Join us at NH Hempfest, happening this weekend!

Darryl and I are running an outreach booth this weekend at NH Hempfest in Lancaster at Roger’s Campground.  We’re sharing the Shire Society declaration with attendees, along with plenty of know-your-rights propaganda, and a Bitcoin Vending Machine. We’ll be at the booth all day until Sunday and at night we’re hosting Free Talk Live.

Hempfest is packed with dozens of live bands and is kicking off right now.  Hope to see you!

NH Hempfest 2016 Day One

NH Hempfest 2016 Day One

Announcing the Official Hotel and Discount Code for Keenevention 2016!

Best Western Sovereign Hotel

Keene’s Best Western “Sovereign Hotel”

Even though Keenevention is moving downtown this year, our official event hotel is still the Best Western’s “Sovereign Hotel”, which was the location of the first three Keeneventions. Though there are hotels in downtown Keene more conveniently located to this year’s venue, they are more expensive than the Sovereign Hotel.

At the Best Western, free hot breakfast, fridges and microwaves in your room, and pets allowed. The Sovereign Hotel is a great place to stay. Get more details over on the Hotel page at

To reserve your room at the best possible price, you have to call the hotel directly via the local number, 603-357-3038 and use code “Keenevention”. You’ll then be able to reserve a room for just $99 a night between the nights of Thu 11/3 and Sun 11/6, which means if you want to stay a night early and/or later, you can get the discount!

150+ Reasons to Move to Keene, Updated for 2016

keene-postcardInspired by the Free State Project’s 101 Reasons to Move to New Hampshire, in 2008 the original 101+ Reasons to Move to Keene was released, then later updated to 130+, and finally 150+. The list is a collaborative effort by local early movers for the Free State Project and describes many of the things that make Keene a unique activism opportunity and great community in which to live.

With the FSP reaching its goal of 20,000 pledges to move to New Hampshire, it’s time for future-movers to start seriously looking at their destination options.

Keene is big enough to have the conveniences of a city, but small enough to be walkable. For activists of all stripes, it’s easier to have a larger impact here because the population is smaller than Manchester. Check out the 150+ Reasons to Move for details on the area’s conveniences and demographics. Plus, liberty activists already have a major footprint here. Free Keene is not only an international source of news of activism across NH for Google News, but locally we serve as a much-needed third news-and-opinion destination for Keene area inhabitants.

Liberty activists here have built bridges with the community through volunteering, sponsoring local charity, and even working to assist Keene police when they are doing the right thing.

DJVCS PosterThough many more people move to the big city, Manchester, for obvious reasons like more jobs, Keene is high on the list of destination choices for many people planning their move. That’s likely because of the historic, publicity-generating activism that has transpired here over the years. There’s even a feature-length documentary about a year of activism here, “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree“.

Recently, Keene activism has become more political with multiple candidates for office, petitioned warrant articles for school board, and election media generated by FSP early movers, like Darryl W. Perry’s excellent mayoral debate, which received accolades for its fairness.

As a result of the loads of media, both internal and mainstream that we’ve generated over the years, more people in Keene know about us – for better or for worse. That means there are a segment of people who fear change that have and will continue to lash out at liberty activists here. However, as the Free UBER activists found in Portsmouth, that’s what happens ANYWHERE the state is threatened and that activism is publicized. People form strong opinions for/against said activism.

Keene’s not without it’s challenges, but it’s the challenge that attracts so many here. Keene is the Western outpost of the Shire and we are shining the light of liberty to keep the encroaching statists from NY, VT, and MA at bay. Consider Keene as your destination for the Free State Project. Here are 150+ reasons why you should.

FSP Reaches 20,000, Closes Signups, to Hold Press Conference at 11am Eastern

Free State Project president Carla Gericke announced that the 20,000th signer had been reached at last night’s Early Movers party in Manchester. It was the final such party, as all future movers would no longer be considered to be early! Here’s the video of her impromptu speech in front of a crowd of liberty activists from across the Shire:

Today at 11am, the FSP will be holding a press conference in Manchester to announce the good news. I’ll be there and do my best to tweet it live here via the Free Keene Twitter:

Free State Project Reaches 98% of Goal – Sign Up Now and Help Make History!

FSP 98%

Don’t miss out!

For those who don’t know, the Free State Project is the most successful liberty migration in the world.  The goal is to reach 20,000 people who have signed the FSP’s “Statement of Intent” saying they pledge to move to New Hampshire and get active to help achieve liberty in our lifetime.  Once 20,000 is reached, they’ll have five years to make the move.  However, over 1,600 couldn’t wait and moved early – sometime in the decade-plus since 2003.  I moved in 2006 and it’s been one of my best decisions in my life.

Today, the FSP crossed 98% of its goal of 20,000 signatures, with less than 400 to go before the move is triggered!

If you want to be part of history and actually join a successful libertarian movement, there is no other viable option.  Get over your fear of the cold and join the Free State Project.  If you need more on why you should, check out the 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire documentary here.

Major NH Newspapers Report on Impending Completion of Free State Project Goal

Free State ProjectJust a couple of days ago, the Free State Project reached 97% of its goal of getting 20,000 liberty-loving people to sign its “Statement of Intent”, indicating their willingness to move to New Hampshire and get active for liberty, so long as 19,999 others were also willing to do so.

This month, three of the biggest newspapers in New Hampshire published pieces about the Free State Project nearing its goal:

It’s nearly time to trigger the FSP move! If you love liberty and want to make history, go sign up now for the FSP and start planning your move to NH.

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