Free State Project Reaches 10,000 Signers!

The FSP reached an important milestone yesterday – the halfway mark of 10,000 participants! Here’s the press release from the FSP:

America’s boldest experiment in liberty, the Free State Project, officially signed its 10,000th participant today. The organization is dedicated to migrating 20,000 pro-liberty activists who agree to downsize government to New Hampshire. The announcement comes in advance of the Free State Project’s annual winter convention, the New Hampshire Liberty Forum.

Jason Sorens, founder of the Project, said, “This is a great milestone for us. It feels good to be half-way there. There’s still much to do, but the project is continuing to grow and I am confident we’ll reach our goal of 20,000 participants.”

Participants come from many backgrounds but all agree to move to New Hampshire, where they will “exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.” The agreement avoids political labels and allows individual participants to set their own course to reach their goal.

“The Free State Project has no political platform or membership dues”, Sorens stated. “We have participants who identify as conservative, classical liberal, libertarian, anarchist, voluntaryist, you name it. The things we care about are: Do you want more liberty and less government? Are you willing to work toward it? Are you going to be a good, neighborly person in your community? If so, the Free State Project may be just what you’re looking for.”

While no one is obligated to move until 20,000 people have joined, 800 participants are already in New Hampshire. Four have been elected to the state house and dozens more to local offices. Members have founded or supported organizations around issues such as lowering taxes, gun rights, drug law reform, spending caps, homeschooling, marriage freedom, privacy protection, and state sovereignty. They have also started media outlets such as nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live, YouTube sensations like The Ridley Report, and print publications like the New Hampshire Free Press.

FSP president Varrin Swearingen noted that “the FSP is more than just being politically active, it’s also about community. Several cities have regular social meetings with dozens in attendance. Members have met their spouse through the Project. There is a full social calendar of parties, hikes, game nights, you name it. Come for the liberty, stay for the community.”

Early mover Margot Keyes of Epsom commented, “Many people move for jobs or family, but rarely get a chance to move for their ideals. Why not move to where you can find jobs, a lovely environment in which to live a freer life, as well as a community where your ideas are not only welcomed but shared?! Join the FSP community–live what you believe!”

When Swearingen was asked what the project is doing to reach the next 10,000 participants, he replied, “We are increasing our advertising, starting direct telephone outreach, and increasing our presence at pro-liberty events across the country. Now that members have moved to New Hampshire we have hundreds of natural ambassadors that can speak to how great it is here. One thing that sometimes holds people back is their practical need for a job. We now have extensive online resources available to help with that at Thankfully New Hampshire has the best economy in the northeast, which we hope to improve further.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano recently said that “The Project is fascinating…” We certainly agree, and look forward to the Judge extending his remarks on this milestone at the Liberty Forum, where he will be the keynote speaker.


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  1. "starting direct telephone outreach"

    Yay for Mark's plan!!

  2. I find this misleading because the information is very out of date, as evidenced by the ratio of actual movers to those claiming to be moving since the early 2000's. Also, there is apparently no way to 'unsign' yourself if you later are not able or interested. Would even say that the 'count' is meaningless at this point. At current rates by the time it reaches 20000, many of those signed up even today will be long gone. The effect of this is probably more of a disappointment when you actually go and see how much of a minority you are in the population there. If people want to participate in group effort projects of common ideas and goals, they will do so regardless of these graphics. I would rather see a counter of how many are in each major area NOW and drop the intent portion. We could have a more realistic idea of what is actually going on.

  3. You can unsign yourself – just contact the FSP at and tell them you'd like to leave the FSP.

    While I agree that the 10K number does likely include people who joined, changed addresses, and forgot about the FSP, the important point is that 10,000 individuals did sign up over time and so far 800 are now in NH. More are moving every year. It's the movers that matter, and we could easily hit 1000 this year.

    Any way you slice it, this is the best liberty movement in the world, and chock full of amazing activists doing things I've only dreamed of.

  4. I know for sure it's better there than it is here in metro Detroit, Maulotaur. I haven't heard anyone say they're disappointed about being in the minority up there. I think movers are enjoying their lives like all good libertarian types do. Projecting your anticipated feelings onto those folks that are already there seems like an uninformed position. Ian says he loves it up there. I wish to whoever I was there.

  5. I love living in NH. You good folks out there are great and are the people whom I want to live amongst while raising my family.

  6. As Ian pointed out, you are able to remove yourself.

    Also, most people didn't agree to move until after 20,000 folks are reached. We just hit 10,000 and already, at least over 500 folks have moved. So the moving is going a long much better than it could be.

    Plus, when you add up all of the freedom people moving to NH just because it is so much better than most other places or because they heard about it from the FSP, things look even better.

    Keep spreading the news folks. Have people joined because of you? Have people moved because of you? Have you told 100s of people about the FSP? If you told the time to read this far, thank you. Keep up the good work 🙂

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