Update on the MHD Crew’s Imprisonment

MHDUpdate on this afternoon’s breaking news:
I just spoke with an unusually helpful jail bureaucrat at Jones County Jail. The bureaucrat explained that the ATF has passed on investigating the incident and also called Jason, Pete, and Adam their “little celebrities”, due to the volume of phone calls the jail has received this afternoon. I was told that all the charges are misdemeanors and that bonds have been set in the amounts of $1,000 each for Pete and Adam and $1,500 for Jason. Apparently jail is not an option for sentencing of these misdemeanors, unless of course the MHD boys refuse to pay the fines. Additionally, Pete has been charged with “Possession of a firearm across state lines”, which is a MS state charge, not federal.

So, it sounds like they are going to bond out, and perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to hear from them on FTL tonight.

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  1. At this point, what I'm anxious to learn is Why were they stopped initially? Hopefully they'll make the show tonight to give us the story.

  2. Allison's tweet said it was Adam not Pete, and that ATF wanted a chat. But what do I know?

  3. Markus, there is no hope, only action.

    Western Union can take funds off your debit or credit card. Send to Allison Gibbs at the Food Tiger, 615 hill st ellisville ms 39437. Closes at 8 p.m. tonite so if you are sending Western Union, let me know. I'll get MTCN to Allison, or you can.

    I need to take a break, find the wallet, and send my $50 now.

    I think the initial stop was just some "routine" traffic stop thing. Jeff Powell sez he warned one of their friends that there is a police scam in that area where they seize anything that looks valuable.

  4. A trusted contact in Mississippi says to call a local defense lawyer named Leslie Rousell, 601-426-2345.

    He's described as "a fighter."

    I have others looking into other options. I can also get the name and number of a local bondsman if you guys think they need one.

  5. Note: 8 pm. Central time, so 9 pm. in NH.

    Note: Western Union told me it would be about 30 minutes b4 the funds I sent ($50 – all I could afford, plus $16 for the transfer, yikes!) is available.

    I think that means y'all have about an hour if you want to send funds to get there tonite.

    Last update she almost had enough to spring one of the guys. Yay.

  6. Allison reports receiving the funds I sent, and should get LCL Report's funds tonight as well.

    I think that puts us at one guy out tonight if Allison doesn't use a bail bondsman. Maybe all three if she does.

  7. Can't tape the police doing a stop?

    What do those pigs have to hide?

    Freedom of the press indeed.

  8. Actually, she needs the MTCN number from Western Union on LCL Report's transfer, and any others sent lately.

  9. There is no law that prohibits “Possession of a firearm across state lines” in MS as far as I can tell. It appears that they also don't have any prohibitions on the possession of a firearm in a home or a vehicle. In the US Code, § 926A. Interstate transportation of firearms states "Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof, any person who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle: Provided, That in the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver’s compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console."
    MS also has concealed carry reciprocity with NH. In MS, you don't need a permit to carry concealed in your home or your vehicle. The only way they might legally charge him with a firearms charge is if he was carrying concealed outside the vehicle without a license or permit or if he was a convicted felon or if he had a NFA item that was not locked up and is prohibited in MS or an unregistered NFA item. I doubt that any of those would apply so I suspect that the police made up that charge. I've been ticketed for violating a nonexistent statute, so I think it's not as uncommon as most might think for police to make up laws as they go, and charge people with violating them.

  10. The latest, top of this page, is that the ATF passed on interviewing our guys. Which means probably no firearms charge.

    Allison says some hero named Antonio sent $1,000! Many thanks to him. Looks like at least two get out tonight.

    Several others have sent money and it is too late for tonight. If you sent money this minute it wouldn't get there before the Western Union location closes. So, don't. Wait until tomorrow, see what we need and what's going on, right?

    Jeff Powell, a good friend in Biloxi has found a lawyer in Jackson who is connected to Allison now and willing to help. Also, he found her a ride from Caleb in Jones County, so it should all be good. Yay.

  11. There may be some more good news here. These guys seem to have had their civil rights violated. If so, there are civil and criminal liabilities for what was done here. Potentially to the point where the guys could get the officers in so much trouble they lose their homes and have to pay big bucks. Interesting.

  12. I live in Oxford, MS, 2.5-3 hours north of Jackson. Sucks to see this happen here in Mississippi.. I never trust any cop in an SUV.

  13. I just got off the phone with Michael Cory who is a lawyer in Jackson MS. On the beer in a dry county charge, he says that Jones County isn't dry!

    In fact, he's had many margaritas at a restaurant there. Also, he says he doesn't think any county in MS is dry.

    Whee! Let's charge these cops with false arrest, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and violating their civil rights. Civil and criminal penalties apply.

    Anybody want the houses owned by the sheriff in Jones County? lol

  14. Jim,

    I'm in Biloxi, and if you find out when an arraignment is going to happen I would like to drive up for it.

  15. Okay, I will ask Allison and Pete 2nite. Tell you if I find out. Jail house might know, too.

  16. There is some conflicting information, so I can't wait to hear from the MHD guys themselves. I was told that Jason had the firearms charge. This explains why his bail is $1500.

  17. There has been a bunch of conflicting data, yes. I'm told that each of them had the firearms charge on different sites at different times, that it was federal (three sites) and that it was a state charge (two sites).

    But, we should know more very soon, if Allison can get them to accept the bail tonight. Yay, Allison! Good work!

  18. The web-site for the Laural Mississippi Newspaper:

    © 2009, Laurel Leader-Call

    130 Beacon Street

    Laurel, Mississippi 39441

    Phone: (601) 428-0551 Fax: (601) 426-3550

    I contacted them and told them that three travelers in search of liberty were arrested on trumped up charges and were being held at the Jones County Jail with quite a commotion going on. They said they would check it out, but… a little encouragement might help.


  19. I will be down in Ellisville first thing in the morning. I was at the jail aroun 1pm today, trying to talk with them, but the deputy was more interested in her lunch, than with who I wanted to see. I just called the Governor and DEMANDED that Jason be released TONIGHT! I told him to wake up whoever he had to wake up, but to make it happen. When someones civil rights are being violated, the Governor shouldn't sleep until it has been resolved.

    Danny Bedwell

    chairman, Libertarian Party of Mississippi


    email me for my phone number

  20. Sharing this everywhere I can, Jason's voice mail box is full so we can't send our well wishes. I am just going to parrot Brad Spangler's advice, "Send Lawyers, Guns and Money" (not so much on the guns, they may arrest you for that as well)

  21. A little irony:

    Per Wikipedia, Jones County Mississippi is apparently often called the "Free State of Jones"

    The label "Free State of Jones" predates the Civil War. According to alternate theories of the term's origin, "Free State of Jones" came to be associated with Jones County for one of two reasons: 1) in reference to the county's reputation as a sparsely populated "backwater" of the young state, whose few residents were notorious for their disdain for organized governmental authority, or 2) due to a period of time in the early 1840s when, due to low population numbers and lack of legal proceedings, the county was left without duly-inducted legal and/or civil authorities. The true origin of the nickname could be traced back to either or both of these conditions.

  22. Jim Davidson, that lawyer must be a moron, because I live in Lafayette County, MS and yes, it is a dry county. Alcohol can only be sold in city limits. Restaurants in the county cannot sell alcohol, but allow "brown bag" where customers bring alcohol from home.

    It is conflicting, at Ole Miss football games the Grove has very specific alcohol rules. Liquor only, hidden and in coolers, any visible alcohol will be poured out. Beer and liquor in a dry county can mean totally different things. Its very complex but its a minor charge.

  23. Great job Allison and all the support!

  24. If anyone knows the WHOLE story – please send it to me dwp2016@dwp2016.org – I'm writing an article for the Mountaineer Jeffersonian about this incident.

  25. Via Twitter: @JDTalley: The #MHD crew has been released from Jones County jail. I was pepper sprayed and choked for refusing to give ID.


  26. I am so glad they are out, and pleased and grateful for the help everyone gave and the money. Allison did great work getting it all handled on their end.

    I am outraged that Jason was pepper sprayed and choked. Definitely civil rights violation there. Police brutality! We have got to organise to sue these puppies until it hurts them.

  27. I really hope you sue them. The Oxford MS police just had to settle a lawsuit for tazing a guy…

  28. Interesting data point on Oxford MS, Alan, thanx.

    I do think a civil rights suit is in order, and that the guys will go that direction. This police brutality cannot be allowed to stand. And this whole brutal system of civil asset forfeiture and drug war crap has got to be resisted and ended. Now is the time and we are the team to do it. Yes.

  29. Talked to Jason this morning and wanted to share an update on why they were pulled over in the first place, as I couldn't find it on Twitter or on here. MARV sports a temporary NH tag, which has not yet expired, so is completely valid. If this is true, there was no legal reason to pull them over at all, eveything else is just gravy.

  30. Just got off the phone with allison and jason:

    * They took some of the money sent to them to buy Adam and Pete clothing due to them being arrested without shirts on.

    * They are still without their computers (till they get MARV back) so no updates besides Tweets for the time being. Jason said there should be some in the next few hours.

    * They are earmarking all the money and will likely be contacting those who sent it donations to know where they would like it to go toward (legal fees, general MHD donation, etc.)

    * I believe Jason also said they will be looking for a lawyer in the area.

    * There is still money to be picked up at Western Union. If you donated money and haven’t heard a confirmation back from Allison that it was picked up you should email her your name, MTCN, and amount.

    * They are very grateful for everything everyone has done. Between calling the jail to getting the word out to the donations.

  31. Jones County has two judicial districts. Ellisville is in the 1st Judicial District which is all dry. The north half of the county is in the 2nd jd. The city of Laurel is wet for beer and liquor and the part of the county that is in the 2nd jd is wet for liquor only. A good attorney in Laurel is Larry Abernathy.

  32. LMAO. Even outside the great state of Wisconsin you still have the uncanny ability to be a cop magnet. for that you get an "Atta Boy!" I just was thinkin and to me none of those citations appear to be a valid reason for a traffic stop.so on that note Fuck da police.fuck ,fuck,fuck da police. Keep it up crew!

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