FK’s Freeman Challenges Hassan in Democratic Primary

Ian Freeman Rainbow HatHere’s a press release I’m sending this morning to NH media:

As of Thursday morning, nationally syndicated talk show host Ian Freeman has thrown his hat into the ring for governor of NH in a primary challenge to incumbent Maggie Hassan. In addition to being a registered democrat, Freeman is a co-chair of the New Hampshire Liberty Party. Freeman openly challenges Hassan on her inhumane continuation of the insane “War on Drugs”, especially the war on cannabis users. On Freeman’s campaign info page, he states,

If Maggie were a true democrat, she’d care about the little guy, but yet her state police continue to put the little guy behind bars for victimless crimes like cannabis possession. As governor, I’ll pardon all victimless criminals as one of my first acts.

Freeman also supports NH seceding from the United States as well as equal ballot access for all candidates. Regarding Freeman’s positions on other issues, please see the NH Liberty Party platform. Or, contact the candidate directly with any questions or media requests at 603-513-2449 or ian at

Activists at Liberty Forum speak about their passion for Liberty

This past February I attended my very first Liberty Forum in Nashua New Hampshire.  While there I met many inspiring people dedicated to living free in our life time.  Many of the people I met call the shire home or were their to discover what the Free State Project is all about.  I took the opportunity to create a video that would help portray the dedication to liberty that so many of the attendees at Liberty Forum have.  To showcase why so many of us are active for the cause of freedom.

Robin Hood Opposition Distributes Second Pro-State Proclamation

For the second Monday in three weeks, anti-Robin Hood proponents have issued a 2014_03_17_rhoodflier1denunciatory printout, distributing the flier to car windshields around the downtown portions of Keene. This week’s flier is less profane than the last, which included the ‘f’ word uncensored. Perhaps in response to negative feedback, the flier now bowdlerizes the language with asterisks and includes seldom accurate information listed sequentially following pronouncements declaring the content, ‘Fact’.

One goal of the flier’s author seems to be consciousness raising directed at the home address of myself (Garret) and at least one other Free Keene blogger. I can’t imagine too many of the recipients of the flier will be delighted to read what amounts to a distasteful rant posturing as though it were a serious critique of community activists. In all honesty, could one ask for a more useful opposition?

AKPF #1: Printing Revolution

This week’s installment of AKPF #1 takes place in three acts. The most modern information is presented initially, and all others are portrayed in descending order. You won’t want to miss out on the historical knowledge presented in the latest episode!


Are Elements of FBI Entrapment Justifiable?

Ridley raises some controversial questions about FBI entrapment strategy and whether or not certain elements of the strategy would be justified by a nonviolent defensive organization in a stateless society. The questions are raised on the heels of an Illinois jury refusing to convict three protesters arrested prior to the 2012 NATO Summit of terrorism-related charges after manufacturing four molotov cocktails with the assistance of multiple undercover police operatives. More could certainly be said on the topic, with one of the major criticism’s of the practice’s ethics not being addressed, that of the use of deception and fraud to motivate actions of others.

Obama Speaks #SOTU For All

This week’s regularly scheduled AKPF #1 presentation has been rescheduled to present instead the presentation of official USA president Barack Obama in his Union of the State address for all citizens (but not all civilians). In the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but lacking in caricature silhouettes to adorn the bottom of the screen, the audience is treated to smokeblowimagesobamalive commentary from a local demographic recorded during an amity gathering. As scripted, the US president painted vast and vivid pictures of bright tomorrows from obfuscatory presents. The crowd was electrified most of the time, which featured politicians and bureaucrats of multiple privileged rankings.