Update: The MHD 3 are Free, but Sam still Imprisoned

Motorhome Diaries‘ Jason Talley says:

The #MHD crew has been released from Jones County jail. I was pepper sprayed and choked for refusing to give ID.

Sounds like the story is yet another horrific example of government tyranny. How many more of your friends and associates must be abused before you take action? Have you stopped paying federal taxes? Have you joined the Free State Project and moved to New Hampshire? Have you considered moving to where Pete and Jason are planning to move after the diaries are done?

Also, I’d like to thank all the great bloggers who stepped up and covered this story so quickly. I wish our other activist friend Sam could have gotten such a quick rush of attention when he was arrested for recording video in a public court lobby and imprisoned indefinitely without trial for invoking his right to remain silent. Sam has now been in jail over four weeks and is on a hunger strike. Please scroll through FreeKeene.com to read his blogs and get the story, or visit sam.jailedactivist.info and freesamdodson.com for more on his situation.

I will be inviting the MHD 3 on Free Talk Live tonight to tell their story.

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  1. MHDiaries: After @adammueller was handcuffed yesterday he was told that his video camera could have been a gun. #MHD

  2. Yes, and my couch could be an atom bomb. But it's not.


    Apparently now if you COULD have done something illegal, then it's a crime. These cowardly paranoids don't even try to pretend anymore that they don't make it up as they go along.

    Better not hold any object, it could have been a gun!!

  3. Oops. Forgot about that. It was reposted today from the examiner article. Thanks.

  4. I'm with the libertarian party of MS I spoke with the party chair who sat down with the sheriff and chief deputy of jones county. They seem to be regretful they arrested the MHD crew but only because of who they were and the big stink this is causing. I can't tell if this is a good or bad thing yet because basically if the guys were just three buddies traveling and didn't have any supporters they'd probally still be in a holding cell. Hopefully this will get this will get some changes happening in mississippi! We have a very modest website currently http://www.mslp.org, we are currently building a new site, check there as we should be getting police reports posted and pictures of the arrest docket.

  5. I have kept my FB profile focused on Sam today, and would like to think that someone called. We must prevent the judicial murder of Sam Dodson by a rat fink judge who is afraid of being embarrassed. I have a suggestion.

    Sam can't eat until he's out of jail. I say the judge doesn't sleep until then. Drive by his house and honk your horn every morning at different times. When they park a police car there, walk by and set of an air horn. Keep up the pressure on the judge.

    "my couch could be an atom bomb" Oh, Paul, it would only be low yield. lol

    Guess what? One of the charges, "beer in a dry county" was false. Yeah, false arrest, potentially, if they did charge one of the guys with that. My buddy in Biloxi, Jeff Powell, put me in touch with Michael Cory in Jackson, MS, who is an attorney. I gave Allison Michael's info and I think he called the jail, which is one reason the bail amounts dropped at the last minute, maybe.

    Anyway, Michael hears the charges that I read off your web page here at FreeKeene (go Free Keene!) and says, "It isn't a dry county. There are no dry counties in Mississippi, and that one sure isn't. I've had many margaritas" and names a restaurant in the county. LOL

    The larger issue is that the sheriff is running a highway robbery scam. I ran into one just like it on I-24 in Rutherford County (Murfreesboro) TN. The sheriff stops cars and anything that looks valuable on the road, finds a pretext to search, and seizes under civil asset forfeiture. Doing this finances the county government. He can get 10% of anything seized under federal charges and all of anything seized under local or state charges, and he splits off some for his deputy dawgs.

    It is a heinous scam. And it must be stopped. The best way to stop this locally is for the people in the county to thwart his re-election. The best way for us to stop this remotely is to have the guys sue for civil rights violations, with civil and criminal penalties. When the sheriff loses all his houses and ends up in prison, the scam will be broken, for a while.

    The other thing nationally is to join FEAR.org and fight civil asset forfeiture.

  6. i'm just curious. is anybody basing this off of fact or is this all hearsay (since everyone voicing discontent is apparently a judicial scholar or jurist)? WITHROW, i'm glad you feel like reporting misrepresented, secondhand information, because it makes you look like an idiot to anyone that can use the least bit of objectivity to evaluate an unsubstantiated and politically biased attack on anything that infringes upon some perverted anarchistic ideals of liberty. it would be appreciated if you did not post conjectures based on your apparent ignorance of basic legal procedure. it would not matter if they were Ron Paul or the local crackhead, everyone has a right to bail. if you wish to promulgate notions that mississippi does not abide by the constitution or the decisions of the supreme court, fine; just realize that it makes you look more discriminative than the oppressive tyrants that you so ardently protest.

    JIM DAVIDSON, i can't honestly take your statement with any degree of sincerity. i actually laughed at this because i feel that many of the intellectually challenged people posting on this forum will be ignorant enough and impressionable enough to believe it. as far as your "attorney" that said jones county is not dry, you should first read title 97, chapter 31 of the mississippi code before you go making yourself look even more ignorant. what your "attorney" was leaving out is that he was within the corporate limits of a municipality within the county. anyway, that's why i'm here; to bring some objective understanding to this situation which almost everyone is apparently misunderstanding, misrepresenting, or simply being willingly ignorant of. if there is anyone here who has a substantiated and intellectual argument, i welcome it. thanks for your time.

  7. Voice of Reprehension, Do you despise the notion of freedom? Do you think that adults need to baby sat with dry county laws? There are not any dry counties within a hundred miles of me so I did not even know you could get charged for possessing alcohol, I thought it just could not be sold.

    The one time I did stay at a dry county was when I visited some family. The country right beside it sold alcohol, and it was only a 10-15 minute drive away. So everyone in the dry county just bought booze at the neighboring county and brought it back. Less revenue for the dry county and it does not discourage drinking. It is nothing but a stupid law that does noting but treat adults like children.

  8. Let me just clarify "voice of reprehension" that I don't care what your laws are. Your laws are unnatural, and I will break them just as I please. I will break them, and I will kill anyone who tries to prevent me from breaking them, because your laws are tyranny and resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

    You are an authoritarian jerk. Your philosophy is Javertism. The law is the law and you must obey it. Which is stupid. You are an idiotic authoritarian jerk, and your ideas are stultifyingly stupid. I hope you resent me saying so. I invite you to do something about it.

    If there were a law in Mississippi to haul Jews to death camps, you would enforce it, wouldn't you? And you'd tell us why it was important, too.

    Screw you and the horse you rode in on.

  9. i don't know how you misconstrued anything i said to mean that i was tyrranical, oppressive, authoritarian, or not an advocate of freedom. anyway, at least you're honest in admitting that you did not "know you could get charged for possessing alcohol". that's my first point. nobody posting about this topic has any objective or factual basis for their blatantly ridiculous comments.

    JIM DAVIDSON: although that was a truly beautiful and eloquent oration (looks like someone figured out how to use a thesaurus), it is merely demonstrative of the delusional hypocrisy that persist within the bounds of such subversive political groups. the problem is that your abstract interpretation of liberty or freedom is far detached from reality. liberty, under the constitution of the united states, is not some ad libitum interpretation of what laws are "natural" and deserving of some deference. for example: statutory rape. the name even implies that it is only illegal by statute and it is not natural law in the sense that it was derived from the law of God. however, if your child was being taken advantage of, i can only imagine that you would demand criminal prosecution. this is my point. liberty is NOT anarchy; liberty is freedon within the bounds of sensible government. if you feel that beer laws are so oppressive that you need to kill someone over it…… well, i'm sorry. just for some procedural clarification: government must demonstrate a significant public need before a statutory law can be enacted, thus they have(had) a purpose other than simply inconveniencing you. if the laws are now antiquated, then people need to petition their governmental representatives to have them repealed, not accuse its enforcers as being tyrranical, criminal gangs. i'm sorry that you have such a diminished capacity for objective rationality, but, fortunately, the 1st amendment allows you to be as ignorant in your speech as you wish to be. please keep up this boundless ignorance that makes you sound so rightous in you pursuit of "liberty"..

  10. Dear Voice,

    The only reason the police pulled them over was because they thought the tag was expired it was checked and it was good. So……why was their car searched and why were they arrested? Would it have had anything to do with three young males in a RV so, of course they were guilty and had to prove themselves innocent. Also, why were the charges that each crew member were given reduced to one charge. The answer is they were erroneus.

    For more information check out the motorhome diaries Website they're awaiting the arrest record so check that out as soon as its up. You can also contact The MSLP chair via the forum at mslp.org.

    one more thing, the state of mississippi has a history of violating the constitution and a recent supreme court ruling arizona v. grant would eliminate anything found in a search in this situation( the single beer found in the fridge ).

  11. "i can only imagine that you would demand criminal prosecution"

    How rude. You have a bold imagination, but it is entirely mistaken. I would never demand government do anything. The government can go to hell, and take you with it.

    Give nothing to government, take nothing from it.

  12. Jim Davison said: >I would never demand government do anything.

    What do you call filing a lawsuit? If that's not demanding that the government do something, then nothing is.

    You're statement is a lie, Jim.

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