cryptocurrency, but also the elusive Obamacoin, which traded at both three for one dollar as well as the spot price of four per dollar. As usual, the event set a record for participants in attendance.

Manchester Activists Continue Jury Nullification Outreach

10410096_298255033682853_3078734082147211273_nOn the morning of  June 16th, 2014 myself and fellow Free Keene blogger Joel Valenzuela were accompanied by activists Angela Aronoff, Nicholas Buroker, and new Free State Project mover Andrew Vermiglio at the Hillsborough County Superior 10448210_298250733683283_7905153735992598897_nCourt House located in down town Manchester NH.  We arrived at the court house to warmly great jurors as they approached the building.  As they approached, we were handing out NHJury.com pamphlets to jurors.  The pamphlets inform the jurors of their rights as a juror.  The emphasis being that a jury can vote not guilty if the law is unjust.  Jury nullification outreach has been consistent every jury selection at this court house since March of this year.  Hopefully other activists around the state will do the same at other court houses.

AKPF #1: Ordinance Artistic

In this artistic, relaxing installment of AKPF #1, the audience is treated to imagery and nature sounds to fill out the twenty-nine minutes of airtime. Learn about recent celebrations in Robin Hood park, sign waves alongside the county corrections institution, and home chalking in suburban Keene.

SFK!!! Silent Protester Joins in the Chalking!

Chalking outside ParsonageThroughout some STOP FREE KEENE!!! members’ War on Chalk, chalk has always been made available to them by liberty activists so that the SFK!!! members can express themselves and add their ideas to the mix, rather than deleting other people’s ideas.  Until now, they have refused to participate in the chalking.

Now, in a pleasantly surprising turn of events, one of the 20 silent protesters from a few weeks back has broken the silence and chalked his own message!  His message was found this morning outside of the Shire Free Church’s parsonage in Keene.  It says “THIS HOUSE IS A FRAUD!”, with an arrow.  Rich Paul chalked above it earlier today, adding, “Boston Strong Can Chalk!!!”.  The SFK!!!-supporting man was in Central Square on Monday night washing chalk off the sidewalk when he and another local man who was chalking got into a verbal confrontation.  The man allegedly claimed to be from Boston and allegedly threatened the local chalker.  He was given the moniker of “Boston Strong” as a result.  At this time his identity is unknown.


“Boston Strong”

Boston is most certainly the chalker from this morning.  Not only did he hold a sign with a similar message in the silent protest, but he also lives a few houses down River Street from the church parsonage.  Plus, a man wearing a hoodie was seen leaving Boston’s house, chalking the message, then returning to Boston’s house at approximately 5:17 this morning.

It was during the verbal confrontation at Central Square involving Boston on Monday night that alleged Pedrazas/Pour House employees threatened and attacked the local chalkers.  Interestingly, one of the men who threatened and came at the chalkers (who also stole appears to steal and smash Garret’s camera) is from Washington DC.  Funny that some people critique Free State Project participants for coming here wanting to live free, all the while people fomenting violence and destruction of artwork in the streets of Keene are also NOT from New Hampshire. (more…)