Big Mike Arrested : Raw Video

The police in Manchester finally pounced on a spontaneous 4:20 celebration today in Veteran’s Park. (Is this the first civil disobedience arrest in Manchester?) After being illegally searched by the police, Brian Manning was arrested, allegedly for possession of cannabis. After shaking down the rest of the group, Big Mike is told he can leave. As he is surrounded by the police, he walks between two and brushes against one of them (it happens at 3:20 in the video). He is then immediately grabbed and arrested for assaulting a police officer! Big Mike is currently in Valley St. jail in Manchester and is allegedly refusing to identify himself. Remember, in the “land of the free”, refusing to identify yourself will result in you being locked in prison for an indeterminate period of time, as Sam discovered last year.

Here’s the raw footage of Mike’s arrest. If anyone has other footage of the scene (especially Brian’s arrest), please post links to the comments!

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  1. Wow, that was a ridiculous reason to arrest someone.

    Thanks for reporting on this, Ian.

  2. Looks to me like a textbook cop trick to gin up an excuse to kidnap someone.

    Just tell them to walk by you and…

  3. Absolutely pathetic…

  4. What pathetic little people. Dangerous with a badge.

  5. A sad day for a random 4:20. Completely uncalled for.

  6. You can tell the cops are just trying to pin something on Mike, maybe for the video he made of taking cannabis in to the police station last year?

    Good thing it was captured on film.

    No one deserves to be caged for that.

  7. I don't think there is video if Mike being dragged off and thrown into their paddy wagon. There are a few stills of him being dragged off though and I'm still trying to get my hands on. Once I do I'll make sure to email them out and get them posted.

    As for Brian's arrest, Big Mike is the only one that may have video of Brian's arrest. I was only able to get my phone out after they had Brian in cuffs, and were questioning me (which you can hear in the beginning of the video). So That video may be lost until mike gets out of jail, whenever that may be.

  8. It looks as if they've put "plains clothes officers" (secret police) in the park during these hours to entrap dangerous pot smokers.


  9. Just called the valley Street jail (at (603) 668-8711)and got bounced around between a few different bureaucrats trying to find out any additional info on Mike.

    They refuse to give any information out about Mike, no charges, no arraignment date/time. I was able to get out of the shift commander that a lawyer may be able to go and visit Mike tomorrow. Hopefully we can get someone in there to see him and find out what he is actually dealing with, make sure he's in good health, and see what he wants us to do for him on the outside. Please please please everyone call and make sure these bureaucrats realize he is not forgotten.

  10. Only a petty bully and busybody would harass peaceful people for having a plant. Only a coward would call brushing past them "assault".

  11. What kind of huge ego needs stroking that bad? The arresting officer ought to be ashamed.

  12. Law enforcement officers using the force of the government to harrass peaceful people.

    It's shameful to see these paid bullies throw their weight around.

    I can hear them now, "Oh you don't like it?",

    "What're you gonna do about it?"

    You've got to do something about it. Make complaints about the officers. Every time!

    Create a pattern of complaints about specific officers. It only encourages them when they get away with this stuff.

    Would you accept this kind of behavior in the school yard?

  13. So when are the candlelight vigils gonna start happening at this thugs house? My guess is when we find out where this scum bag lives.

  14. death to tyrants

  15. It's insane how commonplace the despicability of bureaucrats is.

  16. Big Mike is a stand up guy. Need to get good pics and video of these cops and distribute their faces around so people know who they can go to when they see someone smoking pot in the park.

    They gotta protect us, these tough little men, from the dangers of marijuana in the park.

  17. That was pathetic. That video clearly shows there was barely any brush of the arm and the officer didn't make any attempt to give one inch of space while he was passing through. What a sorry excuse to waste taxpayer money!

  18. Much as we rattled boxes of chocolate-mint candy at the cops who arrested Evan for what turned out to be chocolate-scented mint leaves, I'm suggesting that Captain Courageous here be followed by singers of this little tune that I knocked out. Use a mincing, childish voice, and sing it, more or less, to "Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be?"

    Oooh! Oooh! I've been assaulted!

    Bad boy! That man is faulted!

    He . . . touched . . . the Prrresence Exalted!

    Somebody save me from him!

    Oooh! Oooh! I'm threatened so much!

    That nasty man came so close he could touch!

    How . . . could . . . Free Staters send such

    A scary bad man after me?

    I enact disproportionate retribution

    For soiling my delicate constitution.

    That's so important, it invalidates

    The meaningless one of the United States.

    I'd deal with this case like a man, but I can't–he's

    Part of this huge gang of fierce vigilantes.

    I'm already wetting the lacy pink panties

    I wear underneath the blue serge.

    He's off the street and I'm safer now, but

    They need me to handle some dangerous nut.

    I could get a hangnail, a bruise, or a cut!

    Better pretend I don't hear.

    I'm so important, I save you from crooks.

    That 8-year-old girl coming home from school looks

    Like there's a nail file stashed in her books

    Kick her down onto the ground

  19. Wow seriously? That cop is pathetic.

  20. Does anyone have any updates on this story?

  21. Well Brian was bailed out that Sat night for $500. Mike is still in jail until at least tues because he refuses to identify himself or submit himself to be processed by the bureaucrats. As of right now we're waiting until Tues morning (which is when we think his arraignment will be) to find out what our options in helping Mike is.

  22. Thanks, Renniks

  23. After watching this video a couple of times, it seems to me that Mike's assault charge just reeks of entrapment by the Blue Light Gang members, pure and simple.

    Any comments from the NH legal beagles on this issue?

  24. Someone please come up with more video. A "picture" is worth a thousand words, and will no doubt go a long way towards proving that the cops not only had no reason to arrest anyone, but used excessive force in doing so.

  25. I like this Sam guy… Quick to a song at the drop of a hat.

  26. Mike did nothing wrong nor did he accost the officer. The plain clothes man tried his best to stick his arm out to attract the charge. I was there.

  27. Maybe they are sweating 'big' Mike out. You know, trying to get him to give up his unlicensed barber.

  28. You know, if you take away a cop's gun, his pretty tin badge, and his glorified Boy Scout uniform, all you have is just another over-paid, underworked government bureaucrat who gets a nice, juicy (tax-payer funded) government check a couple of times a month just for sitting on his butt driving around and harassing and bullying people.

    I don't even smoke anything, and I'm appalled at what a ridiculous waste of time and money this is. It's becoming apparent that the so-called "war on(some) drugs" is nothing more than an expensive job-security program for cops.

    After the r3VOLution, this stuff is going to end. The cops will all have to go get REAL jobs that are productive and actually contribute something to society.

    Peace and Liberty.

  29. This is just insane. Why were you intentionally smoking pot in the first place? What possessed you to decide this is a first step in liberty (actively and publicly to smoke pot)? Wouldn't you gain more support from local people to follow the police scanner around from incident to incident and support the locals. Considering the movement is still very small out there, use your time to put the locals at ease and still help record and possibly offset some of the idiocy called law enforcement.

    Criticism aside, Mike I hope your case is thrown-out. I wish you the best of luck even though I don't agree that you are taking the most logical step to make a change in NH. And I certainly agree that your arrest was immaturely executed, preplanned and unacceptable.

  30. I'm glad you see the absurdity in their actions, criminal8, to harass and kidnap such a man.

  31. what a bunch of fags these local cops are. if i weren't way down here in texass i'd come up there put the whoop-ass on these little pansies-in-blue.

  32. I think calling them "fags" is much too kind. Most gay people I know are much more civilized.


    Have you seen those cops riding motorcycles? I haven't, I am not sure they are fags.

  34. If that's harassment, then I've done a whole lot harassing in my day.

  35. Just curious, does anyone know if mike's family has heard? none of his friends here in detroit know how to contact them. we are putting pressure on the local fox affiliate to cover the story but it would suck if that's how his mom finds out.

  36. 2 weeks…still no reply here…so it goes…sad.

  37. He was able to call his mom from jail after two weeks, as I understand it.

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