How I went from atheist to minister in the Shire Free Church.

Ian_FancyThis lengthy post is basically a partial biography and tells my story in some detail about my path to liberty and spirituality:

I just can’t do it anymore.  I have had enough of paying for this inhumane and insane state system.

It’s more than just a system – “the state” is a belief system and a religion.  It is an evil religion that masquerades as though it is good.

Of course, I didn’t always think like this.

I suppose I should start at the beginning.  Probably like you, I attended state-run school while growing up.  They told me I was “gifted” – a designation that to this day I find ridiculous – so I went to the state school where the other “gifted” students went.  School still sucked, but I had no idea how much worse it was at the other schools as I was insulated at the institution that was generally inhabited by the kids of the elite, though there were exceptions, including me.  My family were middle class Presbyterians. (more…)

Give and Ye Shall Receive

fire heartThe universe really is an amazing place. Here’s a story that I shared on Facebook and thought you might enjoy:

I had a really special experience on the last day of PorcFest. I left a $100 tip for the maid(s) with a note that said something like “do with this as you see fit” and also left them a gram of silver that I had found on the ground the day prior.

The universe showed me the consequence of my action! As I was visiting the front desk at Roger’s Campground & Motel for something unrelated, I got to see the two young ladies that were on duty as maids that day excitedly come in and tell their boss, Samantha, something like, “I thought we were having an awful day, but look at what we got!”. Samantha replied that some people appreciate the hard work they do. She asked them what room it was from and they reported my room number. I didn’t say anything and when they left, Samantha asked, “Wasn’t that your room number?”, and I affirmed. She explained that the maids were pooling all their tips for the week of Porcfest, so all five would get a piece. They had agreed to the pool split in advance to avoid any infighting that might crop up. Good idea. I had hoped that the maid who found it would share it with her coworkers and not hold it, and she didn’t!

What a cool experience – thank you, universe. I didn’t expect that. It was wonderful to see. PorcFest FTW.

P.S. They were also curious about the silver. Samantha’s answer to that inquiry was something about how they could probably get cash for it in town.

Angry Man Steals Camera from Robin Hood – Who’s right?

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 7.18.44 PM
I had a weird experience while filming Robin Hood in Keene today. I was in the middle of recording when an angry man approached me, offered his opinions into my camera, and then threatened to destroy it. He stole the camera from my hands, and suddenly a man appears. Watch what happens next:

Click “Read More” to see the license plate of the car from which this angry man came: