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“Keenevention was definitely the place to be if you have any interest in discussing productive ways to protest, work around, or blatantly disregard the State.” -Blogger Richard Masta

Most of Saturday and Sunday from Keenevention 2014 are described in detail on Richard Masta’s excellent blog, “Dispatches from Keenevention 2014“. The investigative journalist raves about the event and includes in-depth reviews of multiple panels and speeches, various encounters and conversations, and lots of photos from the panels as well as the HALLOWKEENE costume dance party.

The first person I noticed in the lobby was also wearing a stand-out hat. This fellow was Hunter S. Thompson — he had the cigarette, the Hawaiian shirt, the glasses, you name it. Oh, this was going to be a fun weekend…

If you missed Keenevention this year or you attended and wanted to know another attendee’s perspective, this article won’t disappoint.

Peace Defeats the Brutalist House!

Peace Flag Leverett StAs documented here, controversial “Anarchist Atheist Asshole” Christopher Cantwell has moved out of the Keene Activist Center neighborhood.  New-mover-to-Keene Nolan from New York and Keene Cop Block‘s Centurion are now in the house across from the KAC. Today, Centurion hung out a peace flag after cutting down the bushes in front of the house, officially terminating the Cantwell-inspired “Brutalist House” name.

It’s good to see peace-houses expanding in the Free Streets Project.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep77 – Convention Fabuloso


Did you miss Keenevention 2014? No worries. We have all the juicy details for you • HallowKeene FB page • Just sell me three chickens! • No seatbelt? Probably gonna get shot • Derrick J’s 10sec victimless crime spree • the “still small voice” within you • W and Derrick J join the discussion • Show notes at:

Keenevention Day Two Recap


The First-Ever HALLOWKEENE Costume Dance Party

Saturday at Keenevention began bright-and-early at Keene Cinemas with a movie premiere event, saw more attendees throughout the day and had an amazing costume dance party at night, HALLOWKEENE. Daylight discussions included the informative Filmmakers, Media, and Charity panels and James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland gave a moving keynote speech and received a standing ovation!

Dozens were in attendance for HALLOWKEENE and awards for best costume were given. The party was great, the lasers by Bill D. were amazing, and the costumes were excellent. Big thanks to Derrick J, Danica, Renee, and Johnson for putting it together!

I write this as the Secession panel kicks off Sunday’s full and final day of events. Come on out!

James "Robin Hood" Cleaveland delivers a moving keynote at Keenevention 2014.

James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland delivers a moving keynote at Keenevention 2014.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep76 – Brain Salad Symphony

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Black Sheep Rising – Ep75 – RiotFest

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