Additional Video from Nashua 420 Arrests

FreeKeene Blogger Nick Ryder posts his video of Saturday’s arrest and release of David Krouse and others.

The story also made WMUR: WMUR Story
And the Nashua Telegraph: Nashua Telegraph

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  1. Think about it. You're in Court, facing a charge of "resisting arrest". Didn't you get arrested at some point prior to trial? Yes. So, arresting somebody, & then prosecuting them for "resisting" what happened, um, see where I'm trying to go with this? Isn't the fact that you're in Court, *PROOF* that at best, you can only be guilty of *ATTEMPTING* to resist arrest???…You were arrested, right? If you had **succeeded** in resisting arrest, you wouldn't have been arrested in the first place, right???…

  2. Heroes… the protesters, not the cops.

  3. You got that right, Seth. These little piglets aren't "heroes" at all. No, instead, they are ZEROES!!!…Zero common sense. Zero compassion. Zero respect for America's Freedom. Did you see "Mr Red Sox Narc" trying to talk on the radio he was holding in one hand, while attempting to arrest (?)Dave Krause(?)or whoever that was…with the other hand!???… UNPROFESSIONAL, and TACTICALLY STUPID. If this was something other than a bunch of non-violent pothead slackers, say, a gang fight, I'd expect serious injury and possibly even death resulting…The good people of Nausea, um, "Nashua" should be ashamed to have such incompetent LEOS!…

  4. Actually some decent, non-biased coverage. Hopefully this will help wake a few more people up to the insanity of the drug war.

  5. THEKINGOFKEENE, how is “Mr Red Sox Narc” talking on the radio tactically stupid? He persuamably was calling for backup, which they needed because David wasn't being compliant and prevented their leaving the sceene. Additionally, the protestors were saying David was peaceful and he didn't give any indications that he was a violent threat to them. Plus one of his hands was handcuffed and the cop had control of the other cuff. If this was a "gang fight" they would have likely drawn their guns, batons, and/or used hard-hand control on David to gain his compliance. To say that using the radio to call for backup is unprofessional is laughable as well. You may disagree with the police officer's decision to arrest David, but to say how the actual transpired was unprofessional and tactically stupid is ridiculous. Unless there is something that the video didn't show…

  6. Are the 420 celebrations in Keene still going on? Any word of whether they have been copied in other places?

    I assume there will be a big event in Keene on April 20th? I'm likely going to be speaking at a Students for Liberty rally at UC Berkeley (California) on that date — the student group has a permit for Sproul Plaza, which is very visible, high-foot-traffic location that was the site of the famous Free Speech Movement protests in the '60s. I think it would be awesome if we could get some kind of live video feed between the two locations so that people in both places could see each other on large video screens. Anybody know what it would take, technically speaking, to make this happen?

  7. Starchild, it occurred to me that 420 celebrations can become a history-making cause celebre with the right publicity. The "mainstream" news media certainly can't be relied upon, but the Internet can. Were videos to be posted under just the right headlines — hundreds of 'em! — on YouTube to draw in the most interested and influential people, if they can be made to see how effective a technique this is, it could take off nation-wide. I don't know just what buzz-words should go into such headlines to get heavy hits, but somebody must, and if that could be put into action immediately to build interest before April 20, the result could be spectacular.

  8. I'm planning on going down to the Hash-Bash the first Saturday of April in Ann Arbor, MI to hand out fliers promoting FSP, FK, and the 420 celebrations. There hasn't been too much open smoking in the past decade, but there might be an upswing now that medical prescriptions are more common.

    Anyone in SE Michigan want to help?

  9. Iawai, I have friends in Mt. Clemens who are going to the Hash Bash. You can send me your contact info on the forum and I'll put you in touch with them. One of them has been promoting the FSP already and will be moving here this summer.

  10. Sorry I took so long to reply, *ASS.AW.YER*…Thanks for your question! First, carefully re-read my post. OK? No, "talking on the radio" is not "tactically stupid". *BUT* – talking on a hand-held radio with one hand, while attempting to arrest a guy with the other, in such a mellow, non-violent, peaceful demonstration, well, that's TACTICAL FUCKING GROSS INCOMPETENCE! Sure beats "stupid", don't it, Mr. Sawyer???…What's little piggie gonna let go of first? Drop his comm. link, or watch his detainee flee???…get serious injury because he had a handful of cellphone, when that wild swinging kick connected with his face, but, hey, he couldn't block the blow cause he had his hands full – ooops! he dropped his radio anyway, and now one of the protesters has snagged it up, deftly tossed it under cruiser, where a kryptonite-connected protester passes it off to his buddy, who successfully flees with piggies raio. Now, imagine that exact same scenario, except replace every word "radio" with "service weapon"…Some kid just got clean away w/a cops gun, because that cop, in his poorly trained & supervised arrogance, *THINKS HE'S THE SHIT*…OH! "calling for back-up while arresting somebody"???…Where's *HIS* back-up???…Why isn't the arresting officer's *back-up* calling for back-up???… What about the on-scene commander/Lt., Capt., etc.,…Why didn't *HE* call for back-up???… What? No on-scene rank above SGT.???…Maybe little piggis was calling for *INSTRUCTIONS & PERMISSIONS…To sum up, Mr. Sawyer, if you wanna play fucky-brain-fucky-brain, with me, you will lose every time. I am a Federal Security Agent, & DOD Civilian, with a near 20 year career in among other things, "P-TARTS", that is, conducting "Personal Threat Assessment Reaction/Response Training Seminars". I eat this stuff for breakfast…Nibble on, ASSAWYER. NOTE: This "one-time" is OK here, now, but more dialog should be posted to the Forum…Sign in!…

  11. The arrest looks so staged and planted. Anyone check behind this guy? He may work for the POH-leese. They achieved their goal if it was to upset the crowd. Cops: so sneaky, can't trust 'em ever.

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