Robin Hood Attorney’s Supreme Court Filing

Attorney Jon MeyerIn addition to the NH ACLU filing an amicus brief in the Robin Hood case, Robin Hooders’ free-speech attorney Jon Meyer has also filed his brief in the case. As always, the award-winning attorney excoriates and embarrasses the “city’s” outrageous, dangerous, and illegal positions and demands.

In it, he argues that government workers, including parking enforcers, have no right to be left alone:

Plaintiff’s assertion of a public employee right to be left alone has no legal basis, particularly as applied to political speech on public sidewalks, and does not trump the right of protestors to express their message at close range or from afar.

The demands of the “City” are so dangerous, Meyer argues it’s critical the court reject them: (more…)

NH ACLU Files Amicus Brief for Robin Hooders in Supreme Court Case

NH ACLUThe NH ACLU has filed their 42-page amicus in the Robin Hood NH supreme court case.

The NH ACLU’s attorney, Anthony J. Galdieri argues  that the city has no case when they claim Robin Hooders have engaged in “tortious interference”:

In the context of non-violent protests aimed at influencing societal or governmental change, tortious speech is only actionable if it amounts to violent or unlawful conduct.  See Claiborne
Hardware Co., 458 U.S. at 917-18 (holding in context of protest that the state may impose
damages only for violent or unlawful conduct, not for non-violent protected activity, even if
that non-violent protected activity causes economic harm).

The NH ACLU also affirms that the city’s proposed restrictions on Robin Hooders are unconstitutional, including a “buffer zone” where speaking to the meter maids would be prohibited, as would be recording them.  The  proposed restrictions are clear violations of NH Constitution article 8 and 22, which protect the right of people to access a responsive government and protect free speech.

Nor should the city be allowed to handle the Robin Hooders through the courts, says the ACLU: (more…)

Old ‘Boy’ Threatens, Chases Chalking Activist

“You takin’ my photo…boy?” asserted an upset man who arrived on Central Square yesterday afternoon and proceeded to utter profanities at several individual chalkers while in the presence of small children. angryman_keenenh_2014_07_25Arriving once to futilely smudge chalkings with his feet, the man left to return several minutes later to try further smudging before threatening and chasing a videographer. During his activity, he even blurted out egotistically, “My sidewalk!” What would inspire someone to behave so entitled and unneighborly?

What is surprising about this encounter is that visually, this man does not appear to represent the dregs of society. He was dressed reasonably well, despite his ugly behavior and (more…)

AKPF #1: Courtinuance

With the exciting double parking ticket trial of AKPF #1 co-producer Garret Ean last week, the audience is treated in this episodeakpf_trial_2014_07_18 to the complete and illustrated footage of the court hearing featuring infamous faces of the Keene criminal justice system. Judge Edward Burke hears the case brought forward by KPD prosecutor Jean Kilham, with AKPF agent Jane called upon as the sole witness. In this inquiry, we see how eager to object to anything and everything that the state’s representative is, and Burke also plays a significant role in tipping the hand of the defense on lines of questioning. Ultimately, most arguments are not permitted to be made, and the disproportionate fine of five dollars per offense is levied, though compensated partially in Obamacoin.

AKPF #1: Checkmark Charliepoint

This week’s installment of AKPF #1 is entitled Checkmark Charliepoint and features footage from on the ground in Manchester, New Hampshire on the evening of a controversial police traffic control checkpoint. ALso featured are the latest updates from the Shire Dude series and news from Derrick J, Rich Paul, and Dave Ridley.

0:00 Cheshire TV warning disclaimer
0:10 Obamacoin southbound on I-93 in Hooksett take em to the bank
1:22 DFW DUI checkpoint in Manchester inquisition
4:49 All the people holding signs
5:50 Decending into the checkpoint charlie
6:55 Captain Hopkins at your protect and service
11:48 Heading back on foot
16:20 Shire Dude episode post-doge 03
21:16 Derrick J interviews Rich Paul after his release from jail after 36 days for alleged violation of probation
24:31 Ridley analyzes the camera seizing activities of police in Cheshire County, Keene, New Hampshire’s North Korea DPRK
28:50 End credits disclaimers

PorcFest Rising 2014

Cold showers and clogged toilets, Neanderthal heads, ObamaCoin, meow-worms and the biggest, gayest dance party ever.  Join us this week as we discuss all things Porcfest 2014.  Darryl, Garret, James, and Dianna join.  Show notes at: