Hallowkeene 2015 a Huge Success!

HALLOWKEENE 2015 Dance Floor

HALLOWKEENE 2015 was a blast!

For the second-annual HALLOWKEENE costume dance party, we moved to a new, better venue. The new venue allowed the party to go later than last year, had a super-nice staff, their drink prices were cheaper, and had plenty of power outlets, which made setting up Bill Domenico’s multiple AWESOME lasers possible.

Of course, you never know whether a new party is going to work until it happens, and thankfully, this one worked well – we had approximately 50 people attending at one time! That’s up significantly compared to last year’s approximately 30 attendees.

HALLOWKEENE 2015 Dance Floor

HALLOWKEENE 2015 Dance Floor

HALLOWKEENE 2015 was better in every way than last year, and the costumes were again fantastic. Check out loads of photos by multiple photographers on the HALLOWKEENE facebook page.

This year, Renee Kate of Anarchics was the winner of the costume contest as “Corpse Bride”, with Dan Gaudreau’s Ian Freeman costume, and Christopher David’s Satoshi Nakamoto costume as runners-up. Ann Leverette, your Rebel Mistress, MC’d the event, judged the costume contest, and did a great job – even buying drinks for the best dancers in a dance-off!

Big thanks to event organizers Danica, Renee, Johnson, and Derrick J!  Please like the HALLOWKEENE facebook page and keep following the Keenevention blog for further news about HALLOWKEENE 2016.


The lasers by Bill Domenico were awesome!

New Hampshire Charity Feeds Children with Bitcoin

Shire Sharing is my favorite charity. It’s voluntary — People like you and me — NOT gun-funded government bureaucrats. The idea is simple: Raise money, buy bags of groceries, and deliver them to families who are less fortunate. Last year, they fed over 3,000 people! They even personalized each bag by household — because some have children, some are elderly and can’t cook anymore, and some have dietary needs like diabetes or vegetarianism. YOU can help Shire Sharing feed an entire family this Thanksgiving for just 35 bucks. They take bitcoin! (And of course credit cards too.) They have an all-volunteer staff, so 100% of your donation actually buys food. Compare that to 30% with government. Shire Sharing is Voluntaryism in action. Put your money where your heart is, and be the change you want to see. Learn more and donate today at ShireSharing.org

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Shire Sharing Bitcoin Address:


Roberts & Roberts Brokerage Sponsoring HALLOWKEENE & Keenevention 2015!

Roberts & Roberts

Buy Gold & Silver with Bitcoin at Roberts & Roberts!

HALLOWKEENE Costume Dance Party began last year as a fundraiser for Ross Ulbricht, the creator of the Silk Road. This year, HALLOWKEENE continues thanks to Keenevention‘s new sponsor, Roberts & Roberts Brokerage!

Roberts & Roberts is the premiere liberty source for all your precious metals needs AND they accept bitcoin! You can follow Roberts & Roberts on both Facebook and Twitter.

Big thanks to Tim Frey and his team of professionals for getting behind HALLOWKEENE and Keenevention 2015. They’ll even be providing several of their new “Spider Silver” pieces for the live auction on Friday after the Bitcoin Panel, the proceeds of which benefit Ross Ulbricht’s legal defense fund.

Spider Silver

Spider Silver!

HALLOWKEENE is Halloween night 10/31 and runs from 8pm-1:30am! Admission is free for all Keenevention attendees and VIP ticket holders can bring one guest, gratis. If you’re not attending Keenevention, you can still attend HALLOWKEENE for $10 with costume and $20 without – just drop in to the event sometime before Saturday night and get a map from the reception desk. Please RSVP on this facebook event if you can. See you there!

Rest In Peace, KAC

Liberty in North Korea Presents at the Keene Activist Center

Liberty in North Korea Presents at the KAC

In 2010, the Keene Activist Center was launched. Over the years, the “KAC” has served as a place for liberty activists to gather for activism and socializing. So much has happened at the KAC including sign-making, planning sessions, spiritual discussions, community dinners, karaoke, birthday and holiday parties, and even a wedding!

Thanks to all the members and guests we’ve had over the years and especially the dedicated activists who took on the sometimes thankless role of KAC manager to truly serve the liberty community. Without you, it would never have worked.

However, in the activist world projects come and go in cycles. This project, like so many, has come to the end of it’s life. It’s been valuable in many ways and much has been learned about running an organization like this through many trials and errors – hopefully we’re all better people because of it.

As is typical of activism, it was never expected to do more than meet its costs. At that, it succeeded, thanks to the various managers. It also provided a landing and launching pad for new activists arriving here in Keene, and it succeeded wildly at that. Many of the most noteworthy activists cut their teeth at the KAC including Derrick J Freeman, Ademo Freeman, Pete Eyre, Darryl W. Perry, Beau Davis, Garret Ean, Meg McLain, and JJ Epic.

The KAC may be over, but the Shire Free Church will continue to use the property to benefit the liberty activist community to further the church’s mission of fostering peace. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for future announcements.

NH1 Covers Keene Rainbow Bench Controversy

Renee Kate and Jazzy on the Rainbow Bench!

Renee Kate and Jazzy on the Rainbow Bench!

The United Church of Christ‘s response to the vandal(s) attacking their rainbow benches has been stellar – they’ve created a selfie challenge! You are invited to visit the bench with a loved one (or alone) and take a selfie, then post it to social media with the tag #onthebench

Now, NH news media is picking up on the story. Here’s the recent video report and article from NH1.

Keene’s Music Fest Combines with Art in the Park This Saturday

art_fests_2015Two of the biggest events of the Summer in Keene have come together on the same day – “Keene Music Festival” and “Art in the Park” are both this Saturday!

Both festivals are still in their respective locations, with Music Fest‘s stages being spread throughout downtown Keene from 11am to 10pm and Art in the Park in nearby, beautiful Ashuelot Park from 10am to 4pm (Art in the Park also happens Sunday).

According to the president of the Monadnock Area Artists Association, Wendi Hulslander, the decision to hold both events on the same day was deliberate. Seems like a smart move – lots of people come to town for each festival, so why not have them on the same day so people can cross-pollinate between the two and enjoy a big day full of art in Keene?

If you love music and visual art, you won’t want to be anywhere but Keene this weekend.

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