Sam Exits Court : Arrested Moments Later

Sam’s trial started today. The state presented its case before the court time ran out, and the trial will be continued on September 4th.

However, moments after leaving court, Sam broadcasted the below Porc411. Apparently under arrest for driving with a suspended license. More details will be posted to as we learn more.

Audio: Sam Arrested

Sam has been released with a summons. More information; including video; will likely be forthcoming throughout the weekend.

Qik videos related to the arrest:

Ian’s Camera Phone
Antijingoist’s Camera Phone

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  1. Man, I hate to hear this. Sam again. I follow y'all everday from Europe on the podcasts (even though I'm from SC) and appreciate the good work y'all are doing. I hate to hear that Sam has has more trouble with the police state though. Just listening to their 'I am the law!' voices makes me dread going back home to the land of tyranny.

  2. The cop that arrested sam was a power hungry tyrant. I bet if we were not there, he would have harmed the smoker there also. There some video up of this at
    Probably not the best video, but we tried. 😀

    Glad that Sam is out again. He really keeps on trooping.

  3. Excellent job on the videos guys!

  4. A least the cops let people video record in a public place and did not arrest everyone that just wanted to make sure he was ok like last time.

    The cop in plain clothes looked really pissed off. I wish the people he worked for would not tell him to arrest peaceful people.

    I bet he would happier if he did not have to run around stopping people who aren't doing anything to hurt anyone else.

    Sam D was naughty and did not do what he was told, but he was not hurting anyone. Now they are going to force him to stay in a room and they are going to force everyone else to pay for it.

  5. Sam was set-up. Why would the cops ask for his driver's license, right after he parked a car? How did they know his Texas license was suspended? They probably called the state of Texas and found a way to get it suspended; probably because Sam no longer has a residence in the state.

  6. quite obvious to anyone who has read anything about Sam and the Keene police that they are setting him up.

  7. Further proof that the government employees will waste as much money as needed to hold on to their aura of legitimacy.

  8. Sam needs to get a Kingdom of Heaven driver's license. It would be impossible for the cops to get this driver's license suspended, since it is church issued. They would need to violate the separation of church and state, and I don't think they would want to go there.

  9. debbie, they violate it all the time. they would put him in jail _for_ having a kingdom of heaven drivers license.

  10. Abbie, I didn't say they wouldn't put Sam in jail. What I said was they would not be able to suspend his Kingdom of Heaven driver's license. It is church issued and The Embassy of Heaven Church does not take orders from any government but God's. They would not suspend his Kingdom of Heaven driver's license just because the government of man told them to.

  11. RevDebbie,

    A lot of people are tired of pretending that you need to ask permission and fill out paperwork to do anything you want to in life.

    Does the 'Kingdom of Heaven' believe that people need to have a drivers license to travel freely? If they don't, then why do they issue these "licenses?"

    I am tired of playing government (Simon) says and government (mother) may I. I don't want to play kingdom in heaven says or may I either.

    This is retarded kindergarten shit and I am sick of pretending and playing their stupid games.

    I wish the police would stop bullying people.

    Cop: You did not prove you were innocent to drive! You don't have a permission slip from my principle!!! I am going to have to kidnap you and run you through my system now.

    Honestly who finds this to be fun or worth while? (I know cops love it because of the adrenalin rush they get from it.)

  12. ThinkLiberty,

    The Embassy of Heaven Church believes that God has already given us permission to drive and use the highways. We don't need to ask for permission. They only issue the driver's licenses because that is what the cops ask us for when they pull us over. So, they believe in giving the cops what they are asking for. For further clarification on the intent and purpose of the Kingdom of Heaven driver's license, I highly recommend you listen online to this free broadcast:

    It will make everything quite clear to you.

  13. ThinkLiberty, if you'd listened to the link, you'd know that was not so. Please listen to the broadcast, then I'll entertain your comments.

  14. I looked at their website. They are selling licenses just like the government.

  15. Debbie, I don't have time for those games… Not paying for any kind of license… unless its a get out of jail card.

  16. Thanks for the link, another pay-triot scam. They are trying to sell drivers licenses, just like the government.

  17. Abbie, I'm sorry you feel that God is a game. However, your non-belief does not negate God's existence.

  18. idiots

  19. Rev,

    I'm sorry you believe leprechauns are a game. However, your non-belief does not negate their existence.

  20. Debbie,

    Why don't you come to Keene and show us how well your jesus card works.

  21. ThinkLiberty, I would love to move to NH, but my husband and I have no money to make the move at this late stage in our lives. Unless you are offering to foot the bill for our move. In which case, we'll be happy to move immediately.

  22. Debbie,

    If you are not willing to try your jesus card in Keene you shouldn't be asking other people to pay money to the embassy of heaven to try it here for you.

  23. ThinkLiberty, if you will re-read my post and show me where I said I was not willing to try a Kingdom of Heaven driver's license in Keene. I don't see where I said that.

  24. You Said you would only try it if other people are willing to "foot the bill."

    I will alter my statement to you:

    You shouldn't be telling or asking other people to pay YOU money OR to the embassy of heaven for you to try your jesus card in Keene.

    Your not willing to foot the bill yourself. Because it's a bad idea. If it was a good idea your jesus would make it happen.

  25. He's your Jesus, too, ThinkLiberty, whether you accept Him or not. He still forgives you and so do I. Please know that I will be praying for you. If Jesus sees fit that my husband and I should have the money to move to NH, I look forward to meeting you and using a Kingdom of Heaven driver's license there too. God bless.

  26. NEWS FLASH!: Sam exits court…Arrested moments later…REVDEBBIE hawks Gods' Heavenly drivers' licenses…Details at 11…"…///…the "cop in plainclothes" is Lt. Peter Thomas…he pinch-hits police persecutor when Eli Rivera screws the pooch…*KNOW YOUR ENEMY*, boys & girls…know your enemy…

  27. any one ever see that ole Brit tv show from the 60s "the prisoner." Every time you think the prisoner has escaped…some unexpected trick lands him right back in the prison camp…Eerily similar…

  28. Don't you have to be dead to be a Citizen of Heaven? Actually, since Revelations says no one goes to Heaven until after the Rapture I'm not sure I'd get the proper level of government response I'd like if I became a citizen while alive, or are all of the bureaucrats in Heaven angels?

  29. Bureaucrats and angels in the same sentence…

  30. Here's a thought experiment. Replace the name Jesus with the name Rufus, to wit:

    "Rufus died for your sins".

    "You must accept Rufus as your Lord and Savior".

    "When Rufus returns, the seas will part, the earth will quake, and wicked will pee in their pants".

    "Praise Rufus".

    "Rufus forgives you".

    "I just want to thank my Lord and Savior Rufus for giving me the strength to catch that touchdown pass".

    My sense is that the level of efficacy would remain the same.

  31. How did u know my name is Rufus?

  32. Hey Ann, you never answered my question from a week or 2 back.

    Tell me, Ann, 25 words or less, why do you read

    I'll answer too, but I asked first

  33. <blockquote cite="RevDebbie">Abbie, I’m sorry you feel that God is a game. However, your non-belief does not negate God’s existence.

    I don't think Abbie thinks or said that God is a game; I think he said that obtaining a license is a game – obtaining permission from anyone for something you are free to do, is a game.

    Also, if you're going to use the argument that someone's non-belief in X doesn't negate the existence of X, then the exact same argument works on you: your belief in X does not prove the existence of X.

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