Some of Free Keene’s Outreach Tools

Tools for use against “the state” gang:

Other Useful Activist Tools

  • FK recommends Bambuser for your smartphone – broadcast video live to prevent aggressors from stealing your equipment and deleting your footage! Bambuser is effective AND free!
  • Listen to the Keene Police Scanner with your favorite media player or smart phone and find out what they are up to.
  • Keene 411 allows you to mass-text message other Keeniacs!
  • The “I’m Getting Arrested” app for Android phones might come in handy and would work well with Keene 411.
  • Porcupine 411 allows you to mass-voice message other Keeniacs as well as liberty activists across NH!
  • The Free Keene calendar allows you to see upcoming events, and even add your own.
  • Don’t forget our forum, where you can interact with other Keeniacs and members of the Shire Society.

Know your Bureaucrats:

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