Rebel Love Show ep 35: Sedition is Sexy


This episode was the Rebel Love Show’s first live broadcast on LRN.FM. It is an absoulte honor to broadcast on the network. The show opens up with Liberty Forum updates. RLS will be recording live at Liberty Forum in Manchester NH every day March 5th – 7th. RLS is also hosting the Liberty Forum party at the Quill on March 7th at 10 pm. Rob will also be doing two talks at Alt Expo that is a part of Liberty Forum with the artist formerly known as O-Girl. The guests for this episode are the Seditious Sirens. Topics discussed on today’s show include Rob’s tinder activism, school outreach we did at the local Manchester high school, Rob will be taking the city of Manchester to court, planned 420 outreach, RLS and Seditious Sirens hitting up ISFLC, the origin story of the Seditious Sirens, multiple Keenevention miracles, the difference between Full Keene and Full Manch, Shire time explained, living in an Eskimo family, can you be a good Free Stater with out a bitcoin wallet?, Renee is going to bring back the Shire Choir, Ann shares her experience with activism, and Cop Blocking in Manch.
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Gilford Schools Recording Audio on Buses Without Notice, aka “Wiretapping”

In a video captured by a student in Gilford, a school bus driver admits to a student that the camera on the bus is recording audio.  By definition, this is “wiretapping”, according to a ridiculous, draconian NH statute that most other states do not have.  In most places, you can record a conversation so long as one person knows it’s being recorded.  In New Hampshire, the supposed “live free or die” state, every party to the recording must be aware, and depending on your interpretation, consent.  What the school board in Gilford is doing is not legal, but it should be – for everyone.  The wiretapping statute only protects bad bureaucrats and business people from accountability and needs to be heavily gutted or repealed entirely.

Here’s the brief student video where they announce they are recording and then the driver admits the permanently mounted camera at the front of the bus has been recording audio.  Will the Gilford school superintendent be arrested?  Don’t hold your breath.  They save their “wiretapping” arrests for activists like Ademo Freeman of Cop Block.

Thanks to Josh Youssef for hosting the video.

Judge Burke Sentences James to Jail, Suspended

Heroic activist, blogger, entrepreneur, and Free State Project participant James Cleaveland was sentenced in Judge Burke’s courtroom in Keene, New Hampshire for the charges of “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest”. His charges stem from a June 30th incident in which James was video recording police. According to officer accounts, James was ordered to move back from an “active scene,” and he complied. After complying with the first officer’s request, a different officer demanded he move back further. He refused and was arrested.

Democracy stifles dissent

On February 10, 2015 the Keene Sentinel ran the following letter to the editor:

Last year, after all of the petitioned warrant articles were amended to nullities at the Keene School District deliberative session, Chris Coates wrote, “It was democracy in action.”

And this year, during the deliberative session during discussion on an article to impose a cap on spending increases, school board member Susan Hay said, “We don’t need a very small minority of people in this community — that do not in any way represent the will of the people — telling us how to do our job.”

In the end, all petitioned warrant articles were amended and nullified. (more…)

Keene Voters Enslave Their Neighbors

The Free Staters are upsetting local bureaucrats again. This time they tried to return freedom to the people by limiting the amount of money local politicians can demand from them. The politicians weren’t happy.

One of the school board members said, “We don’t need a very small minority of people in this community — that do not in any way represent the will of the people — telling us how to do our job.”


Two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch


The bullies over at the Keene School District along with their supporters in the community showed their true colors once again at this year’s town hall style deliberative session.

“We don’t need a very small minority of people in this community — that do not in any way represent the will of the people — telling us how to do our job.” That was School board member, Susan Hay.

It seems in her world, it’s perfectly acceptable to steal money from her neighbor to pay for her sacred cow as long as it’s the majority making the decision and as long as she’s on the winning team.  I can only imagine the ruckus she would have made if we had had another 60 or so supporters in the room–one day we will.

There were 13 ballot initiatives up for discussion.  Nine were created by the Board itself;  aimed at raising the already bloated and unsustainable budget. That’s how they “do their job,” which Ms. Hay takes extreme pride in.  Four submitted by petition were focused on reducing the budget.

The purpose of the deliberative session is to discuss, debate and clarify the articles before being placed on the upcoming ballot in March.  Instead of leaving my four warrants in their original wording for the voters to decide on, former school board member and local busybody, Ted Parent, made it his goal to neutralize all four and extensively added an additional 2 hours to the already-lengthy proceedings.

After the meeting, I was approached by a good dozen participants who were all sympathetic and urged me to continue the fight, knowing that the entire proceedings had been unfairly stacked against us. I wish they had all stepped up and told the entire room instead of just me in private.  This at least is encouraging.  The seeds have been planted.

The most ironic part of this entire process is the anti-bullying stance these school authorities spout off on a regular basis.  Don’t they realize their entire system is fundamentally built and supported by the practice of bullying others?  You give us your lunch money or we’ll take your house.  If you don’t like it run for office yourself ( join the ranks of bullies).  Or Move to another playground (and take your chances with another gang).

Stay tuned for video of the proceedings.

Here is the Keene Sentinels take: