UPDATE: Sam Jailed Indefinitely without Access to Law Library

SamOur friend, co-blogger, and documentarian Sam from the Obscured Truth Network called me from jail today to tell me they did hold a bail hearing for him by video and the presiding judge Howard Lane (Burke is on vacation this week.) told him he will be held indefinitely until he decides to give them his “legal name”. Sam is currently held as “John Sam Doe”. Even if he were to give them that name, how it is they will be certain that the name he gives them is legal, I don’t know, as they don’t have ID for him and he hasn’t registered to vote in NH. Sam has not indicated that he will be giving in, meaning he’s stuck in the Cheshire County jail, which despite being one of the better jails in the state, still has its share of problems. Sam said that there was sewage floating in his area of the jail when he arrived, for instance. Plus, they are denying him access to the jail law library, making it even more difficult for him to participate in their tyrannical system.

Sam is expected to call in to Free Talk Live tonight. He has asked that you call the Keene Police Department’s prosecutor, Eli Rivera, as it is he who is pressing these charges. Continue calling the Keene District Court, as their judges are responsible for his indefinite imprisoning. Those phone numbers are at Sam.JailedActivist.info. He doubts it will do much, but he suggested calling state representatives and senators and perhaps the governor’s office to let them know what their system is doing to a peaceful man. He also requests you contact local media across NH as well as national media and alert them to the story.

He thanks everyone for coming out to protest yesterday even though they locked his section down during our entire visit as well as everyone who attended the candlelight vigil.

If you haven’t moved up to NH yet, please come soon! This tyranny must end, and we can do it sooner with your help. Here are 111+ Reasons to Move to Keene.

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