Keene #3 Among Best Places In New Hampshire

Real Estate company Movoto ranked the 30 largest New Hampshire towns and cities in seven different criteria, and determined that Keene was the third best place in New Hampshire!
The criteria included: total amenities, quality of life, crime rate and tax rates, among other factors.

Movoto says, “The city is a bit of a haven to students, offering them an impressive 12 to 1 student-teacher ratio and some great summer temperatures to enjoy the time off of school. If people are past school-aged, that’s fine too, as the place boasts the fifth-best unemployment rate at only 4.3 percent.
As far as things to do, Keene doesn’t fall short. The number of amenities here rank sixth for that criterion.” (more…)

URGENT: Contact Reps About Cannabis Legalization Bill, HB492

Pot LeafURGENT: From NH Common Sense:

It was a big deal that HB 492 (the legalization and regulation bill based on Colorado’s Amendment 64) passed the New Hampshire House January 8, but it will need to survive another close vote in the House before it reaches the Senate. The second and final House vote is expected either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

Please take a couple of minutes to look up your representatives and their votes. You can find your representative(s) and their contact information here, and the roll call vote on HB 492 is available here.

If your representative(s) voted “YEA” in January, please call or email them to say thanks and ask if you can count on them to vote in favor again this week. A call is much more valuable than an email, but both are very important and time is short.

If your representative(s) voted “NO” in January, please call or email them and make an effort to convince them they should vote in favor. (more…)

NH House to Vote on Legalizing Cannabis Jan. 8th

Pot LeafThe NH house of representatives will be voting on legalizing cannabis on Wednesday, January 8th. Now is the time to contact the reps for your area regarding HB492 and let them know to vote AGAINST the COMMITTEE REPORT of Inexpedient to Legislate and then vote FOR Ought to Pass as Amended. The Committee Report MUST be overturned first, then the Minority Committee Report with Amendment can be adopted.

Then, come out to the state house on the 8th, bright and early, 8:30a to support legalization! (more…)

Announcing Keenevention 2014!

Best Western Sovereign HotelHappy new year! The first Keenevention was so much fun, we had to do it again for 2014!

Join liberty activists in Keene at the Best Western from Friday, October 31st through Sunday, November 2nd for this intimate, activism-focused convention.

Pre-event ticket sales are limited to only 100 tickets, so lock yours in now for the earlybird discount of just $40 and pay in either USD or BTC!

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll find the event for Keenevention 2014 here – please invite your friends. Don’t forget to like the Keenevention Facebook page as well, and then hover over the “Liked” and select “Get Notifications” to get the latest updates!

Also, if you missed 2013, check out plenty of pictures and all the full videos of the excellent panels and speakers posted thus far! More are being posted weekly to

NH Liberty Party Announces “Keene Liberty Alliance”

NHLP_squareThe NH Liberty Party announces the creation of the Keene Liberty Alliance!   The Keene Liberty Alliance is intended to facilitate political action in Keene among liberty-oriented individuals. Such action includes fielding candidates, speaking at city meetings, petitioning, and other inside-the-system activism.

The group includes a facebook group for local activists.  It also features an announcement-only email list and will actively add emails from interested community members.