Keene Parking Czar Resigns!

Robin Hood of KeeneThe “Parking Czar”, Gary Lamoureux has announced he is leaving his position later this summer. Lamoureux had become the “city parking project manager” after retiring from the city fire department, which made him a “double-dipper” – collecting over $90,000 a year in pension payments AND getting a regular paycheck (more than $50,000 per year) for his parking job on top! Don’t forget to count in the sweet government benefits. Must be nice to be in the government gang, huh?

According to the Sentinel story on his resignation by Martha Shanahan, Lamoureux leaves at the end of August and claims that his decision to quit had nothing to do with the city council coming close to eliminating his position. Lamoureux’s legacy will be overseeing the mostly failed lawsuit against Robin Hood of Keene and proposing parking rate and fine increases that have ultimately gone nowhere and have been very unpopular among the people of Keene.

According to the Sentinel piece, Lamoureux will make one final push for parking rate and fine increases before heading off into the sunset to cash his sweet, sweet pension checks.

Hallowkeene 2015 Announced at Final Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party


Hallowkeene 2014

It’s BAAAAACK! This past weekend on-stage at Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party, Derrick J and Ian Freeman announced Hallowkeene as a spiritual successor to Buzz’s party which ended this year in an amazing, awesome finale on Friday night at Porcfest.

Last year was Hallowkeene‘s first, experimental year. We had dozens attend! It was a blast, raising more than $500 for Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht’s defense fund.

This year’s event promises to be even better, with a new venue, running later, until 1:30am. Attendance will be restricted to Keenevention attendees and their guest. Tickets for Keenevention are just $50 for the whole weekend, but go up to $60 or BTC in July (tomorrow), so lock in your earlybird price now!

Porcfest 2015 Media Roundup

PorcfestLast week, Porcfest (the Porcupine Freedom Festival), the Free State Project‘s yearly camping festival in the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire, was already generating headlines across the state, before it had even begun.

Here’s more media coverage of Porcfest 2015:

I may update this post with more entries as I discover them.

VIDEO: What Happens When Govt Thugs Threaten Porcfest

Near high noon today, the first full day of the Free State Project‘s annual Porcupine Freedom Festival, two agents (Phillip Lawrence and Ray Persinger) from the “Department of Revenue” rolled up to Rogers Campground. The sharply-dressed thugs inquired with campground staff if there were food vendors in Agora Alley, a place renown for delicious food available from some vendors who may not have bothered asking government permission to serve their fellow hungry humans.

Upon exiting the office, I immediately began recording and confronted the men. Here’s the video of that encounter:

A crowd of activists quickly gathered, with multiple alerts going out via two-way radio, facebook, and word-of-mouth. They weren’t able to get any further than the first vendor before being told they were not welcome by multiple people in the crowd. A campground staff member ultimately told the criminals to go speak with the park owner, Crosby.

After thirty minutes of meeting with Crosby, the men immediately exited the property. Crosby refused to be interviewed about the conversation, but claimed he was not threatened by them. I suspect he’s not being forthcoming. Porcfest organizers would also not speak on camera, but the conversation I had and overheard leads me to believe that Crosby has been recruited to pass out government paperwork to food vendors. I plan to investigate further with the vendors and see what’s happening behind-the-scenes. Stay tuned here to for the latest on this developing situation. Also, Porcfest is just starting, so come out and join us through this weekend!

UPDATE: One vendor reports that Crosby did not hand him the paperwork from the state when the vendor indicated that he’s got his books in order. We’ll be discussing the incident on Free Talk Live tonight at 7pm Eastern. You can listen live at LRN.FM.

Porcfest 2015 Kicks Off Sunday, Already Making Headlines Statewide

PorcfestThe Free State Project‘s super-popular yearly camping festival, Porcfest, begins on Sunday at Roger’s Campground in Lancaster, NH and already it’s making headlines.  Both the Concord Monitor and Union Leader have published lengthy, glowing stories about the week-long event.

Other coverage is expected from mainstream national media as the event gets rolling – stay tuned here to Free Keene for more news about the festival.

Even if you can only make it up for a day or two, the Porcupine Freedom Festival is a must-see.  Many Free Keene bloggers will be attending – come on up and join us!

Keene Liberty Activists Featured in Bloomberg Report on Bernie Sanders’ Appearance

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Hiding From Indy Media

Keene liberty activists Derrick J Freeman and Chris Cantwell are featured prominently in an article by Bloomberg reporter David Weigel that discusses the recent Bernie Sanders campaign appearance here.  It’s not Weigel’s first time reporting on the activity of Keene’s liberty contingent.  He wrote a feature piece for Slate all the way back in 2011.

In his recent piece, Weigel links to the Shire Society, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree, and my ambush video of Sanders.  Thanks, David, again for the generous coverage.  Here’s the full article:

They approached the entrance to the Bernie Sanders speech, and the libertarians were waiting. On Saturday afternoon, before 750 or so liberal voters could hear the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate at a Keene, New Hampshire, rec center, smiling members of“the Shire Society” handed them fliers.


“Something to read while you wait,” chirruped local libertarian activist Derrick J. Freeman, as he grabbed another flier from his stack. “I just think anyone could be interested in the ideas of liberty.”


He was not baiting liberals, or trolling them. He was being serious. Freeman wore a cat T-shirt and chatted about his documentary, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree, with people who did not mind the conversation—and who often agreed. (more…)