Visiting the Area

Thinking about moving to Keene? Great! Feel like you should visit first? Here are some suggestions.

  • Join liberty-loving activists in Keene each fall for the annual Keenevention! With all NH-based speakers and panelists, our conference is activism-focused. Learn more and sign up at
  • Join the Shire Society Forum, introduce yourself, and start to interact with your future neighbors. This allows everyone to be a little more familiar with you prior to your arrival. Prior to your trip, you should announce your plans on the forum. You may also be able to find a couch or guest bedroom to crash in via our Housing subforum and save yourself the exorbitant hotel prices in the area. Alternately, if you are willing to stay a little outside of Keene, Stone Farm is run by liberty activists in Fitzwilliam!
  • Check the Calendar prior to your trip to see some of the activism and social activities that may be scheduled when you are here.
  • Call Porc411 on your way up or when you arrive at 603-413-0411 and leave a message announcing who you are (maybe announce your forum name as well) and how we can get in touch with you. Presumably you’ll have already made a forum post by this point about your visit, but Porc411 will reach people who do not normally peruse the forum.
  • Once you decide what you want to do, if you are coming to an event on the calendar, take a moment to let us know to expect you. Post to the forum and send a Porc411 letting us know of your plans. Also, you can send a Keene 411 via text message.
  • You don’t have to just do what you see on the calendar. You can set up your own get-together! For instance, you might want to have some food downtown for lunch – if you let us know, with as much notice as possible, who knows how many activists will show up to join you! Decide where you would like to go and when, then post to the forum and send a Porc411 letting us know of your plans. Also, you can send a Keene 411 via text message.
  • Maybe you’ll want to look at houses for sale or rent while you are here, or perhaps look into employment opportunities? Get details on doing that on and

Enjoy your stay in Keene!

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