Gracias, Pedraza’s!

Pedraza'sThanks to owner and local entrepreneur Dorrie O’Meara for having the courage to not only open a restaurant in a down economy but to have the courage to anger Keene’s entire population of busybodies by painting her building a bright yellow. See the Sentinel’s article for coverage of the “controversy”, including comments from local busybodies. Local liberty activists ate at Pedraza’s on Sunday and had an enjoyable meal. The food was good and it’s conveniently located next door to liberty activists’ favorite bar, Vendetta in Keene’s Central Square. I’d like to also remind Keeniacs that the competition down the street from Pedraza’s (“Margarita’s”) supported the NH smoking ban, so they are being boycotted. It’s great to have an authentic Mexican restaurant here in Keene again, especially one run by a lady who has the courage to stand up for her choices even in the face of the nastiness of the local busybodies. So, gracias, Pedraza’s!

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  1. ok lets just some this up…. mike and david. if you want to really argue with someone and think you can back up your words go to dorrie's office. i garentee your life will be shreader finer than our cheese at pedreza's. and if you want to talk to me just ask dorrie and ill go over there. you dont know what your doing or even arguing about. go over to her office

  2. Is that like the Justin Wilson garentee?

  3. Huh?

    "Some is up", "garentee", "sheader"????

    I donut ware to stat. ;-]

    What is this craziness about "go over to her office" and "man up" and "ill go over there"? I am not a professional yeller and I have no desire for argument. I was just wondering what 'Pedraza" meant. I wasn't arguing about anything but I was asking a question. I was out downtown and asked a friend at Cobblestone and they said he was the head chef there when it opened and told me what she. knew. That is all,

    I don't hate anything or even want to argue but I thought the name was strange. Armadillos and Margaritos make sense. I wondered what Pedraza had to do with the restaurant. I found out it was a place in Spain but that didn't make sense. Come to find out it was the chef but he has long been gone but the name remains the same. There is your authenticity. Not much I think. But that is just my opinion. If the name was Keene Beans and Cheese I would have never asked a question.

    Can I have more lettuce please?

  4. How arrogant of Ms O'Meara to ASSume anyone is jealous of her or her family. You know what they say about ASSuming…….

  5. Why would anyone be jealous of her family? She is married to a dishonest lawyer…and she is known throughout Keene as a nasty *#&!%. The only people she seems to be somewhat "respectful" to are her employees…and why is this? Oh…they work for her and she needs them. Funny how that works.

    I have heard many people say what a better place Keene would be if she would take herself away from here. For an old lady she causes alot of drama. She should be ashamed of the fact that she calls herself a "business woman".

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