Black Sheep Rising: #38 Family Friendly AKPF Cut

The producers of AKPF #1 are pleased to present this special edition family friendly censored edition of the thirty-eighth kimachu1kimjongil1episode of controversial Cheshire television talk series Black Sheep Rising. In this invigorating episode which originally published to the world on 06 February 2014, Conan, James, and Garret discuss wordly affairs as well as the present tribulations facing the restructuring Aqua Keene Parking Force. This offering of the episode is delightfully available in full widescreen format, in contrast to the 4:3 ratio interpretations of the usual installments. See the show notes and original uncensored cut of the episode as published to the official page of the Black Sheep Rising.

Crime Dog McGruff Featured in Illustrated AKPF Video

The issue of parking and its enforcement in downtown Keene occupied much of the final akpfsafety-tips-from-mcgruff-the-crime-doghour during yesterday’s weekly episode of SoundOff on WKBK radio. Hosts Greg Pregent and Chris Cotes were joined by Keene Sentinel correspondent Kyle Jarvis. One of the calls in to the show was placed by none other than city code enforcement officer Fred Parsells, who has previously moonlighted for the federal Toilet Safety Administration and has also operated as a chalk removal agent for the AKPF. Hear the entirety of the parking analysis as posted in audio format to Free Keene.

Free Keene Bloggers Start New Show

In April I’m starting the Rebel Love Show with fellow Free Keene blogger Robert Mathias.

Our goal is to showcase what’s going on here in the Free State in a friendly and casual manner. We really want to show what a great community we have here and highlight the can-do attitude of activists the state over with the ultimate goal of getting more people to move out.

The Rebel Love Show will air once a week, and will have a blog section with constant updates about happenings in the Free State community. Stay tuned at!

AKPF Rate Hikes Raised on WKBK’s SoundOff

logowkbk1290Towards the end of last week’s Saturday morning episode of the live local call-in radio program SoundOff, a listener raised the issue of Keene parking rate and fine increases. The caller expressed discontent that parking would become more expensive and from his perspective, the rate hikes were enough to disincentivize him from choosing to frequent downtown businesses. The necessity of the rate hike is kicked around for several minutes by host Chris Cotes and guest host Dale Pregent, and the efforts of Robin Hood of Keene are mentioned in passing. Towards the end of the segment, Dale makes an underhanded comment about the parking enforcers, referring to one of the workers as a ‘parking maid’ while suggesting that there previously had been allegations of harassment of city employees by city officials. The audio has been specially set to b-roll footage of the AKPF van occupying various parking spaces throughout the city.

DPRK Denounces Robin Hood Ruling

akpf_dprkappeal1xIn a followup to their previous two videos, one published to youtube and another to their official website, the bureaucrats behind the Democratic People’s Republic of Keene have crafted a new video message denouncing a Cheshire superior court judge’s ruling in their lawsuit against the merry people associated with Robin Hood of Keene. The ruling that was handed down on December 3 determined that no civil claims were legally actionable given the protections granted in the first amendment of the US lanekendall_bestmayordprkconstitution. The judge declined to elaborate on implications which may or may not be granted by the more eloquent NH state constitution.

The new piece of content by the City people is brief and to the point. Commemorating the re-elected person who won the mayor contest, the video also serves as a new year’s update from the officials and to the civilianry that is claimed representative dominion over. Meanwhile in DPRK, Robin Hooding continues unabated.

Ridley’s Non-Aggressionist Historical Analysis

gdubbs_amrevYesterday’s Ridley Report features an analysis of some United States history from the position of principled non-violent anti-aggressionism. It was produced in the wake of a tragic mass casualty shooting in the District of Columbia, which we have since discovered was perpetrated by a mentally disturbed veteran. Not knowing what the motivation for the attack was, the possibility that it may have been terrorism or an act of war lingered until details on the shooter emerged and were confirmed. Below is Ridley’s perspective on different aggressive incidents of modern history.

bdayhappyToday #S17 marks the second anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York. USA Today reports crowds of around one hundred people gathered in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, participants report numbers approaching one thousand. Occupy New Hampshire would first assemble on the evening of October 6 2011.