I forgive you, Ronald Leslie.

Ron LeslieRonald,

I just wanted to say that I forgive you for assaulting me and stealing my cell phone. I would also like to apologize for my immediate angry outburst. I really should have been thanking you for providing me with such wonderful footage. People as usual are saying I should “press charges”. Justice and revenge are not my intent, so you needn’t be concerned about that. I can’t say for sure there will be no fallout for you from within your organization, however.

There is a possibility the state agents in charge of your organization will be embarrassed into doing something about your unprofessional behaviour. From my perspective as one who is forced to pay your salary, it doesn’t seem like you were doing a very good job yesterday. As a captain in Keene fire/EMS you should be focusing on taking care of your patient instead of harassing members of the media. I don’t think you were acting in a manner that is appropriate for a leadership role in any organization. That said, you shouldn’t really be too concerned about fallout from within, as usually the government does a pretty good job of protecting their own from any sort of serious punishment (even with video footage of obvious criminal acts), so you’ll probably be alright.

I just wanted to share my reflections and let you know that I forgive you for your anger and what you did to me. Presuming you keep your job, I’d suggest you ignore the media from now on, or better yet actually try being friendly to them.

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  1. File charges. Get these people to start obeying their own laws. No good occurs when you forgive in the face of contempt.

  2. Is this a job for the Keene EMS hugging squad?

  3. Ian,

    I agree with SnowDog. Did anyone else notice the haircut on this EMT? It looks like a military/law enforcement one. I have to wonder if this guy is back from Iraq? It sure would explain his arrogant attitude of being able to do what the hell he felt like and suffering no consequences? People like this need to be stopped.Now! Just my observation…

    And no I don't forgive him!

  4. Ian,

    I agree with previous comments. File criminal or civil charges. File a complaint. Do you really want this guy to be the one you see when you have a medical emergency? He is clearly out of control and has anger issues. He is supposed to be a medical professional, not some kind of an ex-military thug.
    If you don't press charges he will continue harming people.

  5. egads.

  6. What I find interesting in this and the other episodes with bureaucrats making up their own rules, is that they clearly don't trust the system of laws that they want you to use. There are legal avenues to remedy a violation of HIPAA law (which this case isn't), but clearly Mr. Leslie doesn't trust the system and feels the need to take the law into his own hands.

  7. It would make sense to have the organization he works for compensate me, especially since I'm a forced "customer". However, I don't think anything is accomplished by continuing the cycle of violence.

    If you guys want to prove that "filing charges" will make any difference, you're welcome to show the way and set an example, but don't expect me to follow it.

    Not to mention filing charges would validate the system. I'd rather just stop paying taxes.

    Oh, and there is a private ambulance in town, so using EMS is not required.

  8. Facts are the issue here. I believe that what the EMS provider did was not out of line in any way. Here is someone in a life saving effort being bombarded with people in his face with cameras and yelling and disturbing him while on the job. Secondly, the camera clearly shows him handing off the phone to an officer at the door of city hall. If you knew anything about the Fire/EMS services you would know that it is a paramilitary organization. Which in tern the men and woman need to have short haircuts to go along with the rules of this field. Let's see?? How many firefighters do u know…would run into a burning building to save you when in need with ozzy osbourne length hair??? none…because its against regulation…let alone life safety in a burning building. Id like to see how you people act if Mr. Leslie showed up at your houses to pull you out of a burning building, or to save your children god forbid they ever got hurt. You wouldnt be so wrapped up in yourselves then I bet.

  9. No one was yelling at him. He came into a tense situation and acted like a gangster. He could have been courteous and focused on his work, but he decided he wanted to be an enforcer.

    Even if someone was to be yelling at him, that's no excuse for theft, Jessica.

  10. So, Jessica, he has short hair, and Fire/EMS is an important service, so therefore he can do whatever he wants to people or their property whenever he wants, including stealing people's cameras?

    If I become a bald plumber do I get to steal your stuff?

    You really are desperate to make excuses for any and every abusive and outrageous behavior of your beloved government agents. How do those boots taste?

  11. If you knew anything about the Fire/EMS services you would know that it is a paramilitary organization. Which in tern the men and woman need to have short haircuts to go along with the rules of this field. Let’s see?? How many firefighters do u know…would run into a burning building to save you when in need with ozzy osbourne length hair???

    who logged you on to the internetz, honey?

  12. Don't be rude Charley. And "honey" sounds quite misogynistic.

  13. And “honey” sounds quite misogynistic.


  14. honey? Don't be rude to me. Im stating my opinion. This is what you people are ALL about right? Standing up for what you think is right? Ya apparently its one sided though by Charlie's reaction to my comments. Ive gave my two cents. On your statement "Paul", No just because they have a short hair cut doesnt give them the right to do whatever they please, So dont be ignorant and turn around what im saying. I am saying they have to follow RULES, REGULATIONS, and BYLAWS. One of which is protecting the PRIVACY of a patient. Which he clearly warned you was the case in the beginning of the film. But it doesnt matter what I say. What do i know? Im just a "honey"

  15. Don’t be rude to me.

    let's review: you criticize someone for criticizing a jackass who stole his property. now you criticize someone for calling you "honey". you have much bigger problems than what people call you. hell, you didn't even ask if i have short hair. vewwy vewwy important.

    Im stating my opinion. This is what you people are ALL about right?

    no. you're a screamingly dull idiot. you should keep your mouth shut until that status changes. "you people"? "Don’t be rude to me."

  16. Quite frankly I dont care what you look like Charley, nor do I care what you think about me or my beleifs. I was stating how I felt. End of story. Have a nice life.

  17. y'mean you don't wanna know about my paramilitary organization? wow. i thought that sorta thing was crucial to understanding who's a jackass.

  18. Jessica, facts are at issue. The facts are that those recording in public had every right to record what was occurring in public, both as to public officials and private persons. The courts have consistently ruled that people in public have a limited right to privacy, as they have in public places only a limited expectation of privacy.

    In any case, no one was violating Kurt's privacy rights as everyone filming Kurt already knew who Kurt is and what his situation was; furthermore, Kurt did not object to being recorded and in fact most likely was happy that he was being recorded by his friends and supporters.

    The assertion by you that EMS are trained in a paramilitary environment does not authorize EMS personnel to operate outside the law. The fact that Leslie handed the phone to an LE officer after he unlawfully took it does not make Leslie's act lawful or excusable.

    Your appeal to emotion on the basis of hero-worship is rather pathetic. Leslie should be allowed to engage in criminal conduct because someday he may need to come to our homes to save us and we ought to be grateful?

    It is not an either/or proposition ( either Leslie is allowed to engage in criminal conduct unpunished , or he won't rescue you). It is an all-or-nothing proposition (Leslie must refrain from criminal conduct and rescue people, or he should not have the privilege of holding an office of public safety).

  19. Jessica, your belief that what Leslie did was not "out of line in any way" notwithstanding, I can assure you that, in my opinion, you are 100% wrong.

    I don't know if what Leslie did would constitute theft or robbery under NH statutory or case law, but in my personal opinion (I am not an attorney, nor am I offering a legal opinion/conclusion), Leslie may well be liable under the torts of battery and trespass to chattels and would likely lose if sued in a civil court. I will just address the tort of battery:

    The elements of tort battery are: (1) act by defendant (2) intent (3) harmful or offensive touching (4) Causation (5) Lack of consent by plaintiff

    Leslie intentionally and volitionally acted(knowingly and voluntarily acted), with the desire, or with a reasonable certainty, that his act would result in force being applied to the object in Ian's hand; the object in Ian's hand was intimately associated with Ian's person; Leslie's touching of the object in Ian's hand, which by extension applied force to Ian's hand, was an offensive touching; the force that Leslie applied to the object, which by extension applied force to Ian's hand, was the cause of the offensive touching; Ian did not consent to the offensive touching.

    Leslie, in my opinion, is very fortunate that Ian is a forgiving person. I am not so sure that the rest of the public in which Leslie operates are the fortunate beneficiaries of Ian's forgiveness. Leslie will not be held to account, and he may look on his escape from justice and accountability as a license to continue to visit his lawless ways on others. Should Leslie do so in the future, I guess it will be up to those injured by Leslie's lawlessness if they want to follow Ian's example or seek redress and remedy in the courts.

  20. I care what you say, Jessica. Charley's atypical here, I advise you pay him no heed.

    I do absolutely disagree with you, however. The patient wanted to be taped! What's more, this was public, where taping is always allowed. The EMT wasn't protecting anything, except perhaps government secrecy.

    The reality is, Jessica, these people do whatever they want, and then come up with laws to "justify" it. HIPAA doesn't even come close to applying in this situation. He was personally angry and lashed out, and that's just what he grabbed ahold of to excuse himself.

    The bureaucrats themselves break the laws all the time — but when they do it, it's ignored, or they get a slap on the wrist and paid leave. The law is their tool to go after people they want to go after, that threaten them, and to generate revenue. There are so many laws, that if you want to go after someone, you can easily make up some B.S. way to make it sound like you're acting under the color of law.

    If you or I did what this man did it would be clearly theft and assault, and we would be prosecuted fully. The morality of the situation does not change because this man works for the government — it just means that this will be swept under the rug. You could spend the rest of your life watching hours upon hours of police abuse and brutality on youtube, most of which ended with no serious consequences for the perpetrators. Abusing a female inmate? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-HCuOUQUd8): no wrongdoing whatsoever. Violently strip searching a female crime victim (not a suspect), with men present? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riboisae0JY): no criminal wrongdoing.

    These are real crimes, with real victims, most of whom had been harming no one. Here's a few more, most of which also ended with no consequences to the perpetrators: http://www.cato.org/raidmap/. Click on each icon for the related story.

    Police tape people all the time, without notification or permission — yet, tape one of them when they don't want you to and the "law" (meaning they themselves) comes down on you.

    The law is applied when it is convenient for the politicians, and for police — or when there's enough public outcry that they can't get away with ignoring it.

    In any case, the law does not define morality. There have been many immoral laws through history — immoral laws should not be enforced or obeyed. What this man did was immoral, plain and simple, and should not be excused.

  21. This incident will only be swept under the rug because Ian wants it that way.

    So he is now 0-2 when it comes to facing "the man."

    Go on and hug Eli again after what he has done Ian and further show that you are all talk. Forgive and hug the thugs that steal from you and hurt peaceful people. Lay down your right to any restitution.

    Yea, that is the way toward peaceful evolution!

    You and your pacifism is coming quite close to the cowardly Christians that forgive anyone and become the victim of everyone.

    FTL ratings may be on the up and up, but you are now illustrating that the host has no clothes…

  22. James, Ian was the one who was wronged. If he wants to let it go, that's his prerogative. We need more people willing to forgive each other in this world, not less. Peace is the means, not just the ends — there is nothing wrong with obtaining restitution, but we must not give in to the desire to obtain retribution and pain for those who harm us. And, nothing is being swept under the rug — this story is being told.

  23. Yeah, file charges, that'll work.

    Clearly some people aren't paying any attention to how gov't employees get away with everything.

    The only thing filing charges would get is a waste of time and money and effort.

  24. I am sure if that was your friend that the police hurt and that ems worker stole your camera, Jessica. You would not be so supportive of his actions.

    Maybe you are related in some way to the EMS worker, maybe that is why you support his theft and assault on non-violent people.

    "US people" are against violence. That is what we are all about. When you support another persons violence against peaceful people, then you are talking to the wrong crowd.

    We understand that violence is wrong. (it does not matter who is doing the violence. If they are wearing a costume or a badge violence against peaceful people is still wrong.)

    I hope some day you will give peace and non-violence a chance.

  25. @james

    If you feel Ian is doing it wrong, maybe you should face the man and show him how to do it right.

  26. the guy was just being a jerk. He took from you and hopefully he'll get called out on it next time someone stops by to see him.

    Jessica, your opinion is more than welcome. I also used to share in your opinion. I then came to the understanding that people are just people and no man is greater than another based solely on what their job is. He might be a great firefighter, but he was acting like a child throwing a tantrum and stealing someone else's property.

    You can't possibly support theft now can you? Adult to adult, do you really think it was proper for a man to take from another's hand from behind? That sort of thing reminds me of 2nd grade, no?

  27. Paul: Your youtube links above "contain invalid video url's". Or some Ka-Ka like that that they won't play for me. You knows so how much I luv wachin' you pee-ons git yer shit kicked by hispino/latanics like my buff ass. But youse got to check the linke becawse they don't work, OK? OK?SO FIX THOSE LINKS OR I'LL SKULLFUCK YOUR GRANDMOTHER'S CORPSE!

  28. I think I'll meet with the city manager to have a chat about it, but I'm not going to continue the cycle of violence. You gun-polishers can snipe all you want. I hope you find peace.

  29. ian, when you've found peace and forgiveness, perhaps the first sign will be the abatement of your now predictable "i forgive you" passive-aggressive smarm announcements. you haven't found shit beyond a joke way to package your frustration and massage your cowardice into fantastic superiority.

    now strap on that phony FM-DJ voice and get rollin'!

  30. passive-aggressive:

    being, marked by, or displaying behavior characterized by expression of negative feelings,resentment, and aggression in an unassertive way (as through procrastination, stubbornness, and unwillingness to communicate

    I've heard this one leveled at activists before, and it's just something I think people like you say to feel superior. You're wrong, of course. While I certainly don't feel positive about what Leslie did. I don't resent him and I'm certainly not being stubborn, unwilling to communicate, nor am I procrastinating.

    I didn't say I have found peace, but I'm not looking for violence. You call me a coward, but I've never seen you do anything except hide behind your keyboard and snipe. Where's evidence of your activism or any risk-taking?

  31. Charlie, If you have a problem with the way Ian does things why don't you do it better than him and show us all how it's done?

  32. Wikipedia article on HIPAA

    There is no basis to claim that Ian's recording was prohibited by HIPAA. HIPAA applies to paper and electronic health information held by "covered entities."

    Ridiculous extensions of actual HIPAA requirements have been made in the past. At one point, it was claimed that you could no longer announce the names of sick parishioners during church services.

  33. You’re wrong, of course.

    funny. your bullshit public "i forgive you" wailing is textbook passive-aggressiveness, rightly mimicked in countless sitcoms for that "quality".

    and back to the FK theory of criticism imperviouso magico:

    , but I’ve never seen you do anything except hide behind your keyboard and snipe. Where’s evidence of your activism or any risk-taking?


    Charlie, If you have a problem with the way Ian does things why don’t you do it better than him and show us all how it’s done?

    FK pukes can never be criticized negatively, because it always comes back to the "well, i don't see you doing anything" cover. assume i'm a run-of-the-mill statist. relevance to this post? none.

    you retards never learn. try truth.

  34. Charlie, if you knew what you were talking about you would do it.

    You are full of shit.

    Feel free to prove me wrong.

  35. If Ronald Leslie wasn't paid $400,000/year to save me, I'd just stand around and watch my house burn down. He looks like one of those goons at Fenway. They all come down from NH and VT in their taxpayer funded assault vehicles and park wherever they want with their special exempt plates, and generally live it up at our expense. I wonder how many Iraqi villagers died at the hands of Ronald Leslie and people like him? He looks and acts like a mass murderer.

    Little known fact: most of the people in the stands at Fenway are law enforcement… FBI, staties, court security, municipal "police and fire," prosecutors, &c. &c. Believe me, there's no recession for state connected muscle. I went to a game once and asked around. It's ALL government. We live in a class system all right. The goons like Ronald Leslie are the ruling class.

  36. Charlie, if you knew what you were talking about you would do it.

    You are full of shit.

    Feel free to prove me wrong.

    is there a refutation hiding somewhere in there? doesn't look like it. perhaps "run-of-the-mill statist" wasn't strong enough of a hint. try "career badged criminal" and see if that helps your illogic sensor tune itself. maybe "long-time CIA agent and child molester".

  37. Who are you calling a “long-time CIA agent and child molester”?

    Your post does not make any sense.

  38. Your post does not make any sense.

    wrong again. how did people as stupid and dishonest as you become drawn to liberty? perplexing.

  39. Last week, I was asked by a friend to be downtown @5PM on the Square(Common, call it whatever…). They were/are part of a weekly(Thurs.) pro-health-care/public option, yadayada whatever…thing @5PM…They were concerned to have their event go smoothly as it usually does, and not interfere with the 420 rally. Or vice versa…About 5:15, out of my brain, WHO?, anyway…420 kids are mostly home changing their diapers & re-rolling their spliffs with *REAL* ganga,…Then I see Ian…He's standing near that butt-ugly rubble pile fountain with his bullhorn. He starts bellowing(c'mon, he had a *BULLHORN*, remember???…) at them about "…aggressing against your neighbors…", &etc…My friend was concerned, because of the many stories about Ian- only *SOME* of them true – that have been going around on the Jumanjiville gossip-go-round…They asked me if I could "help"…So I walked up to Ian, and when he bullhorned, I free-voiced him right back. …Something about the look on the face of a guy w/a bullhorn, who's being calmly out-shouted (& out-logic-ed) by a yahooo…Ian, we are *ALL* very glad that you're doing what you do…You could be here w/out us, but we can't do this w/out you. So please don't hassle the nice little old ladies & gents who are simply Obamanators…OK?. Thanks. Now, to switch out of this stupid superhero costume, & into something more comfortable, like BDU's!!!…BWA-HA-HA!!!…stay tuned, folks!!!…

  40. …is Ron Leslie a brother/cousin/relation to the KPD Shawn Leslie???…

  41. I am in no way shape or form related to the EMS provider. I just believe that in an emergency situation…your friend or not…you should not disturb their work. asking them questions when you could find out from your friend by writing to him in jail…OR blocking their way as they bring your "friend" out of the building. Or being in their face filming…and for what purpose…just to start trouble like this? You look for any reason to get people in trouble or to make a scene at an already bad situation. How peaceful is that? my opinion…

  42. Filming is not "making a scene" Jessica, it is holding people accountable who desperately need some accountability. I am confident that if there had been a camera in that room Rivera would not have nearly broken Kurt's neck. Daylight is a disinfectant — only cockroaches who like darkness scatter.

    Here are the links from above, apparently the parenthesis got sucked into the link the first time.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-HCuOUQUd8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riboisae0JY

    Or just look for police brutality on youtube and elsewhere, there are hundreds of instances of police beating defenseless people, tazing kids, and even shooting people in cold blood. And those are just the ones caught on video. Again, most result in minimal consequences for the cops, if any.

  43. Jessica,

    I am not a member of the FSP or some sort of hanger-on, just a long time NH resident. And I don't live anywhere near Keene. I don't think it is wise to take on the court system itself, as some of these activists want to do. Other liberty movements, notably civil rights, made the court system an ally against other branches of government. But of course that is their decision.

    Whether or not we approve of anybody's tactics, whether or not we would do things differently, we have to allow people to exercise their rights under the law.

    I just watched the video again. I did not see any evidence of people disturbing the work of the EMTs or blocking their way.

    What I did see was the EMT incorrectly stating that a bystander was in violation of federal law (HIPAA) simply for recording a patient in a public place. And although I didn't see him pull the cell phone from Ian's hand, from the statements it appears that he did. I don't believe that EMTs have any authorization to do that. If the EMT thought that Ian or anybody else was in violation of law, he should have brought it to the attention of law enforcement efforts, of whom there were plenty in attendance.

    If this incident causes the EMTs actually to read and understand the laws they threaten people with, and to understand that it is not their role to threaten people, that would be a good outcome.

  44. Boy oh boy Curt, you are such a reasonable, objective, tolerant, level headed, all around super-wonderful-great-awesome-guy. Go fuck yourself.

  45. Jessice wrote: "I am in no way shape or form related to the EMS provider."…So, tell us, Jessicrap, are you a dog, maybe, or some lower species? I'da thought you were human…even I can be wrong, though. You see, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. YOU EITHER WORK, FIGHT, EARN, OR RECIEVE IT AS A GIFT. &THAT WHICH IS EARNED CAN BE LOST & SPENT…I think your freedom account is a little low, JESSICRAP! Sure, what the EMT guy did was innapropriate & wrong. And it reflects poorly on *ALL OTHER* EMT's…you can *TRY* to defend his bad behavior, but this is what you'll get for it, *BITCH*…HA, Health Insurance Portability & PROTECTION ACT, my ass. *PROTECTION RACKET* is more like it!

  46. Charlie,

    I like what people like Sam and Ian do with their activism, I think it's pretty effective. — He has your attention, you post on his website.

    Your activism consists purely of calling people names on the internet. I don't think you are ever going to change things, by using ad hominem attacks on people.

  47. , I think it’s pretty effective. — He has your attention, you post on his website.

    if he lit himself on fire he would have my attention. your point? none. if, according to you, me posting on his site is good for liberty, then you've fucked your premise.

    Your activism consists purely of calling people names on the internet.

    bullshit "activism" term aside, you just pulled a fantasy out of your ass and asserted it as truth. shameful behavior, made even worse by its oft noted fallacious foundation. you are a dishonorable and stupid quank.

    I don’t think you are ever going to change things, by using ad hominem attacks on people.

    as opposed to a non-ad-hominem attack? c'mon, you can work your pet term into conversation more smoothly. you can do it, poser moron!

    the funniest bit about you overconfident dorks slathering "ad hominem" all over the place is that in doing so you generally commit the fallacious variety. yes, this is difficult for children to understand. bummer.

  48. I love how you say youre all about peace…and freedom and all this stuff. So, peaceful is calling someone a BITCH? Freedom is expressing my opinion and being criticized and being called a moron…and a bitch… RIGHTTTT makes lots of sense…

  49. Jessica, most of us here certainly object to calling people these things. I hope you understand that no one controls who comes on here or what they say. I suggest you judge people on their own actions. So, if Charley or the "king of keene" behave poorly, then that reflects on them, not others. I am sorry you have to put up with that, but as I say, anyone can come on here and say anything, and unfortunately Charley and KOK are quite prolific.

  50. Thanks Paul. First Humane person on here…i mean no harm. Just wanted to give my two cents

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