The Keene Sentinel’s Front-Page Article on Mark Edgington

Thanks to The Keene Sentinel’s Phil Bantz for the great article!

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  1. Hey, wait, since when does Mark have a "'hard line' approach to government"?

    And when is the Keene Sentinel going to enter the 21st century?

  2. News clown. 🙂

    This is a pretty good article. The more exposure the better.

    Great job Mark.

  3. It's great to see Mark enjoying the Free State so much. What a difference a year makes!

    Thrive in chaos earthling!

  4. Señor Grouchy Pants*

    Aside from that, great article ;).

  5. Great article.

    Except for all the stuff about Mark.

    Just kidding, good job.

  6. the fact finding process failed in this article,

    the murder took place in Bradenton, not Sarasota.

    the arrest occured at Marks place of employment, a comic book store on Manatee Ave in Bradenton.

    Mark took carmen tungate to the airport to help him flee the area.

    Mark was initially charged as an accessory, until he went around bragging about killing the manager, his peers went to the police and reported what mark had said.

    All the records and news articles are readily available it would be wise to dig a little deeper instead of taking a comvicted murderer at their word.

    keep in mind prison is full of men and woman who are

    not guilty – winkwink

  7. Ballapuran is right on the money when saying there are alot of holes in this story. It was Bradenton, not Sarasota . I know this story very well. I was invited to go with Carmen and Mark that fateful night. I was very, very,very lucky that i listened to my gut and didnt go. I had not known either for that long. Ballapuran got most of the errors made in the article right, with the exception of the fact that Mark was arrested at southeast high school during summer school. I was there when it happened. I am very happy Mark was given a second chance at life. And has made a success of it. However, this was not a option given to the hotel manger that night. He was married and was watching tv with his wife that night when a room in the back of the hotel rang the phone and told him that the air conditioner was broke. He knocked on the hotel room door and when he walked in he was attacked by both Carmen and Mark. They then rolled his body up in a rug and put him in the back of Carmens car. Mark drove Carmen to the airport with the body in the trunk. Carmen was arrested much time later trying to get a fake id in KY.

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