Jared Goodell Interviews Free Keene Blogger on WKBK

Independent local newsman Jared Goodell has become the default fill-in personality for Dan Mitchell, the morning show host on longtime local talk station WKBK. On one of his recent fill-ins, he had me on for the 9am hour and it was lots of fun. I always enjoy the challenging questions from the WKBK callers. We covered the Free State Project, being hated, antics, chalking, the Phat Stuff raid, people’s opinions, school outreach, Robin Hooding, and taxes. ¬†Jared’s an excellent interviewer – he’s not afraid to ask tough questions. ¬†Here’s the full interview, with callers:

AKPF #1: Cultwell

cantshootgunswellusaComing back after a break from internet broadcasts, the producers are happy to announce a new episode of AKPF #1 for cable and webcast, featuring content filmed very recently in the Keene area. IP strikes have delayed the release of some episodes and prevented others from being broadcast on youtube and other free video hosting services. Featuring almost entirely original content, this episode should hopefully remain outside of the grasp of information censors. Enjoy this week’s episode of AKPF #1, Cultwell, featuring an interview with Cantwellism researcher Ethan Glover by Garret Ean.

Keene Parking Czar Resigns!

Robin Hood of KeeneThe “Parking Czar”, Gary Lamoureux has announced he is leaving his position later this summer. Lamoureux had become the “city parking project manager” after retiring from the city fire department, which made him a “double-dipper” – collecting over $90,000 a year in pension payments AND getting a regular paycheck (more than $50,000 per year) for his parking job on top! Don’t forget to count in the sweet government benefits. Must be nice to be in the government gang, huh?

According to the Sentinel story on his resignation by Martha Shanahan, Lamoureux leaves at the end of August and claims that his decision to quit had nothing to do with the city council coming close to eliminating his position. Lamoureux’s legacy will be overseeing the mostly failed lawsuit against Robin Hood of Keene and proposing parking rate and fine increases that have ultimately gone nowhere and have been very unpopular among the people of Keene.

According to the Sentinel piece, Lamoureux will make one final push for parking rate and fine increases before heading off into the sunset to cash his sweet, sweet pension checks.