Liberty Activists Hold Candlelight Vigil in Front of Rivera’s & Burke’s Homes

About two dozen liberty activists’ peaceful candlelight vigil for Kurt Hoffman in front of Eli Rivera’s home (KPD’s prosecutor) resulted in a confrontation by KPD officers on duty, followed by Eli himself. Here’s some grainy blackberry footage:

Activists later brought the vigil to Edward Burke’s home (the robed man) – four cops responded there and were offered free pizza. The officers refused, and went away. Look for more video soon from the Obscured Truth Network.

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  1. "The police… feel our presence is intimidating…" — I've never heard that one before! Priceless!

    Is this what it feels like when the government is fearing the people?

  2. I think that many members of the KPD deserve a lot of credit for engaging in reasoned discussion, as I see in this video. Obviously I would have fundamental disagreements with any police department in the country as they are today. The KPD, though, based on what I have seen, is a pretty darn good one compared to others.

    I get the impression that many of these people genuinely can think as individuals, and are capable of exercising discretion, and obeying their consciences — they are not doomed to be automata following orders.

    Basically, I want to recognize that the fundamental issues we are dealing with are universal, and the problem is not with KPD officers specifically, as compared to any other department.

    Of course it is not anywhere close to ideal, but I cannot imagine that any other department would do a better job addressing these situations.

    We should not lose sight of the underlying immorality, nor does it excuse that immorality, but I think it is worth recognizing and appreciating.

  3. Offered pizza! God I love you guys.

  4. Bring it to them as individuals. Beautiful.

  5. I don't think these crowd sessions with the police are productive. Lots of people shouting questions and answers lets them pick and choose what they actually respond to. It's just a big cluster fuck. I don't think it's that useful for reaching video viewers either. Ultimately, all you get out of them are the usual tired talking points.

    You're talking to people very entrenched in their positions, with a bias toward protecting bad laws that target innocent people. They're jobs depend on those millions of words of laws on the books that most people barely have an inkling of. They're not about to say "Oh, you're right. I'll stop enforcing that bad law."

  6. It underscores the need for law enforcement types to understand the nature of law and how it has been perverted into the violator of rights that it is today. Unless this point is being made clear, they will not get it. As I posted here last night, Fredric Bastiat's 'The Law' is a great way to show this to people. The ideas within are explained very clearly and logically. Maybe this won't convert them either but it's another nail in the coffin of state legitimacy and there's no reason not to drive it home.

  7. You guys are fucking nuts. I'm just trying to think of all the different legal weapons the judicial system has to destroy anyone who messes with court officials outside of the official process. The police were hinting at some bringing some of that pain in the vid, and you can bet they'll have it figured out next time: Obstruction of justice is the obvious catch all, but they could also try witness intimidation or something like that. I'm not saying I'm not sympathetic, I'm just saying, why do you think protesting against politicians is permitted? Because the judicial system says so. Protesting judges and lawyers? Not so much.

  8. If the law permits any group of men to commit an act that would be illegal if one man did it, then the law is wrong and those enforcing it are tyrants. Do you suggest that liberty minded people or any other people for that matter should sit idly by and allow this, because somehow 'court officials' are sacred and not to be messed with?

    Look beyond fear and find the truth, Spam Man

  9. Instead of posting up in front of their homes, a better call would have been to flood there mailboxes with letters telling how you feel. How hurting our peaceful friends and neighbors isn't appreciated. I believe this particular candlelight thing was a fail.

  10. I've sent lots of letters over the years, and not one of them has ever done anything to change the problem with the law. What should I put in my letters to make them work, and how would this draw attention to my cause more effectively than, say, a candlelight vigil in front of the home of a tyrannical cop or judge?

  11. wow that video was intense. Rivera was so pissed. And the other police there were like "WTF, they can come to our houses now?"

    The cops might try to claim harassment, but I doubt they will get very far. It's not illegal to knock on someone's door (as long as you leave if they ask you to).

    Sam sounded very upset at one point. I'd like to hear more on that. Sam didn't sound this upset while he was in jail, why so upset now?

  12. An appearance of Keene having a good police department is not likely to be a coincidence but more likely due to the hard work of those who spent many hours confronting them in a constructive and instructive manner. This was my first encounter with Rivera, but he has a serious anger problem and has no business being any part of the criminal justice system – other than to bring in to an anger management class to demonstrate how not to behave! Cruel actions produce cruelness in the people, and he may have been treated very cruelly in the past, and keeps trying to take it out on someone, anyone, at the least excuse, but the criminal justice system has no room for anyone of that nature. Note, of course, that criminal is being used as an adjective and not a noun.

    Sam was upset not because he had been physically injured by Rivera, but because Rivera was continuing that pattern of physically injuring others repeatedly. One time you reprimand them. Twice you make them go look for another line of work more suitable for them.

  13. I gather that many here genuinely would like to engage the police in a meaningful dialog about modifying the way certain laws are enforced. However I do think that messing with them and their families at their homes is the wrong way to do it. Now if you are just looking to provoke a confrontation or cause them to be even more deeply entrenched in their ways then keep it up. If you want to have your vigils at the court, the police station, Central Square, or other public places then that is fine. But if you start messing with them at home you will destroy any progress you may have made with the officers. Not to mention any hope of future progress in that area.

  14. I disagree. These men will now have their families asking them, 'Why are those people out on the street with candles in front of our house?'

    What are they gonna say? 'Because they're violent law-breaking animals?' Even the most brainwashed of the ignorant won't buy that.

    The tyrannical actions of these men are coming home to roost, literally. That is what they have earned for themselves by their actions, and by their abuse and imprisonment of peaceful people.

    Further violence by them in response to people with candles will be seen for what it is, the heavy hand of tyranny on those the tyrants consider as lesser than they.

    By what logic do you assert that the vigils were destructive?

  15. This is great activism. Might be even better if you don't even talk to the cops, just hang out in front of the house with candles and ignore the police…

  16. You have definitely got their attention. I take back the letter comment. I guess my opposition isn't the candlelight vigil or even where it was done. It would be wasting my breath talking to those rock-head bureaucrats. oh John just said the same thing.

  17. @R

    Unfortunately after people get home from their jobs the only place to protest the actions of these thugs is when they are at their homes. People have a right to peacefully assemble and ask their public officials to stop hurting people.

    They should get a job in the private sector if they don't like being public officials.

    I am sure if the government was accessible after people got home from work or on the weekends, they would address their public officials and hold vigils at government offices.

  18. For the sake of discussion put the shoe on the other foot if you can. How would you feel if people were demonstrating outside your house? I’ll bet you wouldn’t think too much of it nor would you tend to be sympathetic to their views. You talk about your right to assemble but don’t forget their right to feel secure in their home. If you want to win the hearts and minds of the officers you won’t accomplish it this way. All you will accomplish is their further entrenchment and distain.

  19. I would feel like I needed to reexamine my own choices, if a group of people were standing outside my house with candles protesting my actions. It wouldn't matter if I were sympathetic to their views or not, obviously they did not show up for no reason. If they did not want anyone to come to their homes maybe they shouldn't enact tyranny on others, wouldn't you think? R, all you are doing is defending the evil acts of evil or misguided men. Why do you persist in this? What is so laudable about these particular men, that no one should protest the wrongs they do to others? Are they better than you, R?

  20. R,

    I wonder why all those people would feel the need to voice their concerns to their public officials on the weekend.

    Maybe they have to work during the week and don't have the time until the weekend?

    I wonder what Burke and Eli Rivera did to make people hold a peaceful vigil in front of their homes on a weekend? You'd think people have better things to do, they must have done something really bad.

  21. R, I'm in my own home right now, and your comment is making me uncomfortable! I demand you be kidnapped and robbed!

  22. i thought here would be the best place to post my reactions to last night, because it has the most chance of being viewed by those who i would want to see it.

    first off, i have to say that many in 'my own circle' will disagree with me, and that's perfectly okay. these are my opinions based on my beliefs, and i don't expect anyone to adopt them because i say so. i think there were many miscommunications last night that created a situation i was not fully supportive of. the intentions i held when choosing to take part in this was to show these 2 men that they have crossed a line. they are no longer just 'doing a job', but effecting people in a very personal way.

    burke is in a position of authority over others that was given to him without our consent. his personal feelings have become a motivator in what should be an impartial decision making process; and as a result, he is tearing apart families and subjecting people to a loss of freedom. this is evident from the fact that not one person on this earth could claim an injury, loss, or threat of imminent danger resulting from the actions of those people burke has put into jail.

    rivera has also been given an unconsented position of authority over people, with the added authority to use physical violence without recourse. he has shown himself to have problems with managing his anger, which puts anyone who peacefully disagrees with his beliefs in a dangerous position. the most disturbing element (to me) is that when i watch the video of sam's arrest, and i hear him screaming in pain… i can overlook the bad law, i can overlook the bad decision to enforce it, i can even overlook the mistake of improperly cuffing sam and causing him pain (if it was an accident)… but i CANNOT overlook rivera's obvious enjoyment of sam's pain. that causes me to feel pain on a personal level.

    that is why i felt it would be beneficial to peacefully stand outside these two men's homes with candles to remind them of the personal pain that results from their inhumane actions. legally acceptable or not, these men hurt people, and i want them to understand that.

    that being said… had i known rivera was not home, but his family was, i would not have taken part. i don't mind his family knowing how we feel; however, i do mind that because he was not home, our peaceful assembly there could easily be misconstrued as a threat to innocent people. this was in no way the intention of this vigil, but for a woman whose husband does things that people don't like, seeing a group of those people gather in front of her home while he is gone can trigger the feelings of fear that our government and main stream media provoke in society. his family has nothing to do with any of us, and i am deeply sorry if they felt threatened in any way. i hope they understand that i hold nothing but good will towards them, and they should never feel threatened by me in anyway. i'd even go so far as to say that if a threat of danger ever did arise (which wouldn't have come from this group, but i'm speaking 'just in general') i would do my best to protect them from harm. i believe in peace and love, nothing else. that is why i was there. to spread a message of peace and love, not to bring fear or anger to anyone, not even rivera himself.

    while i understand that people may argue these vigils could have been done elsewhere, i think they wouldn't had the potential effect that this was to create. it's like setting up a 'free speech zone' miles away from a politician's speaking event… the person you are trying to reach with you message can't hear it. this was done to reach a PERSON, not address a political issue. these were people who hurt our friends and loved ones. the system may suck, but they choose to embrace it, and use it against us. i can reach millions of people with videos online, but this message was for burke and rivera.

    if that message, one solely based on peace and love, was misinterpreted as a threat, then i ask that those who feel/felt threatened be aware that they will never be in harms way when i am around. i will not only never use violence or aggression against ANY human being, i will defend even those i disagree with from the violence or aggression of another.

  23. Why do I persist with my line of thinking? The very same reason you do. It’s my opinion and what I believe. You don’t have to agree with it as I don’t with yours. I still find it a little naive that you think that these actions will win over the police officers and cause them to modify the way they do things. I think it will do just the opposite and come back and bite you at some point. But if you do believe it then more power to you I guess.


    Kidnapped and robbed? Pretty extreme I would say. Should I call 911 for you?

  24. I hope this happens every night. What are they going to do to stop you? Don't talk to the cops at all, and just stand outside the homes in silence until Kurt is released. I bet his comfort is much worse than the people who live in these homes.

  25. Don't bother to call 911, R, the same goons who do the robbing will show up.

  26. just leave the men alone. eli is a good man, whether you wish to believe it or not. he did not purposefully break his neck by pushing him against the wall or whatever you guys think happened. people exaggerate. rivera needed to do his job by restraining the defendant. and, if the defendant had cooperated with the court in the first place, he wouldn't have gotten the maximum penalty, and thus wouldn't have broken his neck.

  27. These candlelight vigils need to be Candlelight Caroling. Songs of love, peace, and forgiveness toward the violent enemies of Liberty.

    And if you call me a hippy, I'll throttle you! 😉

    Not really 😛

  28. @JlG:

    "rivera needed to do his job", please clarify the requirement of "need" and how it was achieved by the use of violence?

    Also, I understand it might make you feel better but the blatant transparency here of you "blaming the victim" is insulting to anyone with half a brain.

    For example: "She wouldn't have gotten raped if she hadn't been wearing that miniskirt she was really asking for it."

    Furthermore, whether or not a person is "good" is not a matter of belief, one way or the other. It is a matter of fact.

    To clarify this for you, consider that just because some people believe that Hitler and Stalin were "good men" does not make their "goodness" a matter of belief.

    You may hold the belief that Eli is a "good" man, and Eli may in fact have "good" intentions, but the fact is that a man leaves his mark on the world through his real and measurable actions, not his intangible intentions or beliefs.

    Best of luck to you all.

  29. We're yet to see the fallout of these candelight vigils in front of government houses, but I think it was a terrible idea.

    Now you've all given the public a reason to think the Keene activists are a threat. Talk all you want about how peaceful and principled you all are, but the public isn't going to see it that way.

    "A Gang," one of the cops called you. I understand why he thinks that way. I know better, but that's because I know many of you.

  30. Peaceful assembly with candles is somehow threatening now?

    I'll support leaving the cops alone at their houses once they promise to leave us alone at our houses. As it currently stands, if I don't pay their salary, they come and kick me out of my house. They don't come and hold a peaceful candlelight vigil asking for my money, that's for sure.

  31. I'm sorry I left with a ride home now. A gang? Intimidating? What a laughingstock for Rivera's family to claim feeling threatened when his career is predicated upon making others fearful of the things they do in the privacy of their home. Your violence and childish temper are finally coming back to you Eli. In the year I have been here and participating in local activism, I have seen nothing from this group that could REMOTELY be construed a ill-intentioned or violent. I have seen several instances of police violence and numerous instances of violence at large that the police have failed to prevent, nor have they apprehended or even determined those involved. In the past year, to my recollection, these include:

    several stabbings

    an arson on marlborough st.

    an attack on an apartment with a molotov cocktail

    two muggings in broad daylight, with descriptions of the suspects.

    a rape

    But they make sure to threaten somebody making dinner listening to music a bit too loudly. Arrest that hoodlum holding marijuana in his hand. Threaten all those nice folks with tables and instruments on public property. Intimidate those who refuse to stand for a man who frankly has done nothing to deserve respect, and everything to inspire contempt. Or get those damn kids out the court lobby. Confiscate those "instruments of crime" commonly called cameras. Lock a man away for months for refusing to play your sick game of supplication and obedience. Or smash Kurt's skull into the wall.

    The fact of the matter is, Eli, most people who interact with you or listen to your obesity-addled lying breath on the witness stand, have little if any respect for you. And I suspect that reason is an obvious personal vendetta you have against anybody you can label as a free stater, free keene, "subject" or your inferior.

    Does your wife know you nearly broke a man's neck because he wanted to give his own wife a hug before he was stolen away from her for SIX MONTHS? Last night's vigil came to your doorstep because you are just a man who lives in Keene. You may be wrapped in this mysticism that surrounds your work costume and the state papacy that validates your violence, but you are still just a man – one that could use a shot of humility.

  32. You should all be shot. Crossing a line from peace to overly present. If you were on my door step I would've come out swinging with my trusty louisville slugger.

  33. Wow – how incredibly violent of you. No one was in danger, so no defensive force would be necessary.

  34. Shyfrog: "These candlelight vigils need to be Candlelight Caroling. Songs of love, peace, and forgiveness toward the violent enemies of Liberty."

    I couldn't agree more!

    Wanna write me a melody?:


    COPYRIGHT 2009 by Sam A. Robrin or whoever the hell it is who writes these things. Go ahead and use it, but if you make a little money on it, I want some!

    You think we hate you,

    But you're wrong–

    We hate the way you've trampled liberty so long.

    Your hate we're staunchly

    Resentful of,

    But we respond with pity, sympathy, and love.

    You think we fear you–

    No, not quite.

    We fear the loss of freedom's giving, guiding light.

    It's that spirit

    We've vowed to save

    With that to strengthen us, we're nothing else but brave.

    You think we'll harm you–

    That's not true.

    We'll only stop the harm that's done to us by you.

    What you're not seeing

    When we resist

    Is that you're part of who we're trying to assist.

    You think we're traitors.

    So you say.

    But there's no treason in refusing to obey.

    We're demonstrating

    With our Will nots

    That we're the actual impassioned patriots.

    You think we're adverse.

    Not the case!

    Come join us peaceably–just name the time and place.

    We'll greet you fairly–

    It's what we do–

    And we'll extend the hand of liberty to you.

    I have a tune in mind for this one, but after my experience with the one above (I checked, DALE, and you were right . . .), I'd want to run it by a musician first!:


    [size=6pt]COPYRIGHT 2009 by Sam A. Robrin or whoever the hell it is who writes these things. Go ahead and use it, but if you make a little money on it, I want some![/size]

    Why does fighting for freedom matter so much?

    What makes me think I must give it my own special touch?

    It's not a "Look at me!" advertisement,

    Or a case of personal aggrandizement–

    Ego doesn't enter into the story:

    There are lots of easier ways to earn glory.


    I want to say

    To the mirror, "Hey–

    You did good.

    "You heard the call

    And you gave all

    That you possibly could.

    "You didn't drag.

    You didn't lag.

    You boldly carried the liberty flag.

    "You forged ahead,

    Sweated and bled,

    Now you can deservingly hold high your head."

    When will liberty finally be a fact?

    Where can I go to help keep it from being attacked?

    I'll keep searching until I can find

    People of a like liberty-loving mind,

    Fully cognizant of what they believe,

    And together we'll be what we want to achieve.


    I want to know,

    In the grand tableau

    Of liberty,

    Parts that I played

    Really were made

    Special for me.

    Know deep inside

    That I sure tried–

    My life will have meant something when I've died;

    Know in my soul

    I filled my role

    The best that I could to accomplish the goal.

    How great giving and clearly getting your best?

    Who wouldn't want to prolong that sheer feeling of zest?

    Putting activism into action

    Gives a damn near sexual satisfaction–

    Similarly acts of procreation,

    Making your mark on the world and nation.


    I want to be

    True, able, and free

    Here on this Earth;

    Body and mind

    Fully entwined

    By rule of birth.

    If I must fight

    To earn that right–

    If that's the battle they choose to incite–

    Then let them try

    And, live or die,

    I will have been true to the I that is I.

  35. I can't even believe this website and the direction the city of Keene is going. I grew up in Keene and never thought a bunch of losers would be able to act like this. From what I get from your website and your "videos" your all a bunch of pussies that are going in the wrong direction to accomplishing anything but being a nuisence. I'll tell you if you showed up at my doorstep they'd be bringing bodybags because I would enact my second amendment right. Here's an idea for you bunch of assholes put down the bongs and go down to the recruiters office and fight for this country that your trying to destroy and stop disrespecting the men and women serving this country AND ITS LAWS. They are dying so you can be MORONS. It disgusts me. I might actually plan a trip up north to see your little 420 BS. What are you gonna do when I put my fist in the back of your skulls and watch with laughter as the last one falls. Stop using the Rosa Parks card, you assholes are nothing like that extraordinary woman and your "cause" is nothing like the civil rights movement. And I'm guessing that MLKJ would be disgusted with the thought that you think it is. You whiners are going to keep it up and my fellow brothers in arms will keep dying for you. For all of them let me say to FUCK YOU!

  36. I think this event must have been posted on a police blog or something. The crazy violent threats against peaceful activities are coming out of the woodwork.

  37. Hey Dingdong,

    I was just on the cool website no police blog so don't get excited. As I stated I grew up in Keene, try to keep up I know your brains full of resin. You're not peaceful but if that is what you need to tell yourselves to sleep at night.

  38. I believe that marijuana should be legalized but I also believe that you are hurting this cause.

  39. first off, i personally don't believe the US Army is currently protecting me from anything, but i do appreciate that the those who think they are protecting my freedom would be so willing to do so.

    but if they are willing to die for my freedom, wouldn't it be disrespectful to not act like a free person?

  40. What are you gonna do when I put my fist in the back of your skulls and watch with laughter as the last one falls.

    I'm glad you came by tonight. It really reinforces to every single supporter that they are taking the correct paths with their lives, "being morons" and trying to destroy your country.

    You need a hug?


    Overtly violent, jingoistic nonsense like you spout IS the problem with this country. The real threats to freedom and liberty are found RIGHT HERE within our own borders, not thousands of miles away in a scrap of desert people have been fighting over for centuries. I did go down the recruiters office once, and they proved conclusively to be full of shit, and shameless opportunists more interested in threatening kids into "service" than listening to their real concerns about their own life.

    Furthermore, your second amendment right is to keep and bear arms for personal defense, not for murdering people with candles. Your fellow brothers is arms will keep dying for a government that sees them as sacrificial animals and can't even afford them the basic medical care they deserve for getting their legs blown off fighting another politicians war.

    The "Rosa Parks card" is an allegory about mindlessly obeying bad laws simply because they are laws. Take every vicious name you called complete strangers in your tirade and replace it with NIGGER, and you'll see precisely how it reflects the civil rights movement. Let's do this exercise together:

    bunch of losers (niggers) would be able to act like this.

    all a bunch of pussies (niggers)

    you bunch of assholes (niggers) put down the bongs…

    I think you get it. It is a solid analogy, substituting one word for the other, because your intent was only to degrade, demoralize and deprecate individuals you have grouped together in your mind. Your purpose was to espouse hatred and threats of violence. The nouns you chose are irrelevant.

    I respect every single service member who truly fights for freedom. You on the other hand seem to use it as a measuring stick for your manhood. When Rivera takes of his gang colors at night, he returns to a home where he is just a man and has neighbors that he is NOT superior to. The vigil was just a friendly reminder of that, and the fact that his actions have left a man in a questionable state of health – for which he has expressed no sympathy or regret.

    If you can't see that and only have the capacity for hatred and threats, then you are no better than the evil men you claim to protect the world from with your "laws and brothers in arms."

  42. IAWAI, No I don't need a hug but Thanks for asking. And it's not my country it's our country. SMEG your a misguided individual if you don't think your being protected from anything. I've got a great idea why don't you guys take your 420 group international and see how it goes in Afghanistan. I'm glad that your stuck in your little box where your biggest concern is where to smoke your next bong. I guess the Armed Services are doing their job!


    You don't have to go kill people in other countries for me to be free. It would be nice if you'd stop threatening to hurt peaceful people who haven't harmed anyone, just because they don't live their lives exactly the way you want them to.

    THAT would be pro-freedom.

    The reality is, you pay lip service to liberty, but you're really right on board with tyranny — arbitrary control of governments over our lives.

  44. I can't even believe this post Josh. You're way off base and I don't know if it's ignorance or stupidity. You have the right to assemble it's in the constitution but when you move it to a person's property you're crossing a line that is more hurtful to your cause. You won't see it that way of course. Josh you and I will have to agree to disagree because we see this country in two totally different lights. I want my family protected and to be able to sleep at night and you guys want to smoke pot where ever and live with no laws or government. If your world came to reality we would all be speaking Chinese, or Korean, or Arbic because we would be under someone else's rule.

  45. According to stuff I can see as an admin, KeepKeeneShackled = RuKidding = freddie

    Hey RUKidding – why are you pretending to be more than one person?

  46. KEEPKEENESHACKLED: Its not my country its just another landmass with a violent government holding dominion over the people living on it.

    I don't need the government's armed forces to do anything for me I can keep myself free and safe from the boogey men you fear so much your willing to enslave yourself and everyone around you. (HINT you can't trade liberty for security!)

    Please get a life beyond forcing others to obey your rules.

  47. Peaceful assembly with candles is somehow threatening now?

    No. But of course you leave out the "in front of a cop's house" part, in which case, the answer is Yes. It is threatening when a group of people show up at your house (or your neighbor's house), with or without candles, with the obvious intention of airing their animosity and indignation. The fact that you were all holding candles does not negate the obvious.

    You may feel completely morally justified in holding vigils in front of Rivera's house, but that doesn't mean the community is going to see it as peaceful and non-threatening. I'm not really thinking about Rivera or Burke here, but the public in general.

    Public perception is tremendously important. If we aren't trying to convert people, then what is the point?

    Which raises the question: What exactly was the point of holding candlelight vigils in front of Rivera's and Burke's houses? I suspect the vigils were more about catharsis than anything else. Does someone care to challenge me on that point?

  48. Comment by Ian

    According to stuff I can see as an admin, KeepKeeneShackled = RuKidding = freddie

    How could anyone be unable to see through so obvious a hoax name?

  49. If I ever slam someone’s head and neck against a surface, and injury results – please hold a candlelight vigil for the victim, and demand restitution or at least an acceptance of blame and an apology from me.

    Most important: great job countering force with peace. This vigil, even if not highly viewed on the youtube, was seen by the actual neighbors of these tyrant-followers. As was said before: how are they going to explain their disdain for people holding a candlelight vigil? How can they dehumanize the humane to justify their actions, and indeed their very livelihood?

  50. Kellie: I think its about showing that these thugs that they can't just walk away after hurting innocent people that it will NOT be forgotten.

    If a group showed up at my hose holding candles I would be very interested in speaking with them and having a open full dialog with the group since I don’t want a bad reputation.

    But sadly government thugs don't care about having horrible reputations they aren't held accountable for there bad decisions.

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