First Keynote Speaker Announced for Keenevention 2014: Rich Paul

rich_paulRich Paul is the creator of the historic 420 celebrations in Keene who also spent most of 2013 in a jail cell for heroically refusing to take the plea on multiple cannabis dealing charges. He’s out and will take the stage at Keenevention 2014 to tell his story and take your questions!

Get your tickets for the earlybird price now for just $40 USD or Bitcoin!

Rich is the first speaker announcement of many to come, including our returning and brand new panel discussion topics and the various guest speakers (all NH-based activists) who will populate them. Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog, the Keenevention facebook page, or for the announcements. (If you’ve liked the Keenevention facebook page, have you hovered over the “liked” indicator and clicked “get notifications”? That will help ensure you see future posts.)

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 46

Judge dismisses case against school district • Free Keene haters losing their damn minds • Darryl did NOT win the lottery • What your drink says about you • Freerock joins. Show notes, audio and archives at:

Angry, Rude Man Threatens Lawsuit Over Photos


Rude, unidentified, suspected lawyer threatens me with a lawsuit for taking his picture as he gets in his car

This morning as I was handing out “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” fliers at the courthouse, the victims of the system were receptive and happy to take the information, as always.  Normally, I open the door for people entering the courthouse, including court employees, but one man in particular did not appreciate it today.  As I opened and held the door for him, he says, “Don’t open the door for me and don’t talk to me, you moron.”  I told him that wasn’t very nice as the rude man went in the building.

About a half-hour later, he came out and went to his car.  As he did so, I snapped a couple of photos and asked him his name, which prompted some comment from him about anarchy (I am not an anarchist.) and then he proceeded to threaten me, saying that if I posted his picture anywhere he’d sue me for “defamation”.  Who is this character?  I’ve seen him around the courthouse countless times.  If you know who he is and have any experiences with him, please post in the comments section.

Robin Hood Pranks Opposition on April Fool’s Day

rhood_dogelolA satirical post published to Robin Hood of Keene’s facebook page yesterday had apparently gulled a few advocates of the STOP FREE KEENE!!! facebook group into believing that some participants’ previous efforts to prompt intellectual property lawsuits by the Disney Corporation had been a success. The evidence presented was a redacted Cease and Desist letter on which Michael Eisner, Thomas Mullins, and Mickey Mouse were CC’d. The letter purported to be from the Chester, Nelson, and Albuquerque law firm in Orlando, Florida, on behalf of The Walter Disney Corporation. It was dated from exactly one year prior, and identifies, “attorneys representative of the STOP FREE KEENE!!! LLC” as being the original source of the complaints. Accompanying the letter, a short message from Robin Hood implied that the new profile image for the page had been altered to include Doge as part of a deal with Walter’s attorneys.

One April Fools’ post appeared at STOP FREE KEENE!!! and collected five facebook-likes before vanishing altogether between seven and eight in the evening, approximately forty minutes after publication.

Another false-positive on the corporate lawsuit joke appeared in the group earlier today, and remained visible after being revealed as a comedic parody. The second post has also since disappeared from the group’s page. (more…)

Robin Hood Releases Cease and Desist Letter, Doge Address

rhood_doge3a1Published to the Robin Hood of Keene facebook page today was a statement explaining that a separate legal matter previously lodged against the Merry People had been resolved outside of court. While details are scarce, at least one redacted documented relative that that issue was also linked.

The Merry People truly made a media splash in the aftermath of a failed lawsuit filed against us by ‘the City of Keene’. However, a much more powerful adversary had also lodged legal claims against Robin Hood last year, and until now, we have chosen not to make public those civil charges. Fortunately, our representatives and theirs were able to work out a deal, and all is settled. To uphold our end of the bargain, we have modified our profile image on this page and will be publishing only a redacted copy the original ‘cease and desist’ letter.

Separately announced was the good news that Robin Hood and the Merry People now accept Dogecoin at the following address: D7KxRTdybVReZoz1MfRLTYdMecdhJ7MoS1

FK haters create anti-FSP group with homicidal motif

This is no April Fools joke. It looks like the STOP FREE KEENE!!! crowd have created another gem called Kill the Quill – Stop The Free State Project in NH. The group’s description is: “For the citizens of the State of NH to stop the infiltration of the radical movement named: The Free State Project”.

Interesting logo they have:


Do current group members Brandie Roof (the administrator of the group, also known by her current pseudonym “Brandie Lovesherfamily”), Andrea Whitcomb, Joshua Erickson, Dan French, Todd Nolan, Tammy Adams, and Jon Cole really support the murder of Free State Project participants? Is killing so funny to them that they joke about using the word so nonchalantly:


How much more ridiculous will the haters make themselves look?