Liberty Activists Hold Candlelight Vigil in Front of Rivera’s & Burke’s Homes

About two dozen liberty activists’ peaceful candlelight vigil for Kurt Hoffman in front of Eli Rivera’s home (KPD’s prosecutor) resulted in a confrontation by KPD officers on duty, followed by Eli himself. Here’s some grainy blackberry footage:

Activists later brought the vigil to Edward Burke’s home (the robed man) – four cops responded there and were offered free pizza. The officers refused, and went away. Look for more video soon from the Obscured Truth Network.

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  1. comment by VIX

    I think its about showing that these thugs that they can’t just walk away after hurting innocent people that it will NOT be forgotten.

    A fine message, if it is effectively communicated.

  2. I'm just rollin along watching this crazy crazy (feces). RUK, I recall most posters being quite civilized with you. You are not a nice person.


    Once again, attacking the person instead of the argument. How you can equate people wanting to smoke a plant peacefully in the open with your family being under assault is ludicrous.

    Laws and government that protect the rights and property of individuals is a fantastic proposition, and I'll be glad to support it when that is what we have. The US government doesn't even come close to fulfilling that basic duty. It is an all encompassing, micro-managerial behemoth that lives off the hard work and sacrifices of everyone it harasses. I didn't attend that vigil at Rivera's house but I know those who did and to claim to feel threatened by a group of people with candles is ridiculous.

    Disagree all you want. We don't see this country differently – we imagine the concept of "the country" differently. I see a political dominion dominated by a group of elitist politicians and their enforcers, laying claim over a broad swath of land stolen from its rightful inhabitants over centuries of war, lies, and oppression that have left a shameful legacy few want to talk about and I cannot blame them. I don't now what YOU see when you think about "America", but I will assume it is the "land of free, home of the brave" rhetoric that gives so many the warm and fuzzies.

    How can a nation that imprisons over 700 million people a year (that have never harmed another living person) be called free? That is what the smoke-outs are about, not "the right to smoke pot." How can a government that presumes to tell allegedly free people what they can and cannot do with their own bodies be considered free? How can a nation the steals nearly half of its citizens income under threat of raid, imprisonment and seizure of their rightful property be called free? Check your premises.

    I don't dispute the purpose of the military to provide a common defense. However, the US military has not fought a defensive war this century, or any of the last.

    Declassified documents tell a story of a government that engineers engagements and stages coups in "uncooperative" nations. Google "Operation Northwoods" and be amazed. Educate yourself on the breadth of US intervention in Iranian affairs from the 1950's onward. These people do not idly take up arms against the USA. They do it after decades of having fire and death rained down on them. Google images of "depleted uranium babies" and witness the silent genocide of the Iraqi people – an unintended after-effect of depleted uranium shells used in the Gulf War. Take the time to examine the rise of Saddam Hussein, the then darling of the US government. They were more than happy to train and supply him with all the arms he wanted to fight against the Iranians.

    Do some research and understand that the US government (always claiming to be bringing democracy to the middle east) actively participated in a coup to overthrow Iran's elected president (Mohammed Mossadegh), install a puppet regime headed by a brutal shah, and the subsequent islamic fundamentalist uprising that ignited the middle east. That is the reality.

    Bin Laden was funded and trained by the US government to fight the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Do you really expect these people to stop fighting american troops? they fought off the british. they fought russian gunships head on from the backs of camels. They don't know what fear is. Accepting the official 9/11 story – that is the reason those attacks happened. It was a wake up call to the american people at large that a significant portion of the world has had enough of being occupied as a client state.

    That is the role this country's government has played and continues to play. I don't doubt or discount the bravery of the fighting men on either side. That does not change the fact that these wars (raging for eight years) are predicated on lies. We would not be speaking Korean, German, or Japanese. You know this because real patriots would defend their homeland to the last man – they would rather burn then be held down.

    It is impossible to take this monster down at the head, but the foundation on which it stands will not support it indefinitely. In getting back to the topic at hand, that is the point of any activism you read about. Reclaiming our sovereignty in our immediate vicinity, in a manageable scope that isn't abstracted beyond meaning. And in doing so, hoping to inspire others to do the same.

  4. Kellie, do you have a better idea? Because all I've seen outta you all day is 'Oh, you're right, but you can't go over to the cops' and judges' HOUSES!! Cry-imminny!'

    Guess what? Those people come to our houses, sometimes with warrants, sometimes without. Sometimes the warrants are related to perverted law. They feel themselves to be superior to 'regular folk', which clearly they are not, they are SERVANTS, not masters.

    Seriously, what do you want us to do with these people, Kellie? Begging them obviously doesn't work. Killing them obviously will not work. So they are being publicly shamed, in front of their own families, and exposed as tyrants in front of their families. They deserve much more, but have the power to destroy anyone who would give them what they really deserve.

    So either come up with a better idea, or stand aside and let the people do what they must

  5. @ LPVIPER

    I invited people to challenge my accusation that this was all about catharsis. Your VERY emotional response only reinforces my suspicion that, at least in your case, I was right. Thanks for the clarification.

  6. Maybe it was, in part, a cathartic event. Aren't you glad those at the vigil chose a solemn, peaceful method rather than the violent catharsis Rivera so often opts for? I've seen this guy come off the handle too many times to see him as anything but a loose cannon. I've heard him lie on the stand too many times to take his word as anything of value.

  7. @ Josh

    Any activism is at least partially cathartic. That's perfectly natural and inevitable. Yay that we can vent our frustration and anger in peaceful ways!


    There is something to be said for effective activism. Maybe the vigils were effective, but I'm pessimistic.

    I'm speaking of myself as much as anyone else. I know what it's like to think only of the morality of an action with no regard to strategy.

  8. There is truth in what you say about catharsis, Kellie.

    However, I will ask my question again, as you neglected to answer it previously.

    Do you have a better idea?

  9. Do you have a better idea?

    You'll have to phrase your question more specifically, because my answer depends on what the objective is.

    Do I have a better idea for how to communicate to Rivera that his actions are immoral and that perhaps next time he should think twice before arresting and seriously injuring a peaceful man?

    Well, I'd say that any candlelight vigil that doesn't involve intimidating his wife would be a better idea. It might not end up in Rivera changing his world view, but at least it wouldn't be reason for him to hate us even more and to further strengthen his (and likely his family's) belief that Keene, NH would be better off if the Free Keene folk would just go away.

    You shouldn't consider my criticism an attack on you or your views. Any healthy liberty movement must welcome constructive criticism.

  10. What more can I say to add to all the above!?…I'm proud of you people! I myself was first victimized by "loose cannon" Rivera in 1996! He was off-duty, & out of uniform(sweat suit…), we were in a class together at Franklin Pierce College – Keene Campus, when Rivera threatened, personally, to arrest me for "trespassing"…Looking back, I wish I'd taken him up on his offer…It would have gotten Court involvement sooner, while Hon. Richard J.Talbot(ret.) was still on the Kangaoo/Keene Court bench…Thanks, Ian, for the RUK/RUKIDDING = KEEPKEENESHACKLED = Freddie heads-up…in the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that theKINGofKEENE also answers to *ELKHEART/ELKFART*…God, I do so love you people! (WTF???…Yeah, I know, I'm a Tibetan (Mahayana) Buddhist – you know, that Dalai Lama guy – but I was born & raised Protestant Christian. I have easily reconciled both Buddha & Jesus/God with traditional American Indian beliefs, hence, "Native American Tibetan Buddhist"…Hey, it works for me!!!…As for candlelight vigiling at Burke & Rivera's house, HEY! *GOVERNOR SMILEY-FACE*, YO! LYNCH-mob! Hey, Molly Kelly! *I *TOLD* YOU PEOPLE A YEAR AGO TO SHITCAN BURKE! I've done virtually *NOTHING* to support the "freestaters"…The "FSP" has done a better job of *PROVING MY VALID POINT*, than I could ever do by myself…"If the people lead, eventually the leaders will follow"…

  11. Very interesting conversation with the police. Good job staying peaceful and polite.

  12. To have fear isn't always a bad thing for the person experincing it……..Sometimes the fear is irrational, and the problems that feed the fear are self created. If one can overcome creating there own problems then many fears just dissapate!

    Killer work! Keep it up!

  13. "eli is a good man" – No, he is not. Eli is an evil man. Every paycheck he receives is stolen money, money taken from taxpayers whether they consent or not. Every thing he does is violent. He represents the force and the brutality of the state. I have no respect for him, I have no respect for his job, I have no respect for his badge, I spit on the idea of him being a good man.

    He is the Roman soldier stabbing Jesus in the side. He is the Inquisitioner torturing heretics. Rivera is the British redcoat raping patriot women and burning patriot churches. He is the Yankee soldier slaughtering Confederate children. He is the military force occupying 700 bases in 130 countries. He is not reason, he is not eloquence, he is force.

  14. It seems disingenuous for Rivera to support Obama because he says they share the same beliefs that communities need to be stronger and more cooperative to achieve peace and prosperity, yet has a major freak-out when his NEIGHBORS visit his home to do just that.

    Yes Eli, the peasants know where you live. *insert scary ghost sound* This is the logical outcome when you repeatedly harm peaceful people. You have yet to say ANYTHING about what you did to Kurt. Not a word. Show some courage and come out as a neighbor and a man instead of hiding behind your costume and that thin blue line. Come down to the Free Keene Festival this sunday and apologize. Actually talk to these people with whom you have created so much strife. Make amends. But do it as a man, not in your policing role. Endeavor to control your rage before it truly gets the better of you. Prove us all wrong in the judgment of your character.

  15. I understand your example of showing real criminal cases that have been unsolved in Keene (or in your opinion) left without concern from the authorites. Someone cited a bunch of real crimes…. I for one think the KPD would have alot more time to solve these crimes if they didn't have to deal with the daily BS of you all. While some of you praise the KPD for how they individually act around you, they are only doing that to avoid further conflict with you.

    If I being a law abiding citizen get stopped for speeding and appear to be under the influence… If they find pot on me. Guess what I am going to jail. Your 420 vigil (which is less of a FSP and more local rebellious pot smoking kids) on the square is not changing any laws or the upcoming medical use bill is truly being hurt by your actions more than helping.

    Furthermore, by taking the vigil to persons said private home, (Police Officer, Prosecutor or a Judge) you are essentially trepassing on that person and his families privacy outside and away from the organizational structure that you disagree with. In my opinion, you are not a gang but more of a terrorist group that are looking to instill chaos and civil unrest in a sleepy little town.

    I suggest the KPD invite all the surrounding PD's and gather up all of you at todays 420, so you can spend some time with your (run into the court room post) ring leader in the no heat / no hot water county jail.

    Just go away, 98% of Keene think you and your Free State Project are a burden on the system in which they fund… otherwise you would have 24,000 members strong instead of maybe a couple hundred.

  16. Wyatt,

    What side are you on? Do you want liberty for all or for master's rules to be obeyed by all?

    Don't be a tool.

  17. Wyatt,

    Got news for you – rather than going away, more activists are coming. Perhaps you should try learning a thing or two about freedom, else YOU may want to consider leaving, because things are only going to get more free around here. It's only a matter of time.

    Oh, and how impressive that you speak for 98% of Keene. You must really be a man about town!

  18. Wyatt belched forth thusly:

    … If they find pot on me. Guess what I am going to jail. Your 420 vigil (which is less of a FSP and more local rebellious pot smoking kids) on the square is not changing any laws or the upcoming medical use bill is truly being hurt by your actions more than helping.

    Kids? Kids you say? I've been coming to the square every day since the 2nd day of the gathering. I'm also 48 and have 3 grandchildren. I'm no kid, dude. My kids aren't even kids. That is just your prejudices talking.

    You obviously know nothing about what you are talking about. Happy 4:20 to you anyway.

    C. Munro

  19. Wyatt, they don't have to "deal" with activists, they could just let people who have not harmed others be.

    Focusing on these things is their own decision. Yours is a common tack in defending immoral behavior — blame the victim, and pretend that the bad actor had no choice in the matter. For example, I've heard burke referred to as a truck — e.g. "You don't go stand in front of a truck and get hit, why would you question a judge in a courtroom?" The fact is, the judge is not a force of nature, or an inanimate object, he is a person with moral responsibility for his own actions, and so are the cops.

  20. Blame the victim and have no choice in the matter? "Whats your last name?" I believe was the question posed. He refused and was held in contempt of court.

    You got one thing right, the "bad actor" part.

  21. Instead of knocking on the door, it would have been cool if the activists sang this song to get their attention:

    or other songs of peace/freedom.

  22. Wyatt, the judge had forced him to be there under duress in the first place, and he had not harmed anyone. The idea that we all need to obey whatever arbitrary diktats the man in the black robe, or politicians in concord come up with is absurd.

    If I made a bunch of arbitrary rules for your life, I would have no right to throw you in prison because you did not follow them. And yes, you have the right not to tell me your last name.

    As I say, I've heard of some other people who like to enforce "respect" by threatening violence, but they're all gang members.

  23. He was forced there under duress? So did he not break a law to begin with. Last time I checked a traffic violation is a law in which is broken. Most people do not end up in court over a violation, as they admit their fault of doing something wrong. The fact is you call out certain things as "real crime" and others as not crime at all. So running a stop sign is not a crime until you do so and hurt a pedestrian? The underlying root cause is the same, without the personal injury?

    I live under the arbitary rules called the law, which happens to be enforced by the Keene Police Department. My tax dollars fund the services and as End Game has stated, I too am happy with the services I get.

    Now your selection of examples is ironic, as you have absolutely no right to make any arbitary laws or remove what you personally feel is inappropriate.

    As for your opinion on respect, I will agree to disagree. But for the most part should anyone have a different opinion than yours, it is considered wrong.

    Heres mine, given the fact that you are attempting to cause civil unrest to the fine community of Keene, (as you have targeted Keene, New Hampshire only) you are not "a gang" as stated but more of a terrorist group or militia attempting to create an uprising in an already civil society, (whatever you or anyone else's goal maybe) therefore in todays world you are the minor leaguers of the world's biggest terror concern.

  24. Civilized people don't demand tribute

  25. Wyatt: Terrorist! "LMAO" I think you mean the state/government when you speak that word I don't see any violence/force being done by the liberty activists in NH.

    Now the government on the other hand only has force/violence to get what it wants done.

  26. The only moral use of violence is defensive. If I am going to use force on someone, it had better be in self defense — otherwise I have become the attacker. Just laws prohibit real crimes with victims — like assault, theft, rape, murder, arson, etc. The use of force in response to these things is defensive — because the original acts constitute an attack.

    The proper use of law — which is the threat of violence, make no mistake about it — is not to force people to obey whatever arbitrary rules bureaucrats in concord want to come up with. Using the threat of violence on people to extort money from them, or to make them live a certain way, would be immoral for any individual or any group, and it's immoral for government. Using force in this way to effect arbitrary control is tyranny.

    Slowly rolling through a stop sign in a rural area does not in itself constitute anything close to reckless behavior, or endangerment of others. The reality is, enforcement of these rules in most circumstances is about revenue generation.

    Pulling someone over is a use of force — the implication is that if you don't stop, violence will be used. If a cop is going to stop someone driving, then that person needs to be putting others in eminent danger, or they need to have harmed someone. This would make the use of force defensive.

    Certainly, if he had hit a pedestrian it would have been a real crime — but as far as I can tell he was driving safely for the conditions. Most importantly, we know he didn't harm anyone, because there is no victim bringing charges. And, even if there were a victim, the money should go to that victim as restitution. The state is certainly not a victim, so they have no right to demand money.

    If you are happy with the services you're getting from your taxes — for example, say you think the public schools are great — you absolutely have the right to use your money to keep subscribing to these services. I just ask that you allow others to make a different choice, with their own money. You own your money, and have a right to spend it as you like, and others own their money, and have a right to spend it as they like.

    I don't believe in violence at all, so your last comments are frankly absurd. Terrorists attempt to accomplish their goals by instilling fear in others. I don't want to instill fear in anyone. Unlike government, I respect people's property rights, and freedom to spend their own lives and finances as they choose.

    Actually, by that definition, current government behavior is most terrorist. They extract money from people by threatening to take their homes. They force people to obey arbitrary rules (e.g., prohibition on unpasteurized milk) by threatening to put them in cages. It's obvious with any objective thought that today's principal source of aggressive threats, and the use of fear to control behavior, is government itself.

    I was born in Keene, by the way, so there's another dimension of failure in your ludicrous "attack" rhetoric.

    I suggest Bastiat's "the law" would be a good start in understanding purpose of legitimate law, and the dangers of its perversion:

  27. i think a big distinction that many on the side of 'the law' or 'the state' miss is the fact that we don't want to change what they believe… we only want them to consider the fact that we don't believe the same thing.

    if you think that taxes, traffic laws, the drug war, US troops in other countries, the government system etc… are good things (or maybe just some of those are good things to you), that's your belief. i disagree, but i'm not gonna do anything to you for disagreeing with me. however, why am i not allowed to live the way i believe is right? why should i be forced to obey the rules of a system i never agreed to be a part of? why should i pay for things i despise? for example, whenever i go to the airport, there is a man (never a woman) who gets to grope my breasts to check for… i don't even know. i am forced to pay for my own sexual assault. sure i could waste a few years worth of time, money, and energy to MAYBE get that part of airport screening taken out… or i could just tell the guy to keep his hands off me.

    thats what we are doing here. telling angry strangers and people we don't want touching us to keep their hands off. i don't care what a person's job is, they are still just a person. i don't see anyone as an authority in my life, because i don't believe people can be given control over another without consent. i never consented to anyone controlling me. if you did, then enjoy your system, but don't force it on me. and if someone hurts those i love, i will deal with them in a direct (but peaceful) manner. i can't separate the person from the uniform, or buy their excuse of 'just doing their job'. that stuff doesn't apply to me, cause i don't believe in their system.

  28. Sometimes I bring my work home too. And it also intrudes on my quality family-time! So what's the big deal?

    Although I am in a different line of work; sadism is not in my job description.

  29. I think it is horrible to do this to a family's home. You are compromising their rights to quiet enjoyment. If you have a beef with a public official in the course of his job, adress it at the place of employment or in a public forum a city council meeting. If I was him, I would have had a sudden need to turn on a sprinkler and maybe hose down the road in front of my house. You guys are just looking for conflict so you can push back and scream about the alleged mistreatment. Remember, a citizen is allowed to use deadly force to defend his home and curtilage against unlawful force in the commission of a felony. Watch which lines you cross.

  30. John,

    If you have a beef with a public official in the course of his job and you work 9 to 5 you don't have the luxury of addressing it at their place of employment. Because they are not open for business.

    People have to earn a living.

    Maybe that's something the government could do, hold office hours after the majority of the people are not at work. That is the way most businesses work. Walmart is open after people are done with working for the day, maybe government could do the same?

    A citizen is not allowed to use force against peaceful people holding a vigil for a friend that is in prison and/or has been injured.

    The police came out to the peaceful vigil and did nothing because people were peaceful and did not do anything wrong.

    It's not against the law to care about your fellow human beings.

  31. Sorry …"Liberty",

    I just cant believe all you peaceful people are just being all sweetness and light about some ones well being. You all have a hidden agenda and time will bring it out. Wal mart is a bad example in this case. They are the most corrupt business imaginable and infringe on peoples liberties by the minute. USe the example of a small locally owned business. They often keep hours similiar to public offices and imagine this…people find time to get to them. I guess its all a matter of how important you feel it is to get to the office or business in question. I cant help but laugh when I think of that comment in the context of all the buffons wandering in our public parks at 4:20 getting stoned and breaking the law….

  32. Peaceful vigil in front of the person's home while parading around with a public display of guns. The family is not the person in which you have a beef with. Do you think they allow someone to do a certain job? Many dislike the employment one has, or the hours they work, the pay they recieve, the labor or acts in which they do… You are doing this to cause unrest (but you call it a peaceful vigil) in your one sided mindset, but you are actually looking for confrontation to cry foul. Take your vigil to the County Farm and call out to your master… Oh wait nobody up there cares, no media, no public confrontation possible because the guards who hold your master don't care about you or your position.

    In the defense of Eli: If his wife decided to leave, or walk outside while holding your peaceful vigil, bet your butt you will look for confrontation to cry assault and battery if touched. Heck, we seen that already with the dumbass stunt with the camaeras at the court. If you were to infringe on my children's safety or well-being, guarantee you'll see a different level of confrontation.

  33. Thank you wyatt for a well stated position.

  34. There is nothing wrong with standing and holding candles on public property, near someone's home. If your "job" during the day is tackling people sitting in a chair in handcuffs and sending them to the hospital, or locking people in cages for asking you to say "please", then yes, the very least you should expect to see is people holding a peaceful candlelight vigil outside your home.

    Wyatt, if Rivera or Burke recognize that what they do is wrong, they should quit. If they "don't like it" on a moral basis, the last thing they should be doing is keeping on despite their consciences. People doing immoral things just because it's their job have been the source of most atrocities in modern history.

    I don't know who you're referring to by "your master". I have no human master, I am a free man.

    If you want to know the motivation, I suspect for many it was the same as for most protests: to make the parties in question aware of the evil of their actions.

    How is your last statement a defense of Eli? Yours is a made up scenario that did not even occur. And what occasion would his wife have to "touch" anyone?

    Cameras in the court, by the way, are vital for any sort of accountability.

    Certainly, it would be unacceptable for anyone to harm you or your kids. No one was harmed here, it was just a vigil — people standing on a public street holding candles.

    I find it ironic that you're so sensitive to the slightest perceived hint of even a peaceful protest regarding your master Rivera, but he can tackle a person in handcuffs and nearly break their neck, and you've got nothing to say about that. Your master Burke responds to people who haven't harmed anyone, but "disrespect" him, or don't show him the proper level of obsequiousness, by throwing them cages for months, and you've got nothing to say about that. No, it's people holding candles that are the real problem.

    Keep on bootlicking, the leather softens up after a while.

  35. Lets get something straight seeing I have nothing to say about something you called me on.

    Your camera guy was in the court room. The camera starts filming him laying on the floor supposedly post attack, in no distress. So it leads everyone to assume an assault occured. How about he may have ran into that support column to appear injured by authorities?

    The next fact is his neck wasn't almost broken, he was in and out of the hospital in minutes so unless the medical staff at the Cheshire Medical Center have Mother Theresa "healing powers" it was a frigging act.

    In one of the many videos you can see him laying on the floor in no pain, turning his head left and right without neck pain and even sits up without the use of his hands and extend his neck out to kiss his wife.

    Now I am not medically trained but hell even I can tell his neck is clearly no where near "almost broken".

    But when the video is rolling in front of all his disciples, "ahhhhhhhh the pain, Riveria tackled me." This video has seen gotten it's mileage and any educated person would realize the act is just that poor acting.

  36. Wyatt, the video of him lying on the floor occurred before the attack. Just watch the video — he gets wheeled into the back room AFTER he was lying on the floor, and that's when the attack occurs.

  37. Wyatt,

    Did you actually watch the video? Or is your memory just really bad?

    Paul is correct, your time line is off.

  38. Very good points Wyatt. They will fail, unfortunatley legislation in process to quell their activism, or at least make it more costly for them will affect those of us who are OK with status quo.

    Hoffman is a terrible actor and a pussy, it is very hard to break a human neck. A signifigant force is needed, We have rugby games played daily and I have yet to witness a broken neck. Weak

    Wyatt & John good to see you here to defend our community.

  39. Unless I am mistaken all of you who are telling us what terrible things happened to Kurt didn’t actually witness the event. The incident if you can call it that happened behind closed doors. You are relying on hearsay or worse “assuming” that is what happened. I don’t think there is much question that Kurt has an agenda. I wasn’t there either but what I am saying is you need to at least consider the fact that his display was all an act to get attention. He certainly played it up well for the cameras when they were wheeling him out. How long was he in the hospital? If he really had a broken neck he would still be there or more likely airlifted to a major medical center. Look at the facts and don’t try spinning them to meet your needs.

  40. We would know everything without question if cameras were not banned from these locations (and many others), but the government agents fear everyone seeing them in action.

    That tells me that they will as soon as the eyes are off of them hurt people and break there own rules.

  41. Yes, it is too bad there wasn't a camera there. But if Kurt was pulling a stunt it would have prevented him from doing so as well.

    That tells me that they will as soon as the eyes are off of them hurt people and break there own rules.

    You are "assuming" again. The eyes were off Kurt as well.

  42. R, if government employees don't have anything to hide, then why are they trying so desperately to prevent themselves from being filmed? One would think that they'd *want* to be on film if they're doing their jobs properly so that there would be no doubt.

  43. Why would one try to prevent being filmed?………

    Probably to avoid being recognized by someone who disagrees, and in turn being harasses at there home. Gee, That might be a good reason

  44. His neck wasn’t almost broken, he was cleared by the hospital in minutes so unless the medical staff at the Cheshire Medical Center have Mother Theresa “healing powers” he was obviously not injured.

    Why aren't you holding a vigil at the hospital because they must have conspired to cover up the governmetal abuse of a innocent man's broken neck and didn't provide proper care or treatment, right?

    Oh wait, if you do that on hospital grounds, you will be arrested for trespassing. And "no cameras allowed" so better stay focused on Riveria thats working.

    Seems your following is questioning the cause.

  45. His wife was there too, and someone else saw it, I can't remember who. Basically, Rivera tipped his chair over, and since his hands were cuffed behind him, he couldn't catch himself and his head hit the ground, snapping his neck back.

    You guys really are desperate to make excuses.

    Newsflash: Your "community" is not defined by the behaviors of a couple thugs, and defending them is not defending it.

  46. This situation would not be an issue without two factors:

    1) illegal contempt proceeding by the judge, who has already gotten away with such abuses

    2) excessive force used by the police prosecutor, who also has a history of such conduct.

    These specifics pull us away from the perversion of law that created the problem in the first place.

    Simply consider whether the actions of Burke or Rivera would have been legal if you yourself had done them, outside the 'color of law', whatever the hell that is.

    If you say no, DING! Perverted law, move to eliminate, and not only that, but file criminal charges against the tyrants.

  47. Your activism is a disgrace to our community, it is childish and not what Keene is about. We have always had tremendous civic pride, and have always respected our police. The storm clouds are brewing, citizens are complaining, and appealling to our police department for action. You have awoken a sleeping giant….and the results could be costly to your cause. Your exodus is going to happen, the question is when, and at what personal cost.

  48. And true to form, the response is threats against the people who just want freedom.

    Your war will be one sided when taking on those who have no wish to fight with you.

    You have ignored every bit of logic profferred and responded with derision and threats.

    You are proving the case of liberty lovers with every ignorant word you type.

    Read Fredric Bastiat's 'The Law' and attempt to enter the conversation with an actual take.

    Peace and long life

  49. "We have always had tremendous civic pride, and have always respected our police."

    End Game, it's very arrogant of you to try to speak for everyone who lives in Keene.

  50. @ThinkLiberty – you claim that "A citizen is not allowed to use force against peaceful people holding a vigil for a friend that is in prison and/or has been injured."

    Think about it another way. What if the people that put Kurt in a cage did not have badges? If a random group of people kidnapped him and kept him in a cage? Would you still say the same thing?

    These people were not given extra rights simply because they have a piece of metal on their outfit. They are still – as individuals – accountable for their actions.

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