Robin Hood Opposition Distributes Second Pro-State Proclamation

For the second Monday in three weeks, anti-Robin Hood proponents have issued a 2014_03_17_rhoodflier1denunciatory printout, distributing the flier to car windshields around the downtown portions of Keene. This week’s flier is less profane than the last, which included the ‘f’ word uncensored. Perhaps in response to negative feedback, the flier now bowdlerizes the language with asterisks and includes seldom accurate information listed sequentially following pronouncements declaring the content, ‘Fact’.

One goal of the flier’s author seems to be consciousness raising directed at the home address of myself (Garret) and at least one other Free Keene blogger. I can’t imagine too many of the recipients of the flier will be delighted to read what amounts to a distasteful rant posturing as though it were a serious critique of community activists. In all honesty, could one ask for a more useful opposition?

Aqua Kommunity Protest Fountain #1

2013_08_24_akpf_protestThis week’s episode of AKPF #1 is again interrupted by global conspiracy. Presented this week is Aqua Kommunity Protest Forum, an elegant glance into the differing perspectives and tactics of the community in advancing peace, liberty, truth, and justice. No DPRK officials arrived in capacity nor royal intervention occurred, and although the program formatted for television is limited in its time to 29 minutes, the entire duration of the event from multiple angles is available from Fr33manTVraw.

Angry Man Steals Camera from Robin Hood – Who’s right?

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 7.18.44 PM
I had a weird experience while filming Robin Hood in Keene today. I was in the middle of recording when an angry man approached me, offered his opinions into my camera, and then threatened to destroy it. He stole the camera from my hands, and suddenly a man appears. Watch what happens next:

Click “Read More” to see the license plate of the car from which this angry man came:


Robin Hooding Press Explosion

It began with front page stories in the Union Leader and Keene Sentinel. Also in newsprint was a brief summary suggesting more coverage to come in the Concord Monitor. When the Washington Times ran a piece on the internet yesterday morning, articles began spreading like wildfire. It became a global story this afternoon after being picked up by the UK Daily Mail, which included screencaps and footage from the Fr33manTVraw channel. Robin Hood and the Merry Men have filmed four segments with competing television news programs as a result of the story’s proliferation on Tuesday. In order of their recording:

2013_05_14_headlinesnhA video report from CBS4 Boston. The video is also featured in coverage on Yahoo! News.

A video report from WMUR News 9. This video is also featured in coverage from WCVB Boston and Yahoo! News Canada as well as Yahoo! Screen.

A video report from FOX25 Boston.

A video report from WHDH 7 News. Video is the basis for this written report from NBC News Boston. (more…)

2013 Liberty Forum: Derrick J Premieres DJVCS Director’s Cut

derrickjlfFollowing yesterday’s video of a presentation by Pete Eyre, today Free Concord presents footage from the premiere of the director’s cut of Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree. The director’s cut is the street legal version of the film which appears on the recently released DVD, available through Amazon. While a theatrical release of the original cut of the film screened at Keene Cinemas in September, the February 22 screening at the Liberty Forum was the first public showing of the newer version. DVDs were also on hand for sale, which feature hours of bonus footage from related Shire activism. After the film, Derrick fielded questions from the audience.