UPDATE: Sam Jailed Indefinitely without Access to Law Library

SamOur friend, co-blogger, and documentarian Sam from the Obscured Truth Network called me from jail today to tell me they did hold a bail hearing for him by video and the presiding judge Howard Lane (Burke is on vacation this week.) told him he will be held indefinitely until he decides to give them his “legal name”. Sam is currently held as “John Sam Doe”. Even if he were to give them that name, how it is they will be certain that the name he gives them is legal, I don’t know, as they don’t have ID for him and he hasn’t registered to vote in NH. Sam has not indicated that he will be giving in, meaning he’s stuck in the Cheshire County jail, which despite being one of the better jails in the state, still has its share of problems. Sam said that there was sewage floating in his area of the jail when he arrived, for instance. Plus, they are denying him access to the jail law library, making it even more difficult for him to participate in their tyrannical system.

Sam is expected to call in to Free Talk Live tonight. He has asked that you call the Keene Police Department’s prosecutor, Eli Rivera, as it is he who is pressing these charges. Continue calling the Keene District Court, as their judges are responsible for his indefinite imprisoning. Those phone numbers are at Sam.JailedActivist.info. He doubts it will do much, but he suggested calling state representatives and senators and perhaps the governor’s office to let them know what their system is doing to a peaceful man. He also requests you contact local media across NH as well as national media and alert them to the story.

He thanks everyone for coming out to protest yesterday even though they locked his section down during our entire visit as well as everyone who attended the candlelight vigil.

If you haven’t moved up to NH yet, please come soon! This tyranny must end, and we can do it sooner with your help. Here are 111+ Reasons to Move to Keene.

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  1. Wow, this just makes me even more glad that I'm moving up this fall.

  2. Harris and all other prospective "Free Keene" movers:

    Why don't you wait until the new jail is done. Free room and board in a shiny new building. Can't beat that offer.

  3. Interestingly, "Free Keene and Leave" is posting from a City of Keene IP address. No surprise that it's a city bureaucrat that is making threats of jail toward anyone considering moving here.

  4. Not surprising at all that a govt employee would threaten someone who does something that he does not want them to do. That's the definition of govt.

    Folks, Sam was video recording in a public lobby. The court people claimed their only foundation for prohibiting recording was a piece of paper on a wall, and Sam pointed out that the paper was not signed by a judge and was therefore not enforceable by law. They arrested him and hurt him, and have jailed him for a week so far. He refuses to give them his name, and they have threatened to jail him indefinitely. Surely sam will win this incredibly unjust battle, but please do not let him feel alone in jail! Write him letters for free at Mail to Jail.

  5. Nice slueth work. But sorry, it was not one of those "evil" bureaucrats. Just an ordinary citizen using the Keene Public Library. Too bad, there goes that theory.

  6. Fair enough explanation.

    Doesn't excuse threatening peaceful people, though. What have you got against people seeking freedom?

  7. Free Keene and Leave

    Yeah so now we know its just an evil individual posting.

  8. "Nice slueth work. But sorry, it was not one of those 'evil' bureaucrats. Just an ordinary citizen using the Keene Public Library. Too bad, there goes that theory."

    If you're telling the truth, you're right and I'm wrong about you being a govt employee. I have difficulty believing people who threaten violence, so I'll keep an eye out for more evidence as it appears.

    Meanwhile, I notice you didn't challenge us on our position that you're using threats to get what you want. But challenge us on it or not, that's what you did. And it's wrong. It's not polite, and it's aggressive and violent. And you used (twice) a tone of sarcasm and condescension. And you're posting anonymously. Why did you choose to communicate via sarcasm and cowardice?

  9. Well, at least we know the Free Keene name is getting out there. I like seeing the statists getting their panties in a bunch, shows you guys are doing good things. Furthermore, all this activity is getting me real fired up to move next month.

  10. Free Keene and Leave, may or may not be an "actual" government parasite, but he IS a parasite none the less. Public Library Internet huh? Sponging off the taxpayer to get free Internet access to post threats against peaceful people fighting for basic freedoms.

    If the founding fathers were to show up in Keene this is the type of clown that would be the 1st in line to run tell King George that those nuts were at it again.

    Why don't they just kneel down and lick their masters boots like good citizens? After all conformity to imposed authority is the American way, is it not?

    The government is here to help us, even if it has to beat, tase, pepper spray, cage, steal, and even kill every last one of us to do it!

    Why on EARTH should someone be allowed to film in a public building? I would say that this monster deserves 10 years in a cage for this horror, don;t you?

    Well he is not really being caged for the filming, but and even more horrible crime, not immediately obeying his master when commanded to. What right does he think he has to disobey his masters order?

    You have changed me forever Free Keene and Leave, here it was all these years believing that I was an equal to all other men, but you have made me see that I am just a serf and exist to serve my elected masters all over the world.

    Now I understand, might makes right, and the majority should control the minority. That is what the folks who died in the war for independence were fighting for!

    The next time I see one of my masters, in his stunning polyester uniform, with that shiny pot metal badge gleaming in the sunlight, I will immediately fall on my knees and kiss his benevolent boots and ask for his permission to be at ease.

    Never again will I assume that I own my own body and that as long as I do not harm others I can be free, I know now thanks to you that a cage awaits such criminals.

    Thank you, thank you for being such a role model for subservience, and boot licking. Why every school child should study the graceful way you conform to authority at the slightest suggestion, the way you smile and cheer while your life, liberty and property are stolen from you by the school yard bully. The courage it takes to not step out of line or stand up for anything or anyone against the bully.

    People like you are the people destined for the history books. One day many generations from now people will say, he really knew how to obey the rules, and never did he make a peep, when they came for the sick, he kept mum, when they came for the Christians never a word uttered, when they came for the freedom nuts, he helped to point them out, he was a good solid worker bee, he really knew how to blend.

  11. I'm sure this guy (?) was very gratified by all the response here and even in a subsequent dedicated blog post.

    It was just a hostile quip, not a "threat".

    Regarding allegedly being a parasite by using the computer and internet at the library, those of you not yet here might not be aware that broadband access is often unavailable or expensive outside town centers, so some people do go places on occasion to get the bandwidth. I was one of those until fairly recently. Plus which, if the guy pays taxes to Keene and doesn't read books, seems to me he is entitled to get some benefit out of the public library.

  12. That's assuming his claim of using the public library is true, which I currently suspect it isn't.

  13. I'm pretty sure I can beat that offer, maybe by working for my own sustenance. The only reason I would use the prison facilities is if I am forced to by the threat of violence.

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