Keene’s Latest Drug War Victims

If there were no War on Drugs, drugs could be sold legally anywhere. People could go to the corner store, for instance, to buy their marijuana and other drugs. They would be manufactured safely and distributed with usage recommendations, just like aspirin. They’d also be cheap because in the regular market competition brings prices down when the distributors aren’t jacking their rates due to risk of arrest.

Since unfortunately there IS a War on Drugs, criminal thugs are frequently the only way to acquire the drugs that people are looking for. This is because criminals are the ones most willing to risk arrest to do business. Since people are going to do drugs regardless of their legal status, this puts a lot of buyers in serious danger of being ripped off, or worse. The Keene Sentinel reports on the “or worse” part of drug prohibition. When was the last time the clerk at Walgreens beat the shit out of a customer trying to buy some aspirin?

This is what prohibition gets you:

More details have been released concerning a brutal attack last month at Carpenter Field in Keene, but questions still remain.

Kevin Alley Perry, 21, who is listed as homeless in Keene, was arraigned Monday morning in Keene District Court. He remainsat the Cheshire County jail in Keene for lack of $25,000 cash bail.

He faces two charges of felony first-degree assault in connection with an incident July 24 that left two people — Joshua Abrams, 21, of Keene and his girlfriend Paige Wilson, 18, of Gilsum — battered and bloody in the field.

An affidavit written by Keene police Officer Michael O’Donnell says the two were attacked by Perry and another man.

Abrams told O’Donnell he and Wilson met Perry — who is called “Alley” throughout the report — and an unidentified man and woman at the field July 24, according to the affidavit.

Wilson and Abrams said they knew Perry and considered him a friend, according to the affidavit.

Perry allegedly told Abrams he would “get (him) high and ‘smoke him up,’ ” before holding out an amount of marijuana, Abrams told police, according to the affidavit.

When Abrams lowered his head to look at the drugs more closely, he was struck with a metal object that appeared to be a baseball bat, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit doesn’t give a motive for the attack, and police officials couldn’t be reached for further comment this morning.

Wilson told police she was also hit in the head with the bat, then ran into some brush and fell into nearby Beaver Brook, O’Donnell wrote.

Abrams told police he was hit several more times by Perry and the unidentified man before he ran away. The men started to chase Abrams, but eventually fled in a car, according to the affidavit.

At about 10:15 p.m., Keene police were called to a Marlboro Street address for an unrelated incident.

While en route, O’Donnell saw Abrams staggering into the street, bleeding heavily from his face and head, waving to get the officer’s attention.

The police log from July 24 indicates officers looked for Perry that night in Keene and Swanzey.

On Friday, someone reported seeing him near Wheelock Park at about 7:30 p.m., and he was arrested soon after.

He is scheduled to appear in court again on Aug. 19 for an evidence hearing.

If you don’t want to end prohibition yet, you hate the children. Really. You are subjecting them to danger like this.

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  1. I read recently that ending the War on Drug Users and Sellers would reduce addiction as drug providers would have less motivation to get people hooked. I don't know if that's true or not.

  2. What kind of twisted logig is going on in your head to make this a 'War onDrugs' headline???Or does it just look good??Did you read the story,or just skim through?? The guy doing the assault already HAD the pot.It wasn't a case of someone stealing pot,or robbing someone to steal pot.Do you actually think that if pot was legalised,no-one would ever be attacked by anyone else?Maybe it had nothing to do with the 'War on Drugs'.Why did they also attack the girl? Sounds to me like it was a personal disagreement-they knew each other.The police in this case were helping the victims,and were out looking for two thugs armed with at least a baseball bat.Perhaps this is instead a RESULT of drugs.How they became victims of the War on Drugs is beyond me.It reminds me of the police accounts of a shooting where a semi-auto rifle is used.It is always called an 'assault rifle'.Looks better in the headlines.Same here.Can't wait for a reasonable response.Because there is none.Bullshit headline. —bil

  3. bil,

    It appears to me that someone was lured to a location with the promise of illegal drugs. That being lured resulted in his attack.

    I think the point Ian is trying to make is that some people just want drugs… and they're willing to compromise their own safety and other people's safety in order to get them.

    Ian can correct me if I am wrong… but that is what I took from this article.

  4. Yes, this was also likely a robbery. These young adults met this guy expecting he'd get them high and probably buy some weed and he jacked 'em.

  5. They would be manufactured safely and distributed with usage recommendations, just like aspirin.

    So you advocate FDA regulation of pot, just like aspirin?

  6. Why would you jump to such a conclusion? I never mentioned the FDA or regulation.

    The free market provides industry standards and third party certification on its own due to consumer demand.

  7. Based on the text in italics, that's why.

    You wrote "just like aspirin".

    If that's not what you meant, that's fine. I just wanted to clarify.

  8. Bil – If people were able to purchase their currently prohibited drugs at a brick-and-mortar store, as opposed to a back alley from some gang of thugs they don't know, then it's very likely there would be little risk of getting the shit kicked out of you; being as how the business has a reputation to uphold, whereas these thugs risk nothing more than they already are by selling prohibited items.

    To quote the opening paragraph: "When was the last time the clerk at Walgreens beat the shit out of a customer trying to buy some aspirin?"

  9. Standards of manufacture are a result of the company and consumers. People want to know what they are getting when they buy a drug, so companies want to inform them.

  10. Some relevant thoughts from another source:

    Not sure how many people here have read the book, or anything else by the author, but I would definitely recommend it. The first Q&A, in particular, is pretty interesting.

  11. AH! IanFreeman" reveals his INNER STATIST! And, his complete ignorance and brainwashing! Hey, you asked for this one, Ian, so, here you go: 1. First, you repeat the standard STATIST / GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA line that the Keene Sentinel, and every other media outlet uses to make DUPES & PATSIES out of otherwise good people. When referring to dried flowers used as herbal medicne, or "marijauna" / cannabis, you keep saying "the drug". DRUGS ARE CHEMICALS, Ian. Or, are you gonna say "Tobacco is a drug", too? In order to be at all intellectually HONEST, you have to have it one way or the other. Either "weed" & tobacco are both "drugs", or neither are. Make up your mind. 2. I agree with a couple other posters here. The pot angle is a red herring. Coulda' been $$$ or video games, or any other damn thing used to lure the victims. That it was ganga is besides the point. 3. "DRUGS" are already SOLD LEGALLY EVERYWHERE! How many DRUGSTORES are there in Keene? OH, my bad. No "drugstores". They are all "pharmacies". You know, like PHARMACEUTICALS. "PHARMA"??? Do you really not know that best estimates are around 100,000 Americans die, DIE, from pharmaceuticals? I truly hope Mary-Jane is NEVER sold at the "corner store", as you pipe-dream it could be. Do you really not know that the World received "Heroin"(tm) from the Bayer, AG chemical company of Germany, in 1880???…Same company that gave us BAYER CHILDRENS' ASPIRIN, gave the World Heroin??? Really? You didn't know that, Ian? 4. You STATIST, you, Ian! DRUGS can be "manufactured", but weed is CULTIVATED, not "manufactured". Weed can be GROWN. The whole idea of "Manufacturing Marijauna" is a STATIST FANTASY, used to justify oppressive NAZI-style arrests & persecutions of peaceful, freedom- loving home gardeners & herbal medicine users. 5. You perpetuate another STATIST MYTH when you suggest that Prohibition is the >*REASON*< that street-level, retail weed prices are 50 to 100 times the price of Tobacco. Prohibition is the EXCUSE, not the reason. Big difference between an "excuse", and a "reason". 6. The alledged assailant in this case is a "homeless" individual. As already noted above, it was neither a desire to purchase / acquire weed, or sell it, that resulted in this assault. I say the stress of homelessness & poverty was a much greater causitive factor than weed or "drugs" ever could or would be. 7: We the PEOPLE can easily grow enough weed to easily supply America. I would have no problem seeing folks paying some small, reasonable price for weed. America ALREADY HAS a vast "underground" / gray / black market of production, distribution to supply Americans' demand for weed. I for one, rue the day weed is sold in the corner store. A Medical Marijauna dispensary, either public, private, or even a "brick-&-mortar-less" business model of home delivery / supply, such as Avon or Tupperware, would be far more efficient & effective at supplying weed. 8. The last step on this 8-fold path is to remind all readers that cannabis (marijauna) is a gift from our Creator, God, bequeathed to us on Page 1 of the Bible. Look up Genesis Chap. 1, verse 29: &God said, "Lo!, I (God) have given you every herb-bearing seed within which is the seed thereof, that grows on the face of the Earth…to you, it shall be for meat…"(KJV) Perhap you think we should go back to selling "indulgences"??? You know I like you, Ian, but when you're this far off base, you should go back to the showers. I am NOT trying to start a conversation or discussion here. Next time, if you can't handle the TRUTH, please don't expect me to be so TRUTHFUL! Now, let's go see what blather Mr. Okrent has to say on the subject…

  12. SCREW YOU DOUBLE TIME, Ian! Okrent may write a good history of Prohibition, but as a "Contemporary Social Theorist", he's just as full of shit on this subject as YOU are, kiddo!…and, the NY TIMES!?!?!?!…OY!, VEY!,…how much $$$$ did they pay you for this one? Well, $$$$'s gotta come from somewhere besides the US Treasury Dept & FEDERAL RESERVE!…see ya' 'round town, Ian. Peace out!

  13. How can the government fight a drug? That's right, they are fighting Americans. The "war on drugs" even sounds like Richard Nixon is still in office and the Jefferson Airplane in playing in the background. The police is that antiquated.

  14. thank you keenenative, you summed it up beautifully.

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