More Proof That Free Staters Would Be Hated Without Keene Activism

Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate

In a letter to the editor of the Seacoast Online, the chairman of the Hampton Democratic Committee, Dick Desrosiers, goes on the attack against the Free State Project, claiming we are “destroying our government”. I’ll post the full text below.

The important thing to takeaway from this, is that Dick at no point cites the varied, supposedly offensive activism done in Keene over the years. All of his objections to the FSP are purely political. This goes to the point that I’ve been making to the critics within the libertarian community for years:

Any activism that jeopardizes the status quo will result in hatred of those activists, by those who support the status quo. (Usually the government agents, their family, friends, and sycophants.)

For many years, libertarian critics in and outside of New Hampshire have wrung their hands about “Keene activism”, claiming we’re ruining the movement, poisoning the well, and other blame-placing. We’ve been told we’re doing it wrong and that we should do more political action, because that’s somehow not going to be as upsetting to people. (Of course, this ignores that many in Keene have done and continue to do political action.)

The reality is that political action takes longer to foment change and it’s not as visible or newsworthy as say, civil disobedience. However, this hate letter and the constant attacks on political activist and FSPer Aaron Day are just two more recent examples that those on the political scene will also find themselves under fire from the haters. In fact, as Free State Project participants win more seats and begin repealing bad laws, you can expect the attacks to increase in frequency and vitriol. Already the Aaron Day opponents have spent untold thousands on their full-color hitpiece mailers.

The people in power know that the Free State Project is a threat (peaceful) to their control over others, and they hate us for it. While much of Keene activism is a threat to the ideas that back the status quo, the political activism by FSP participants is an actual threat to the structure of power. It’s therefore arguable that eventually the political activists will bear the majority of the brunt of the haters’ anger.

Despite keyboard libertarian warriors’ beliefs, there is no way to foment change to a more free society without creating enemies. Most people outside NH in the larger libertarian movement don’t understand this, because the libertarian movement has virtually never been a threat to the status quo anywhere outside of New Hampshire, with the exception of Ron Paul. If you care about liberty, move to New Hampshire if you want to win. But prepare yourself for the anger and derision that will come with the success.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Gandhi

Here’s the letter to Seacoast Online by hater Dick Desrosiers: (more…)

Rebel Love Show ep: 22 Independence is not Impossible.


Rebel Love Show comes back from hiatus with in studio guest Mattheus von Guttengberg.  Topics discussed include recent Cop Block activism in Manchester, recent Free Staters being elected in the primary, Scottish Independence, getting new signers on the west coast, future NH Independence outreach, Keenevention, FreeCoast Festivial, current price drop in bitcoin, and an announcement on Joel’s future plans. All Rebel Love Show archives can be found at 

Keene #3 Among Best Places In New Hampshire

Real Estate company Movoto ranked the 30 largest New Hampshire towns and cities in seven different criteria, and determined that Keene was the third best place in New Hampshire!
The criteria included: total amenities, quality of life, crime rate and tax rates, among other factors.

Movoto says, “The city is a bit of a haven to students, offering them an impressive 12 to 1 student-teacher ratio and some great summer temperatures to enjoy the time off of school. If people are past school-aged, that’s fine too, as the place boasts the fifth-best unemployment rate at only 4.3 percent.
As far as things to do, Keene doesn’t fall short. The number of amenities here rank sixth for that criterion.” (more…)

UNH Riot Police Test Weaponized Toys on Students

The fourth Occupy New England regional convergence was held this past weekend at the University of New Hampshire’s main campus in Durham. The gathering brought together dedicated activists from around the Northeast to spend time workshopping, networking, and strategizing. In a twist of fate, riot police would descend upon the surrounding area as outdoor presentations on street medic effectiveness and bullhorn mastery occurred on the campus unh_riotpolicegreen.

Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme was about midway through a session on de-escalating tense situations when chants of ‘UNH, UNH’ were audible from down the street directly across from the audience. Moments later, riot police appeared to be blocking the road off as students poured out of the area, many bearing cell phones in a manner suggesting that they were video recording. I wandered down for a closer look, and was surprised to see multiple officers carrying paintball guns, and others holding large canisters of pepper spray, most wearing helmets with face shields, gloves, and other protective gear (short of physical riot shields). Students were compliant with requests to stay out of the area, but were clearly agitated by what had previously occurred, several students reporting to have been hit and bruised by rubber bullets (likely pepperballs). From across the road, Vermin’s voice amplified through his bullhorn, reminding everyone to stay calm, that this was only a test, and to ignore the man with the megaphone. The mood lightened lightly as the police froze momentarily and onlookers responded with laughter and applause. (more…)

The War On Drugs Claims Another Life

This article was posted on last night regarding the standoff in Greenland, NH.

Around 6:30PM, April 12th in Greenland, NH, five police officers were seen standing on the front porch and peering into the windows of 517 Post Road. The officers were at the home to serve a ‘search warrant’ as part of a ‘drug related investigation.’ Kevin Clay from WMUR reports: “Police went to 517 Post Road and entered the home. They were confronted by an armed suspect.” A man who noticed the police officers on the porch and a cruiser on the lawn as he was driving by said that he then heard gunshots and saw police running away from the home. After the passerby pulled over to direct traffic away from that area, the cruiser went flying past him, presumably to the hospital with an injured officer.

A woman living across the street from the house said she was cleaning when she heard the gunshots and looked out the window to see four police officers running away from the house and three of them falling. More officers arrived very quickly and steadily continued arriving. The woman reported that an officer came to her daughter’s bedroom window and told her that they needed to stay in their basement. Other neighbors were told to stay in their homes and as the area was blocked off, other residents were prevented from returning home.

As of right now, the standoff is still underway: helicopters, SWAT teams, and police officers from numerous areas throughout the state are present in the area of the home. Portsmouth Regional Hospital, where the five officers shot – one who did not survive – were taken for medical attention, is swarming with LEOs from dozens of departments.

WMUR reports, “That [male] suspect and a female were still inside the home Thursday night as police tried to negotiate a peaceful resolution.”

It is very unfortunate that this incident occurred, and though many will blame the man who shot at police officers entering his home for the outcome of this interaction, he probably did not act with malicious intent. Reacting to an aggressor with force is commonly known as self-defense and generally viewed as acceptable and often applauded – unless the aggressor wears a badge or is deemed a “government official.”


NH Activist Sovereign Curtis Has Violation Charge Dismissed

Sovereign Curtis, possibly best known for his arrest in Nashua at a 420 rally, or for being a main organizer of the Porcupine Freedom Festival, was in court today to face a trial on a violation charge. The complaint was based on an allegation that Curtis had started a fire on Hampton Beach without a permit, which would be against the town ordinance.

The State came un-prepared, and asked for a last minute continuance. This same request has been carried out many times by the Nashua Police Department in Nashua District Court. The presiding judge there has, without fail, granted the State’s request. However, today in Hampton District Court, the judge upheld Curtis’ request to have the charges dismissed due to lack of scheduling on the State’s side.