Gambling Now Legal in NH!

Know when to hold 'emOkay, that might not be entirely true but liberty activists did gamble for money in public today and no one was arrested! (Cops were standing nearby!) In addition, we did some pro-liberty outreach to the good people of Keene. Big thanks to The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, NH Coalition for Common Sense, the Alternatives Expo, The New Hampshire Free Press, and everyone else who came out to attend the event!

See pictures from the event courtesy of Kat Kanning, of the New Hampshire Free Press on this discussion thread. Others may post their pictures here later as well.

Stay tuned to for more great blogs, video, audio, and an announcement about the upcoming Summer 2008 Freedom Fest!

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  1. This proves that cops really do choose which laws to enforce.

    Itnalso shows that people can make their own decisions about how to spend their money!

  2. People had fun with their own money…

    I witnessed no breakdown in society.

    Thanks to the FreeKeene folks for a nice outreach event.

  3. If you want to smoke pot as a part of civil disobedience next time, do it a year from today (4-20).

  4. Perhaps the supreme court would listen to an argument on the equal treatment provision of the constitution and argue that if the police stood by and watched and did not arrest, they are no longer permitted to arrest for similar occurrences!

  5. People should be able to gamble wherever they choose.. and that includes New Hampshire.

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