Video: Keene City Council Drinking Game

Here’s a more complete picture of the events that occurred both before and after the Keene City Council Drinking Game, Round 2:

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  1. Well, I won't be going to James' coffee shop.


  2. I wonder how it feels to be on the wrong side of history and jacked up on caffeine at the same time.

  3. All I have to say is, as you guys attempt to change common culture expect people to try and disrupt you at every turn. This man is timid compared to what I expect other citizens who don't understand and dont care to understand what you guys are doing.

    Practice your patience, practice understanding, practice de-escalation. Keep pushing forward.

  4. Here's the difference, when the liberty activists stand up they are trying to challange bad laws and tend to interact with people that force themselves on you in someway, i.e. coersive government.

    James, you do not have to do business with the activists, you are not forced to fund their activities, nor would they ever force you to.

    Sam said it best "he doesn't have ideas, he's just being a dick".

  5. I would love to see James take up Sams offer for a discussion to see if he's actually willing to have meaningful interaction, or if he would just rather be an ass.

  6. The comments on this page lead me to believe that many of the Free Keeners don't realize how much they aggravate other people, so when they themselves are aggravated, they feel threatened.

    The fact that no on has mentioned throughout this entire debacle that escalated today the fact that there was also a girl sitting on a bench with a sign, having completely rational, un-provoking conversations with others in regards to the beliefs she holds that do not necessarily coincide with the Free Keeners' show that many of you are willing to simple react to confrontation, and ignore actual interactions.

    If you get upset when someone gets in your face, then don't get in other people's faces. Plain and simple.

  7. That Iraq Veteran or what ever he is a complete fucking moran. Stop talking if you don't have anything to say.

  8. What's a moran?

  9. Reminds me of the picture of the guy in a bandanna with a sign stating, "Get a Brain Morans!"

  10. What exactly did the coffeecup bozo want?

    He hates video cameras? Interviews? Documentaries?

  11. As best I can tell he was hoping to show how some people feel in the community about some of the activism in Keene. Unfortunately I think this went a bit to far. We both apologized, and hopefully we can meet sometime soon to talk about this.

  12. You know what strikes me more than anything about this?

    Here's a veteran of the war who is ANTI-WAR and James is being a dick. What is he? Pro-War? Anti-Free Stater?

    As far as I'm concerned, anti-freedom people are pro-war. That makes James a proxy murderer.

    James? Care to defend yourself? You lost this round. Seriously. I don't care how cool any of my local friends or your former employees say you are. You sir, are a complete dick. Perhaps you should reconsider your position.

  13. Sam,

    There has been significant discussion involving this incident in the forum, under the topic "Drinking Game: Let's Quit While We're Ahead" I would honestly appreciate your input in that forum. You replied to me briefly last night but have been absent on there all of today.

  14. Neealus,

    I think the cup James held up made it quite clear that he was Anti-Free Stater (and I can say with some confidence that he is also Anti-Free Keene). Puke has stated somewhere else that James actually spoke to him and articulated the fact that he wasn't trying to belittle the services he, or any veterans have done for this country.

    Your assertion that just because someone doesn't agree with the way you choose to attempt to regain civil liberties makes them a proxy-murderer is not only completely ludicrous, but honestly quite juvenile and petty.

    And yeah, James was being irritating. But he was doing so to make a point. He, along with many other citizens of Keene, find the actions that many Free Keeners take on an almost daily basis to be extremely aggravating and 'dick-like'

    If you, or any Free Keene people want to protest things that's fine, but don't you think it is hypocritical of you to call someone–who is simply trying to do what you do, but for a different cause–a dick?

    You stated earlier that people who are anti-freedom are proxy murderers, in your eyes. You seem to be saying that you are anti-James'-freedom to protest something he finds wrong in the system he is living in, so does that make *you* a proxy murderer? You can't claim to be 'pro-freedom' and then pick and choose which freedoms are okay, based solely on what makes you happy, and what makes you angry.

  15. The bozo is just too fucking weird.

    Butting in on folks filming a scene downtown, just to get on camera, ha.

    He runs a coffee stand or something? And he brought his workers there too, what a loon.

    The cup must be some nutty form of an advert me thinks.

  16. so "i'm taking you down" doesn't frighten anyone else? what exactly does this mean?

  17. Outsider,

    I think you would benefit from informing yourself on the situation at hand before making those types of remarks which are simply uninformed, false accusations.

  18. "That Iraq Veteran or what ever he is a complete fucking moran. Stop talking if you don’t have anything to say."


    Thanks for your intelligent and thoughtful input.

    I am an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran and I have plenty to say if you want to have a rational discussion.

    Or you can just spew misspelled ad-hominems so we can all laugh at you.

  19. The guy NEVER served in the military, he was a "PLANT". All his clothes he was wearing can be bought online.

  20. Where's Ian? I haven't heard from the old boy. Is he perhaps bowing out, and dumping this all on Sam.

    Incidentally, SAM and IAN, NO I use my REAL name, I have nothing to hide.

  21. Does anyone here actually not know Sam or Ian's real names?

  22. no, i don't know their real names. i didn't realize that sam and ian weren't their real names. i find that discouraging as well.

  23. holy_canole

    James was being juvenile and petty. He has every right to be. His freedom to protest the protesters is unquestionable. As I stated directly to James in hopes of a response in another post. Nobody has the right to tell him where to stand when he is on public property. Nobody.

    I asked James, by that same logic, if he feels the officials (i.e. cops) have a right to tell people where to stand on public property. If they are required to have a permit to be on that public property, as James has alluded to in other posts, then where was his permit?

    James has never come out and stated he was anti-war. He only apologized for not respecting the Veteran. I'd like to know where his stance is on that. That will give me a clearer picture of what kind of person he really is.

    If he supports police action against innocent people, military action against civilians, or any other violence against individuals by proxy, then it doesn't matter how calm and collected he is personally. He's living his violence vicariously by consent.

    To point that out and question it is, by no means, juvenile or petty.

  24. Max,

    Sam and Ian ARE their real names.!

  25. nealaus, then what is the confusion about? i'm missing something- what point was dennis making about him using his real name?

  26. There are several people within the several movements (there are far more here in NH than just Free Keene and the Free State Project) who have decided to go by surnames like "Freeman", "Freedom", etc…

    No one is trying to hide. They are making statements. Dennis is just adding a red herring into the mix in an attempt to divert from the facts.

  27. nealaus, thank you for explaining to me about the surnames- now things are clearer 🙂

  28. Sam,

    I do not understand your position? I have seen more screaming by your folks and public disruption than James ever did but that is okay when it is from your group? I support James and plan on stepping in front of your cameras anytime I am not working, as long as it is on public property.

    By the way, I always hear you and Ian comment when people call you names but did you or did you not refer to James as "being a dick?" You cannot have it both ways.

  29. "To point that out and question it is, by no means, juvenile or petty."

    should be

    "To point that out and question it is not, by any means, juvenile or petty."

    Just clarifying…

  30. after watching the video a different scenario occurred to me- what if this would have been a middle-schooler disturbing sam’s video shoot during a middle-school protest? would sam have felt the need to treat a child the same way for getting in his way while trying to record a scene? would he have thought a child was threatening him also, which in turn caused him to react violently?

  31. Ian Bernard, and Sam Miller.

  32. Mind you, this very weak attempt at city council was because Sam didn't have Ian to tell what should be done.

    Ian was being held captive, and dared not to get out and speak his piece.

    Defiant as Ian was, he caved into the system he hates so much.

    Repeatedly IAN will tell you, and has told me, he is a coward!!!

    Which makes this a waste of electricity.

    You will notice, Ian and his lover Sam have not responded to comments for a long time.

  33. My point, gentle snowflake,max allison, is that Ian and Sam are using alias names. Ian using Freeman, and Sam using Dodson, which they or more than likely family , is obviously ashamed of ……OR hiding from the law.

    Ian's REAL last name being Bernard, and Sam's being Miller.

    Did that help clear up for you?

    It's a cult.

  34. They like that "Master Plan" shit, don't they.

  35. They like MASTUR….. plan. This lot should be WORKING, not being a bunch of ……..

    The ONLY time you can talk to Ian and his cohorts is at a rally they set up…. You know, come to think of it, Not seen anything from Ian or Sammy?

    Have they left us to our own devices?

    ROOM RAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Yeah right, I'm asking what his problem was.

    I've seen movie shoots take place round here, no biggie, people mind themselves. Interviews too.

    No over-caffeinated psychos running around like that though.

  37. Wow, Dennis. You have no clue at all. I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy watching you stick your foot even further into your mouth.

  38. dennis- i got it now about the last names, thanks. i never paralleled the last names to a cult following before, but now i see the reference.

  39. Luthor, you do just that, sit back and let the cult overtake. Good decision. It's not your city. Any decent resident would want this vermin to be exterminated. Like the bugs infestation they are……still waiting to see the Cordial Invitation to Keene, Ian and Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Documentation, you insist on….. repeatedly.

  40. For those thinking this is not a money making scheme, NOTE , top right corner of this page "CONTRIBUTE".

  41. As Noted in the title of this incident…'s a game, kids at play, nothing more!

    Apparently it's not a serious issue, just a game.

  42. Would somebody please get this Dennis guy laid? He seems to be playing with himself here.

  43. Dennis,

    The only Cult I see is the cult of personality that has taken over the world. Look at how enamored the world was with the president. Yet he continues to conduct a war, imprison non-criminals, and steal from all of our productivity. Perhaps this movement in NH is a little odd or is not being done to your liking, but I cannot believe that war and poverty, which is the job the gov't is doing, is to your standards. If it is, either you refuse to see how corrupt it is (most likely because you are employed by them) or you are some kind of animal. I, however, believe you are blinded by this because it is your job and you are caught in the us vs. them with your neighbors rather than your oppressors. I refuse to believe that you are a bad person, but I do think you are misguided. This cult, if it is one, tries to teach respect and tolerance. They live this most of the time, although this was admittedly not one of them. What does the cult of gov't preach and what are their actions? Take an honest look at the news and the world and you will see that we need to evolve.

  44. Sam –

    Whether or not you were "in the middle of a shot", you still got right up in his face. His wrongdoing does not give you carte blanche to perpetrate your own wrongdoing.

  45. "B",

    Definition of 'cult' : The word cult pejoratively refers to a group whose beliefs or practices are reasonably considered strange. (
    This stoned lot of free whatever they are, are indeed a cult.

    Majority of comments seem to be against the stoners.

    Hence the word "pejoratively", as a negative term.

    Look up Shermanites, Michigan. Same thing.… .

    You'll note it doesn't start with

    There are outside sources for information than the Ian/Sam infonet.

  46. Sam, Sam, Sam, such sexual content. Kids could be reading this.

    Although, I'm wondering, is this an offer?

    Comments like yours don't help your cause. Have a sense of decorum.

    I don't have to, I'm not a free whatever you are.

    FREE speech, eh?

  47. B, the 'noncriminal' term you use so freely , is by definition, what YOU lot believe, not the laws that have been developed over centuries of seeing what people can do at their worst.
    I've worked with stoners! USELESS lot. My cat, if I had one, could do better. .

    And since IAN/Sam can't show the documentation they demand at their …well foolish shows, can YOU "B" (another hidden one from the lot) show your invitation to ruin what was a comfortable state?

    I'm from NH since 40 weeks before I took a breath, and love NH as it is, so bugger off………….Unless you can show the cordial invites to invade like locusts……..which Sam and his Lover can't find.
    Perhaps you have no skills that are useful to the world, Doesn't mean Nh wants to hear this trash
    Be sure to click, 'contribute". Sam Needs more lube.

  48. I'm all for discussion but keep it civil AHEMMMMM *Sam and Dennis* HEM

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