Keene Primary Voter’s Guide

Tomorrow is voting day!  The polls are open 8a-7p. If you live in Keene and don’t know where to vote, check the info here.  Tuesday September 9th is primary day and there are some very important races happening in Keene,  If you are an “undeclared” voter, you can pull the party’s ballot of your choice and then “undeclare” again on the way out of the polls.  Here are the liberty-oriented candidates for which you can vote this year in Keene as well as some lesser-of-the-evils candidates:

Democrat Ballot:

Ward 1: State Rep Cheshire District 4 – James Cleaveland

All Wards: State Rep Cheshire District 16 – Conan Salada

County Commission: Terry Clark

Register of Probate: (write-in) Darryl W. Perry

Governor: Ian Freeman

Republican Ballot:

Ward 1: State Rep Cheshire District 4 – David Crawford

All Wards: State Rep Cheshire District 16 – Varrin Swearingen

State Senate: Write-in Ian Freeman

Governor: Andrew Hemingway

James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland to Keynote Keenevention 2014

jamescleavelandOn the scale of press coverage for the liberty movement in New Hampshire, “Robin Hooding” is an eleven out of ten.  The ridiculous lawsuits filed in 2013 by the people calling themselves the “city of Keene” exploded into international press coverage, unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

James Cleaveland is Robin Hood of Keene and has done an amazing job with the help of his Merry Men and Women and has rescued thousands of motorists from the King’s tariff!  He handily won 2013’s Keene Activist of the Year by popular vote.  James is a tireless and dedicated activist who puts his money where his mouth is.  I’m excited to announce that he’ll be keynoting Keenevention 2014!

At last year’s Keenevention, James led the Direct Action panel.  You can watch that in full, here.

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Last Chance for Earlybird Keenevention Tickets!

Buzz' Big Gay Dance Party @ Porcfest 2014

Buzz’ Big Gay Dance Party @ Porcfest 2014

I am back from an amazing Porcfest and am loaded down with emails and snail mail to catch up on.  Until I get caught up, the Keenevention earlybird ticket price of just $40 (or BTC!) still applies.  Remember, pre-event tickets are limited to just 100, so don’t miss out!

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Keene #3 Among Best Places In New Hampshire

Real Estate company Movoto ranked the 30 largest New Hampshire towns and cities in seven different criteria, and determined that Keene was the third best place in New Hampshire!
The criteria included: total amenities, quality of life, crime rate and tax rates, among other factors.

Movoto says, “The city is a bit of a haven to students, offering them an impressive 12 to 1 student-teacher ratio and some great summer temperatures to enjoy the time off of school. If people are past school-aged, that’s fine too, as the place boasts the fifth-best unemployment rate at only 4.3 percent.
As far as things to do, Keene doesn’t fall short. The number of amenities here rank sixth for that criterion.” (more…)