Facebook pages/groups of interest:

Free Keene
Keene Bitcoin Network
Keene Cop Block
The Keene Activist Center
The Keene Spiritual Retreat (AKA the Jail)
Keene Police Fan Page
Cheshire Sheriffs Fan Page
City of Keene Who’s Who
The Shire Society
Free Streets Project

Keene Liberty Blogs:

Keene Cop Block – Keene’s Cop Block may be the most active Cop Block affiliate nationwide and includes national Cop Block founders Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman.
Ladies in Keene – The Ladies in Keene blog and perform a weekly talk show on LRN.FM.

A few more Keene-related sites:

Keeners – Blog with local menus, events, drink specials, info, police blotter, and more.
Downtown Keene – Site promoting downtown business.
Keene Sentinel – Local Daily Newspaper
WKBK – Local Talk Radio Station
Hundred Nights – Local, Non-Government Homeless Shelter.
Low Pay Legal Services – Non-profit organization dedicated to opening the court system to every person who needs access to justice.

NH freedom and freedom-friendly blogs and media:

Adventures in the Free State
Capitol Access
Chris King’s First Amendment Blog – Police accountability site – know your rights and exercise them.
Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund – Help financially support those who have the ability and courage to engage in civil disobedience and noncooperation.
Daily Anarchist
Duchess of Dykedom
Flaming Freedom – an LGBT liberty radio show.
Free Concord
Free Manch
The Free State Project – Migrate to NH and get active for liberty! This is why many of us are here.
The Free Streets Project – Move together with other liberty activists – to the same streets!
Homeland Stupidity – Government gaffes, bureaucratic blunders and incumbent incompetence.
Liberty Conspiracy
Liberty Scholarship Fund – Channeling funds directly to families in New Hampshire for non-government education – Lots of useful content on this wiki.
NH Courtroom Legal Opposition Group
New Hampshire Jury Information
NH Liberty Alliance – The NHLA is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire.
The New Hampshire Underground
Peaceful Streets NH – a resource for community members to collaborate on projects which promote peaceful resistance to aggression in all of its forms.
The Ridley Report
School Sucks Podcast – Join Brett for “School Sucks”, the show dedicated to ending government’s coercive indoctrination camps.
Sex, Lies and Anarchy
Steve Vaillancourt
Stop Judicial Child Abuse
World’s Smallest Political Quiz – Find out how liberty-minded you already are!

Free Keene Site Shortcuts