Black Sheep Rising – Ep85 – Signs

One month of treasure hunting. What have I learned? • Penn J. Loses a bunch of weight. So does W • NH hands free law. Doin it for the kids • No douchebags in Kroger. Open carry welcome • Grand Theft Cantwell • Political, Spirtual, Revolutionary Hip Hop • Can’t escape ALDI • Interstate 60 movie review • Signs everywhere! • Darryl, Rapsher, and X join.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep84 – Scam Card Blues

Bye-bye Wally World. You shan’t be missed • One man’s trash, Another man’s treasure • Robin Hood in jail. Again • Prison scam card • Cannabis Lapidares Leporidae. Without government who will protect the bunnies? • Duh, it’s a steakcutter! • 100 year old patent finally lays the age old debate to rest • Robocop 2014 review • James and Shaunna join • Show notes at:

Black Sheep Rising – Ep83 – Believe That!

Flaming Freedom 3.0 • Waging war against the Keene School District plurality • Derrick’s message to his sisters: “Rise up & Drop out of government school” • Silly activists protest city snow plows – Who believes this sh*t?  Turns out quite a few • MTV quality ISIS videos – Who believes this sh…never mind • What type of activism should I try when I get to Keene? None. Get a job • Jimmy from AZ calls in  • Erotic toliets • Darryl, Shaunna, and Derrick J join • Show notes at:

Owl Pellet Satirizes Free Keene Again, Claims Activists Blocked Snow Plows

2636563[1]The satirical Owl Pellet has once again reported on their fictional version of “Free Keene”! The first time they focused their Onion-like publication on Free Keene, it was a funny article about how Keene liberty activists were looking for something related to Pumpkin Fest to protest. This time, they claim liberty activists are protesting and even blocking snow plows!

Like the Onion frequently does, the Owl Pellet has managed to fool some people into thinking Keene liberty activists actually oppose snow plowing, so just to be clear, my view (and I don’t speak for anyone else) is that plowing and other road maintenance are services of value.  Services that people value don’t need to be funded by coercion, which is how government is currently funded.  Voluntarists don’t want to dismantle these services – we just want them funded by consent.  I consent to road maintenance.  I imagine you would too.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep82 – Bawlz


Why am I paying for this crap! • 4 New warrant articles. School officials concerned • Problems with the education system? You should totally run for school board. /Vomit • @IanGoogling • BallGate, autotune, and you’ll love my nuts • Patriarchy wins!!  At least on Survivor • The Penguin circa 96 • Jay, Darryl, and Shaunna join • Show notes at: