Free UBER’s Christopher David Joins Free Keene as our Newest Blogger!

Illegal UBER Driver Christopher David

Christopher David Delivers his Keynote at Keenevention 2015

Continuing in Free Keene‘s tradition of giving some of New Hampshire’s best, visible activists a platform for their opinions, news, and media, I’m proud to announce our newest blogger from the Seacoast, Christopher David!

Chris has made headlines for his “Free UBER” project and delivered an excellent keynote brainstorming session at this year’s Keenevention. His energy and drive are exemplary and I hope we get lots more activists like him moving here as part of the Free State Project. Here’s his bio from our Bloggers page:

Chris is a web developer and early mover (as of 2009) for the Free State Project now living on the seacoast. He is the ‘illegal Uber driver’, arrested by Portsmouth police on felony wiretapping charges for a YouTube video showcasing effective activism. He is dedicated to ending wars and abolishing the State in our lifetime. Chris is also the founder of “Free UBER“, an activist network dedicated to defending ride-sharing worldwide.

Portsmouth Mayor Livid Over Activists Using the System

Portsmouth Mayor Robert Lister

Portsmouth Mayor Robert Lister, Courtesy Seacoast Online

Civil disobedience UBER driver Christopher David and the Free Uber supporters will be rallying and speaking to the Portsmouth city council this Monday at their regular meeting. They want the regulations on people giving others rides removed, but the outgoing mayor is not having it.

The Portsmouth mayor, Robert Lister, is mad that people are trying to use the system to change the system – a typical complaint of people inside the system. First they get mad at people like Chris who do civil disobedience. They insist that civil disobedience is the wrong way to do things and tell us that we should work inside the system to change things. Then when we work inside the system, they get upset that we’re “wasting their time”. In Lister’s case, he said this in a Seacoast Online article:

“We have rules…They have to follow the rules. For them to keep changing the rules is not appropriate.”

It’s a repeat of what we’ve seen happen here in Keene. The people who support the status quo hate ANY action to change things in ways that reduce their power, whether those actions are happening inside or outside the system.

As we’ve seen with the felony charge lodged against Chris, or the lawsuit against Keene’s Robin Hooders, they will fight desperately to keep their precious control.

Will Monday’s meeting have an effect on the taxi-favoring outgoing city council or will they do as the Keene council did with the BEARCAT in 2012 and ignore the people in favor of the taxi oligopoly?

Rand Paul Interviews Christopher David, Civil Disobedience UBER Driver

He may not be a true libertarian, but Rand Paul scored some points for this video where he interviews and openly supports Christopher David’s UBER civil disobedience, for which Chris is now facing a felony charge. Here’s what Rand posted along with the video:

I met with Christopher David, an Uber driver arrested for trying to make a living. Listen to our interview and stay tuned for the Facebook live stream coming up! Christopher is driving me to my rally in Portsmouth, NH.

Posted by Rand Paul on Friday, November 13, 2015

Activists in Portsmouth Protest Uber Driver Arrests

free founder Christopher David was released on personal recognizance today after turning himself in at the Portsmouth Police Department. Activists plan to protest the continued harassment of Uber drivers tonight, and Shire Dude will be livestreaming this protest.

Expect updates every hour, on the hour.

This is a live event that will feature multiple broadcast updates.  If the above video is not live, you can access the footage on Shire Dude’s Bambuser account.


The protest remained peaceful throughout the night, despite encounters I had with a couple of unsavory characters. Christopher David arrived (over 100 ft. away from the tavern, due to bail restrictions), and I convinced the owner of Daniel Street Tavern to have a conversation with him. State Representative Eric Schleien showed up and had a conversation with the bar owner, asking her if she understood economics or the fact that the state creates monopolies (referring to the taxi cartel). The bar owner became upset after this, and she even flagged down the cops in an attempt to break up the protest. The Portsmouth PD declined her request.


Unsavory Character #1 attempts to start a fight with confusing homoerotic language


Unsavory Character #2 attempts to stand in front of my camera


Owner of Daniel Street Tavern pleads for the Portsmouth PD to break up the protest


Christopher David stations himself 100+ ft. from the event, due to bail restrictions


[FOX protest coverage]
[Disobedient.Me protest coverage]
Bambuser series: VIDEO 1 | VIDEO 2 | VIDEO 3 | VIDEO 4 | VIDEO 5 | VIDEO 6 | VIDEO 7

BREAKING: Warrant Issued for Illegal UBER Driver for WIRETAPPING!

Illegal UBER Driver Christopher David

Christopher David Delivers his Keynote at Keenevention 2015

Illegal UBER Driver Christopher David’s wife is very pregnant. In fact, she’s due any moment. What better time for Portsmouth police to issue a warrant for his arrest?

Chris posted an update to his facebook today informing us that the officer who threatened him with fines for driving for UBER in this video has now called and asked Chris to turn himself in. A warrant has allegedly been issued for his arrest on wiretapping charges. In a previous threatening call, the PPD officer, Andre Wassouf told Chris he was considering filing felony wiretapping charges, so the warrant may be on felony charges. As of this writing, Portsmouth Police have not returned media inquiries, so a copy of the warrant has yet to be seen.

Chris said, in his facebook post:

I stayed up until 4am last night setting up for the home birth of my son. I am swamped with work and preparation up to my eyeballs, and Kayla could go into labor any minute.


My interest to participate in a POLICE WITCH-HUNT designed to MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF ME by charging me with a FELONY for a YOUTUBE VIDEO showcasing EFFECTIVE ACTIVISM, and potentially making me MISS THE BIRTH OF MY SON… is LESS than zero.


To the city of Portsmouth, I opt out of your system. Leave me alone.

Sounds like he has no plan to turn himself in. Things are getting very interesting on the Seacoast. Chris has shared the number of Portsmouth Police on facebook, 603-427-1500, and encourages you to call and share how you feel about this persecution.  You can also donate to Chris via paypal and bitcoin.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

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