Civil Disobedience Panel + Dozens More Porcfest 2013 Videos

I was grateful to be asked to moderate the civil disobedience panel this year at Porcfest and so I chose as my panelists the heroic activists who have spent the most time behind bars, Ademo Freeman, Derrick J Freeman, Lauren Canario, and Jim Johnson. It was an excellent panel with some great audience questions. Thanks to Paul and Athena from Red Pill Productions for doing the video work.

Check out their YouTube channel for literally dozens of quality videos of various panels and speeches from Porcfest 2013! Here’s the C/D panel video:

For more civ disobedience discussion, don’t miss the civil disobedience panel hosted by Derrick J Freeman at this year’s inaugural Keenevention!

Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party @ Porcfest 2013

In case you needed more proof that New Hampshire is the place to be around the coolest liberty activists in the world, here’s an epic half-hour video of footage from Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party at Porcfest 2013!

Bonus cool points that it was shot and edited by liberty-loving state rep Mike Sylvia.

If you’re LGBT and love liberty – you are welcome in this awesome movement. Join the Free State Project, and get to New Hampshire ASAP!

AKPF #1 – Dolus

akpfbadge_surveillanceDebuting for the masses the propaganda hitpiece of unintelligible video produced by the CoK staff, AKPF #1 episode 08 Dolus opens with a global news update before delving into the ridiculous media production attempt of the local reigning royalty. The program is rounded out by wonderful original videos from the 2013 Porcupine Freedom Festival held annually in Lancaster, New Hampshire. Speakers included renowned anarchist author David Friedman, courageous police accountability activist Antonio Buehler, and compassionately insightful author Mary Ruwart. Numerous allied comrades of many admirable causes converge, coalesce, and codify. In the end, Peter ‘Sturdy’ Thomas becomes a rejuvenescent participant in AKPF antics.

1. 00:10 Opening Soul Makossa Music
2. 01:48 president Barack Obama dismisses allegations of his vigorous efforts to capture Ed Snowden
3. 02:00 James and Garret present the city’s failure of an attempt at video editing, doctored garbage
4. 03:29 Excerpts from the city’s distasteful garbage, tallied in doctors by AKPF comrade Dan
5. 17:01 Chalking for AKPF #1 at PorcFest 2013 segueway segment (more…)

Did Someone Order a 91-A Request?

Yesterday I received in the mail a semi-update on the Robin Hood lawsuit. My discovery request is apparently being treated partially as a 91-A request, which entitles you to a friendly letter from the city (in this case, penned by jester Mullins himself). He affirmed that he still reserved the right to object to my discovery request, and I have yet to hear word back on that.

jester_moscowitz_bauerEarlier in the week, while myself and many other activists from across the Earth were in northern New Hampshire attending the tenth Porcupine Freedom Festival, the royalty deeming itself the city of Keene spent more of the people’s stolen labor value hiring fancy pants lawyers from Concord to run interference for their case. Myself and others received a notice of appearance by the lawfirm Gallagher, Callahan, and Gartrell, with Eric G. Moscowitz (aka No. 18961) and Charles P. Bauer (aka No. 208) to be sidekicking on the city’s frivolous folly.

In a debasingly juvenile move by ‘the city of Keene’, someone(s) with incredibly limited experience working with video did the disservice of not only incorrectly scaling, but also compressing from high resolution to an unacceptable-as-VHS pixelated product video of Robin Hooders in action. Beyond the degraded resolution quality, the editing is so choppily fast paced that none of the sentence fragments of interactions documented provide any context. A list of sources of each video segment are currently being compiled by the merry people, as the city of course provided almost no description accompanying the video beyond continuing to falsely assert that, “the so called ‘Robin Hooders,’…stated intention is the elimination of a function of City Government.” A response video from the producers of AKPF #1 is expected to document the amount of heavy editing employed by the footage’s anonymous doctoror. It is unlikely that the amateur attempt at video editing published by the city of Keene would be admissible in court. Unlike the city of Keene, the Merry Women and Men publish their raw footage for full accountability. Lacking legal credibility, the video will stand as yet another public relations embarrassment for city bureaucrats combating the persistently pleasant Robin Hooders. (more…)