Black Sheep Rising – Ep74

Robin Hood goes to Washington..err..Concord • James hassled over his retired police cruiser – Show me the law • Infamous FL speed trap town dissolves corrupt police department • Running and losing in the primaries • The chicken coop roof is on fire • James and Garret • Show notes at:

Keene Sentinel Reports on Robin Hood NH Supreme Court Case

robinThanks to the Keene Sentinel’s Martha Shanahan for coming up to Concord on Wednesday to report on the City of Keene vs Robin Hood case. Here’s the story she filed:

CONCORD — The N.H. Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday morning in the city of Keene’s lawsuit against six people it accuses of harassing and intimidating city parking enforcement officers.


The six defendants named in the case are Graham Colson, James Cleaveland, Garret Ean, Kate Ager, Ian Freeman and Peter Eyre, all affiliated in some way with the Free Keene activist and blogging group that regularly protests government actions in Keene.


The Robin Hooders’ attorney, Jon Meyer of Manchester, said asking the court to allow the city’s request for a buffer zone of 30 feet between the six people and the parking officers would be circumventing existing laws. The Robin Hooders have not been charged with any crime, he said. (more…)

Live Tweets from Robin Hood Supreme Court Trial

Wanted Robin HoodHere are Darryl’s live tweets from the NH supreme court hearing for the Robin Hood case, in reverse chronological order. Video to come later:

Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry
Jon says if no law had been broken then going to city is the wrong action #RH
Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry
Jon mentions Part 1 Article 8 that allows people to hold public officials accountable #RH (more…)

AKPF #1: Beclear

In this installment of AKPF #1, originally aired September 29, we are granted an anthology of president Obama’s clearest moments, including an after action report of a recently contested parking ticket in the DPRK district court system. Enjoy AKPF #1 episode, Beclear.