Parking Tickets and the Consent of the Governed Part 5: Aggression Time!

My parking ticket saga continues (see the other parts here), as today while at court to support Kurt I was “served” by the friendly Peter “Sturdy” Thomas of the Keene police. Here’s the complaint he foisted upon me, alleging I committed a “VIOLATION” of city ordinance 94-152 B1. As you can see, the original was completely illegible so Sturdy took the time to trace over most of it for me – such service! Basically they are claiming I parked at an expired meter and didn’t pay for the meter.

I’ve been meaning to post my correspondence about this incident with the Keene police’s parking bureau head, Ginger Reyes, and this gives me the perfect opportunity. (I believe she’s the angry-looking blonde parking enforcement person so many Keeniacs are unfortunately too familiar with.) Here’s the situation. We returned from breakfast downtown to find a ticket on the car and despite it not being me who parked the car, it is my car so I told my partner that I’d handle the situation. As the first parking ticket I’d been given in 2008 was mysteriously paid and my second was allegedly wiped out (tickets that aren’t sent to prosecution are dropped after 90 days, according to the former KPD chief), I figured I’d continue with my approach of writing a letter to KPD asking them for proof of my obligation to obey their ordinances. Here’s an excerpt of the letter I hand-delivered to them on 11/20 (.PDF):

I am a peaceful man and will do no harm. I honor my agreements, and to that end I would like to remind you and your fellow agents that there is no evidence of an agreement between us. I have requested proof of my obligation to obey your agency’s ordinances and statutes in the past, and none was ever provided. You’re still welcome to provide proof of my obligation at any time and providing it is legitimate (not obtained under duress and with full knowledge and consent of both parties), I’ll happily pay your fine. I’m sure you understand that common sense dictates that one who claims to be owed money is expected to show upon demand, the proof of their claim, particularly in the form of the signed instrument (contract) that binds me to the obligation that is being claimed. The Uniform Commercial Code (which is part of your organization’s own statutes) makes this pretty clear.

I am at peace and have harmed no one. Will you continue to attempt to initiate conflict with me or will you do the honorable thing and discharge this matter?

A couple weeks went by and I received this response from Ginger Reyes (.PDF) at KPD. In it she claims the following:

All of your questions were answered in a previous letter sent to you April 10.2008 by Captain Meola. The same laws, ordinances still apply.

Here’s the letter she’s talking about from Ken Meola (.PDF), now the new KPD chief. Here’s my original letter from 2008. He never answered the questions I asked, he merely cited his agency’s rules without proving I have any obligation to obey them, as I then pointed out in my follow-up to Ginger (.PDF), which I hand-delivered on 12/16. Here’s an excerpt:

Kenneth merely cited some of your society’s rules, that you call ordinances. Citing your ordinances does not prove my obligation to obey them. Allow me to show you why. See, I have ordinances too:

Section 1.2b -All people employed by a municipal corporation who send me letters must include a $1,000 processing fee.

Now, where’s my check? I’m kidding of course. Just because I have ordinances and statutes written down on paper doesn’t oblige you to obey them. I imagine you can see that pretty clearly, now apply it in reverse. Just because you have ordinances and statutes written down on paper doesn’t oblige me to obey them. I would never force my rules on you, as I am a peaceful person. I honor my neighbors’ choices, and do no harm. You however are more than happy to force your arbitrary rules on me and in this case are willing to aggress against me by stealing my car. I don’t appreciate your threats – they aren’t very neighborly.

Were you actually working for a private organization that doesn’t get its funding from threats of violence against peaceful people, I’d actually respect your claim over the downtown parking spaces. I respect private property owners and their rules. However, the “City of Keene” is an agency with a monopoly over coercive force and therefore nothing you claim to own is legitimately owned, in the same way that a thief does not legitimately own the things he steals.

It’s pretty clear at this point that you have no proof of obligation and have resulted to overt threats of aggression. I am at peace and have harmed no one. Will you continue to initiate conflict with me or will you do the honorable thing and discharge this matter?

Clearly they have chosen to continue to initiate conflict with me and the arraignment is scheduled for Feb 9th, 2010 at 9am in Keene district court. I will not be pleading out so when this goes to trial, I will not pay a fine nor do community service. I have yet to decide on my approach. Here’s the discussion thread on the Free Keene Forum.

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  1. "against the peace and dignity of the State."


  2. Now where's my check?

    I would have liked to seen the look on her face after reading that.

  3. That is on most of these type of offences.You are not bothering anyone in particular,it is the entire state that finds offence and becomes undignified.All this and for less than a quarter!Find entertainment any cheaper. —bil

  4. Brilliant breakdown of the illegitimacy of the state. I wish more people confront the state like this no matter how minor the charge.

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  6. Thanks Ian for challenging this agency of thieves (awesome response letter!).

    Funny how everyone knows stealing is wrong but it is OK, if you do it in the light of day and can have well dressed people write stuff down and vote on it.

    Who is the city of Keene (Tyrants)? Wouldn't it be nice to put faces to that. How about a Calender that features all the thieves faces and their power structure.

  7. Your letters are awesome!! Loved them. Thanks for the entertainment!

    I was wondering if you had sent them and affidavit of truth, and a notice of understanding and intent??

    If you do this before they catch you breaking a statue or ordinance you can send them a claim of right(which was the letters were that you sent them and you did a magificent job I might add!!) I

    If they continue you can send them an estopple by aquience, which basicly tells them that when you sent the affidavit of truth and the notice of understanding and intent they did not respond. Your understanding of your truth becomes enfoceable(under common law).

    You just have to do it in that order. Affidavit of truth, notice of understanding and intent (with the required waiting period)(also send them a notice that you did not receive a response to your notice and give them more time if you want) When they come after you send them the claim of right and if they continue to harass you send them the estopple by aquience.(everything certified mail and recorded with a notary) You can find examples online of all of this.

    At this time they will be in common law jurisdiction and they cannot touch you and you won't have to go to jail to prove your point. Just show up in court with all of your paperwork, claim common law juridiciton and answer any of their questions with "I do not consent and I waive the benefit"

    This is just information that I have read, and not a suggestion to break the law or anything! I have never tried to do any of this stuff, but I can't wait until the time is right for me!

    If you havn't sent the affidavit of truth and a notice of understanding and intent, with the required grace periods, recorded with a notary, you may still be under their jurisdiction, so be careful! I know you guys up there are practicing civil resistance and I hope all of this will help and keep everyone out of jail!!!! Best of luck!!

  8. Neil,

    You should try that stuff and let us know how it goes. I don't know anything about their statutes or jurisdiction. I live by natural law.

    I hope your process works for you. If so, I'd love for you to post your affidavits and etc. on the Free Keene Forum.

  9. I love it Ian!

  10. Ian

    When you go into court you are in statutory admiraly jurisdiction. They hold their power over you through your consent. A statue is not law, it is given the force of law though your consent to be governed.

    We are tricked in to giving consent by entering into contracts by using "services" or "benefits" given to us by government. Through your consent of paying taxes, getting a drivers license, fishing license, gun license, etc. etc. etc. We put ourselves under their jurisdicion.

    Now we know these rights which they think we need to get permission to do from them, are inherant or unaleinable, so why do we sign our names to contracts with the government? This is how they can make us do what they want and put us in jail if we don't.

    We must notice them that we are not under their jurisdicion. We must have a paper trail of that notice and have witnesses (a notary) so when we go to court (amiraly, statutory jurisdiction) if we choose, we can show that they do not have jurisdiction over us. We are not bound by their societal restrictions because we are in a common law juridiction. Its like a judge and a police from France coming over here to the US and citing us for violations of french law! They have no jurisdicion!

    Unfortunately I am not in a position yet to take a stand. I know a lot of you are there in Keene, and I just wanted to pass this along to everyone up there so you can do your own due dilligence on the process and not get thrown in jail due to your civil disobedience!

    Go to and watch the videos of Rob Menard Bursting bubbles of government deception and lawful excuse. Good stuff!!

  11. I like a lot of what Rob Menard has to say, but even he admits you have to be willing to spend time in jail to use his approach.

    Telling them I don't consent will not stop them from throwing me in a cage. I know because I tried that.

    I imagine you will say that it's because I didn't file exactly the right paperwork, but that's why I'd like you to prove your claims. Let us know when you are in your position to show the world the validity of your claims.

  12. Congratulations on receiving traffic at Campaign For Liberty!


  13. Where was that?

  14. There are examples at on how to craft the affidavit of truth, notice of understanding and claim of right.

    Just trying to help Ian and I wish you the best!

  15. I don't think Ian needs help. Not only that, he did not ask for help. He seems to be doing just fine to me. The government does not have any evidence of him agreeing to their rules. Agreeing under duress does not count as agreement.

  16. Brodie

    By all means I don't have it all figured out! I applaud what you are doing up there in Keene and I support you 100%. It is also encouraging to see people stand up to the government like Ian is.

    I didn't intend to imply that you all don't know what you are doing, just trying to have conversations with like minded freedom loving people. We are on the same side and just want to end the tyranny that we are hostage to.

  17. Excellent letters, excellent activism.

  18. Excellent letters and activism!

  19. Neil, all the stuff you're referring to is a complete waste of time, and is probably a scam as well. A magic sequence of paperwork makes government go away? Ha ha ha. Dream on. Eventually, if you sufficiently resist them over these matters, they will kill you. There's no magic set of motions that constitutes a loophole in that reality.

  20. If you send the government an "affidavit of truth" they will either throw it in the trash or have an unpaid intern read it and send back a form letter. They really don't care about what you have to say. They only really care about your money and the control they have over you.

  21. Gee, i wundur why i can’t find no story about this in the keene sentinel???…isn’t this news???…///…About that “angry-looking blonde” crap, yep, that’s her, all right. I have also heard the word “nasty” used in reference to her…I wondered about her. Prayed a bit. God told me to go away & stop bothering Him, so the Prayer thing didn’t go so well…*I* think that she’s been hurt. Hurt bad. I think that she’s in pain. Great pain. One day, when my own pain-level was manageable, I saw her downtown, & I smiled a genuine smile at her. She smiled back. Remember, people. People are people, too, you know…just because they forget that, means we need to remind ourselves that we’ve ALL been hurt….(Fuck you, too, MEOLA, you ass-wipe…ME-OLA = PAY-ola……

  22. …Jack knows exactly where that 1/48 scale Bf109 is flying right now, doncha’ Jack?…Sometimes, “semper fi” can take the form of a model airplane…Hal Brown got screwed over for Chief, too…so it goes in Jumanjiville…politics, politics…what bullshit…

  23. Has anyone ask the City of Keene for all of the data on all of the outstanding parking tickets especially their so-called "SCOFFLAWS"? Maybe — just maybe some famous or infamous scofflaws that the city treats "differently" might be exposed! Speaking of being exposed, stayed tuned – in about 2 weeks there will be pleasant/unpleasant surprises (depending upon which side of the "political fence" you are on) for some certain public officials in high places thanks to me!

  24. Ian,

    Nice work.

    Don't forget to ask about the injury to the officer who is bringing the charges, so that the court might find his or her standing to bring such charges.

    In the case of injury, the court will find suitable restitution for such damages to be repaid by you, if you committed such…


  25. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Wallace Nolen, what can I do to help those "surprises" take place???…There's plenty of local politicos who are long, long overdue for their come-uppance….Tim Robertsons' name jumps to mind…Geez, talk about a Trojan Horse-wolf in sheeps' clothing!!!…That's old "two-faced" Tim fer ya'!!!…Are the Feds announcing the pending *FEDERAL* corruption case against Howard B. Lane, Jr.???…That's been pending for a while…

  26. Rome wasn't built in a single day, nor can things be done in NH overnight. I decided NOT to file an appeal in my Keene NH records case for a number of reasons. One reason for pursuing what I was looking for was to prove that there was a definite need for challenging on a much higher level the interpretation that a non-NH resident is somehow prohibited from getting access to records under NH Right to Know Law. I have been working with some NH lawmakers who agree with me of the need to update NH's Right to Know Law to fix some of these deficiencies.

    From a legal point of view, unless the State of NH is interpleaded as a defendant/respondent getting rid of this illegal version will only apply to in my situation the City of Keene. The answer is to request records of state officials {as I have already done and been denied without any written explanation as to citing specific exemptions other than they never ever have released these particular records}.

    As promised there is a Concord NH attorney who finally will be filing the class action lawsuit I promised would be filed against the NH Treasurer and other state officials. He is a very active attorney that has handled many very large national class action lawsuits. I already know that the primary plaintiff will be yet a different Concord NH attorney with the second plaintiff an employee of the attorney of record. I expect within 2 weeks of the filing of the class action lawsuit against the NH Treasurer, the state itself and other NH officials commenced, I will file a lawsuit against state officials for the personnel records of all state employees as I did against Keene. This time however, members of the news media have indicated that they will support me if I need to appeal any adverse lower court decision.


    Remember the says – history repeats itself. Compare

    [the photo is that of VT congressman Bernie Sanders not me!]

    Be patient people – "Good things come to people who wait!" Their time is rapidly approaching!

    Wallace Nolen

    22 Gallow Ave

    Barre VT 05641-4216


    (802) 479-3384

    99.99% of dealing with these kinds of governmental officials is setting them up (like the police try to set up a big "sting") where if it is done right, these officials will fold! Look at the timing my exposure in VT about VT's abandoned/unclaimed property's illegal acts and omissions when suddenly Governor James Douglas announced his intent not to seek re-election. For those of you not paying attention to Vermont politics, Douglas, a Republican was the immediate past-Vermont Treasurer before he sought and successfully won election as VT governor!


    compare to:

    I think that while this wasn't the only reason of his not wanting to run for a fourth term, I think that he has seen the "writing on the wall". The present VT Treasurer, Jeb Spaulding is a democrat. So my efforts in Vermont certainly will shake up both major political parties.

    The only thing by the way holding up the Vermont class action suit is my inability to find any attorney admitted to practice law in Vermont willing to handle such a case that has the real potential of causing major financial problems for the state's already screwed up budget. Hopefully once the NH litigation gets going that may convince some "on the fence" attorneys who are admitted to practice law in Vermont to come forward.

  27. Wish I'd seen this sooner…that Ian isn't all over this seems more evidence that Mr. Freeman *MAY BE* just more *CONTROLLED OPPOSITION*…This needs to stay front-page, at least on here…<i support the imminent military coup…Thank-you for all the links, &etc., Wallace. More power to ya!!!…

  28. More than 4 months have passed since this original post. Has anyone bothered to make a right to know (RTL) request for all parking ticket information? Seems like all you guys are all talk and no action! LOL! Seriously, I am sure that there must be plenty of "well connected" individuals who owe parking tickets and for some reason they are not getting their cars towed/booted or warrants aren't being issued for their arrest.

    I am sure that once you guys get the list of those vehicles that can be "booted" or "towed" and you start to "turn the tables" on those "undesirable deadbeats" who are scofflaws that with a little bit of "scouting" you can certainly find the subject's vehicle and DEMAND that the vehicle get towed. As a backup, you should consider contacting members of the news media BEFOREHAND and ask that they send out a report/photographer to verify the vehicle's presence and if the city officials do not act on your "tip" then the news media can document such acts/omissions.

    Some of us are working on far bigger "projects" that soon will become public otherwise I'd see what I could do. Isn't there someone out there that could follow this up with a Right To Know Law request for these records?

  29. Using their violent monopoly to increase the suffering of others is not the way to peace and liberty.

    Feeding parking meters and taking ALL ticklets to court is closer…

  30. ROTFLOL!! Oh, go try the "common law" jurisdiction and see how far you get. Ignore their ordinances and see what happens. What a bunch of whackos. What planet do you people live on? Save up all of your money and buy a clue.

  31. Do you have a spare for sale?? —bil

  32. Go to your local Town Clerk and get a copy of the parking ordinances. It is not the government’s responsibility to personally inform every citizen about every law, it is incumbent upon the citizen to make the laws and ordinances of a city known to them as ignorance of the law is no excuse for violating it. In addition, parking at a meter, the meter should have instructions and limits on it. If you paid the meter and it did not register, you should note the meter number and contact the authorities and even leave a note on your car-or even better, move to another space and notify the authorities later. Either way, I personally think there are bigger issues you might want to take on to help others or better society than to make a federal case out of your ticket. You have the right to file an appearance at your District Court for a hearing to plead your case against a ticket, which it tells you on the copy of the ticket they give to you. Just a thought.

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