Free Audiobook: “The Market for Liberty”

The Market for LibertyThanks to Laissez-Faire Books, we are able to bring you a free audiobook, “The Market for Liberty”. This brilliant book explains why government is an unnecessary evil and how the Free Market is superior in every possible way. You may download it in two ways:

  1. A 130 MB self-extracting archive of medium quality MP3 files. (Also in .ZIP form for non-windows users.) Once you download the file, you will need to extract the MP3s by double-clicking. You cannot play .exe and .zip files on your MP3 player!
  2. A 340 MB torrent of high quality MP3 files. (Please seed!)

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  1. Thank you! How about a vanilla zip file to make it easier on non-Windows users?

  2. Done!

  3. I've been looking forward to this all year. I just downloaded it and it sounds great. I'm currently on the border between minarchist and anarcho-capitalist; I hope this book doesn't push me over the line. 😉

    Thanks Laissez-Faire Books and especially Ian for making this classic freely available.

    Other great audiobooks and seminars on liberty can be found at

  4. Please help this Liberty loving Luddite. I have downloaded both versions above. I have a mac. I click on the exe and torrent file and am prompted with what application to use to open the file. Can someone tell me how I get the file from my desktop into my itunes?

    Many thanks for making this book available.

  5. Try the .zip?

  6. Thanks Ian. It worked. You have provided a great service here. A noble and worthy cause.

  7. Thank you for making The Market for Liberty available as a free audio book. I was eager to listen after having heard you mention it several times on your show over the past couple years. Indeed, it was a very enjoyable and informative book and taken as a whole it outlines a great framework for how a free society can function. However, I was disappointed that this book did not address my primary concern regarding free markets. That is, what would a free society look like?

    Simply, my fear is that an unconstrained society will quickly devolve into groups of haves and have-nots. More fundamentally, I don’t feel the free market theory gives any consideration to the problems that arise when there are great monetary inequities in a society. I was particularly disappointed in chapters 9 and 10 because the titles of those chapters led me to believe there would be a discussion about how to deal with the injustices of a free market system. But as you know, the injustices covered were not the underlying monetary inequities that result from a free society, but rather the injustice that results when an aggressor commits force or fraud.

    Admittedly, I am directly equating injustice with monetary inequity and that, by itself, can seem an unfair leap. However, it feels like less of a leap to me when you consider the practical reality that money can buy influence and power. So then, you might ask, whose influence can money buy when there is no government? I guess the answer would be… anybody you want!

    Don’t misunderstand me. I am not mounting any sort of defense for the governmental system we have today and I realize there are already very disproportionate economic classes in our society. But like it or not, most people feel the government does give some voice to the people who can’t afford it themselves. Yes, it means there is economic regulation. Yes, it means there is a monopoly of force. Yes, it means there is some slavery of the citizenry.

    If the free market theory could realistically address these monetary inequities, I think we’d already be living in this system.

  8. Without government around, poor people would be immeasurably more wealthy than they are today.

  9. Perhaps, but the already-wealthy would also become wealthier. It isn’t the overall wealth that causes problems. It is the wealth discrepancy that bothers people.

  10. So what if they are? More wealth for everyone is a good thing. The free market will close the gap between rich and poor, as government will not be around to confiscate poor people's money and kick out the lower rungs of the economic ladder via regulations.

  11. I'm listening to it now. Thanks! I just had to redo some of the ID3 tags to get the track numbers right, etc.

  12. Great job Ian! I didn't even know this gem existed! It is vital to expose the public to the fact that we are all effectively serfs on the plantation of the masters who hold so many in thrall that it is THEY, our FELLOWS who enforce the chains of our servitude by arguing with and attacking US who are guilty of the unpardonable sin of telling the TRUTH! Liberty lies not in the direction of working out in advance all the possible permutations of how a free society would work (though this book goes a long way to answering that!) but in the practice of supporting each other in bringing about the the deep visceral realization that the initiation of violence against others is an IMMORAL ACT and must not be countenanced. For the blows we fear are not the state's in truth but the disaproval of our families, our friends and our fellow 'citizens'. When we have the courage to withstand THAT onslaught, we will be on the road to freedom.

  13. Thanks for putting this together! I know it must have been a lot of work.

  14. That's really cool. A German translation would be helpful to spread the message of freedom and liberty over here.

  15. Marco, where are you from? I have been researching the "lack of liberty" in Germanic countries. It is amazing that a society with such a rich tradition of liberty minded thinkers seems to value individual freedom so little. I just read a great article by Fitzroy McLean of Without Borders and would like to get your take. We need to spread the word indeed. Would it be ok if I contacted you? Thanks.

  16. @Mike

    Marco, where are you from?

    I mentioned it: Germany. Or more accurate: Leipzig, city in the former Communist east.

    I have been researching the “lack of liberty” in Germanic countries. It is amazing that a society with such a rich tradition of liberty minded thinkers seems to value individual freedom so little.

    You are completly right. You know, that's why I take closer look at the outside, especially to the US. For example, my fav radio show is Free Talk Live. And I like Ron Paul. He represents nearly 100% of my views on the issues. But over here in Germany, such a politican would not be possible.

    I just read a great article by Fitzroy McLean of Without Borders and would like to get your take.

    What do you mean exactly?

    We need to spread the word indeed. Would it be ok if I contacted you? Thanks.

    Feel free to contact me. My e-mail is:, the weblog is

  17. Very nice stuff. Just found this on Marco's Blog and put a link in my Blog too. I am from Austria but staying in Germany for work most of the time.

    Actually I am one of very few Austrians (and Europeans outside GB) who really honours the Austrian School of Economics.

  18. I am trying to download the high-quality mp3 files via bit torrent, but it's been stuck on 99.8% for a while now. So close! Is there anyone online who has all 100%?

  19. “host name not found” error on torrent.

  20. Why zip a MP3? They are already compressed. You can’t compress it more.

  21. Multiple chapters. It’s not just one MP3.

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