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  1. i think this is really creative and a great idea that she's come up with 🙂 i hope it works out well for her.

  2. Maybe a ad??? or a FreeKeene from the FreeStaters.

  3. I am willing to pay a maximum of $10 for a professional 8×10 glossy of Meg smiling all doe-eyed and wearing a French béret. Same clothing in this video or similar is fine. :{o

  4. i think i have one somewhere…

  5. Fantastic idea. I just hope you don't end up with anything creepy tattooed on you that can't be avoided by the terms set forth.

    Good luck, Meg, hope the bids are commensurate with the potential value!

  6. Maybe I should request that she also be holding a large Arby's roast beef. That's not too weird is it? I left out the Wonder Woman costume… Nah. I figure I can help without needing to mark you permanently so the beret and a pleasant smile is fine. 🙂

  7. I want a photo too but the wife would not approve 😉

  8. Ok, Meg, let me recommend:

    What is the total amount you are looking for? Your wish amount.

    What is the minimum amount you will consider? Your reserve.

    Take the total number of ads on your body to achieve this goal.

    I would specify that you have discretion as to which ad location applies to which ad- or you might want to suggest minimum pricing at various levels for different body locations.

    Also, you should think about the fact that you will be wearing these tattoos forever, and your bids probably will not compensate for that, or the companies might not last that long. Maybe a temporary tattoo could be auctioned? for a set amount of time.

    Finally, I like the other idea I read in the thread to promote the FSP, FreeKeene or something like that- by gathering multiple smaller donations into a larger bid…

    Again, taste should matter- I would be careful in accepting bids that end up looking ridiculous or offensive, even if they are non-violent… say- too sexual or whatever… If you want to get branded, why not predesign brands you will accept and create bids for those types?

  9. lets see… i did this as a gamble, and fully accepted the fact that i may only make $10 and get a cartoon dick on my arm. thats what makes it a bet 😉

    but i trust people… and even if something stupid does get on there, i don't care.

    see, the odd thing about me is the fact that i'm the only "tattooed person" who really doesn't give a crap about tattoos. i was a test subject for my friends when they were learning, so while i may have made a few suggestions here or there, for the most part my tattoos were not really my choosing anyway.

    but it's just skin. i've had my other ones for over 15 years now, and i don't even notice them.

    this was just a fun idea i had to make some money, cause i'm really REALLY struggling right now (not to sound desperate or anything 😉

    really, do not worry about a thing. i am fine with however this turns out.

    i get paid to do nothing. why doesn't everyone do this?

  10. I'll pitch in $20 handed to Meg in person for any tat supporting:



    …but only if it's a design with a degree of grace.

  11. i saw the posted video below my post and thought i'd add:


    my money ain't your money, a$$hole!


  12. Uncle Sam won't remember you over it anyway, Meg. He has bigger fish to fry, like killing brown people and soaking everyone who works for a corporation.

    No worries

  13. u kidding me? uncle sam sees all. and takes all.

  14. Now that's an awfully defeatist attitude, isn't it? Shouldn't you at least TRY to hide your 'ill gotten' gains from him?

    I would!

  15. What is your e-mail Smeg?

  16. Why not have the bid for henna or temporary tattoos instead? That way you could make this a regular thing. You could get a new temp tat each month and make a lot more money in the long run. Also, the "tattoos" could be much bigger and you could make more money that way too.

  17. I'd just like to say that Meg should video blog more often. She's totally adorable!

  18. Ian hereby establishes himself El Presidente Del Club Para La Admiración Del Smeg. I will be Curator of Exhibits.

  19. I will be fat tourist staring at exhibits whilst being slapped by wifey

  20. I shall be the bouncer. No touching the exhibits. 😛

  21. Hey, I didn't say i would touch…

    Can I maybe smear some of George's Famous Baklava on the exhibits, just a wee tad?

    Never mind, moving toward creepy. I'll get put on the night shift with Mike Jamie and Tarrin

    And get slapped up by the missus (deservedly so!)

  22. aww… ian. that made my day 🙂

  23. Instead of "Meg FOR SALE!" it should say "For sale by owner."

  24. adorable nuthin…shes HOT!

  25. WOW! Your pupils are blown wide open. What's that all about?

  26. thats actually a weird family trait i got from my gramps. we also have a rare coloring on this thin layer in the eye that detects color. while the doctors aren't sure exactly what effects it causes in our sight, they believe we may be able to detect colors more vividly than most.

    the cool thing is that in my home state of oregon, they were trying to pass a law that would give police "pupil dilation charts" to gauge if drivers were high; however, because of rare medical conditions like mine, it had to be thrown out.

    the only bad thing is i have to wear sunglasses when there is even a little bit of sun out, but i don't mind, cause i look pretty damn cool in sunglasses 😉

  27. Meg, you look pretty damn cool in anything!…but it's that thing between your ears that makes you most interesting…Glad you're here, & I truly hope this works out well for you. ("DOE-eyed"???…WTF???…you been staring at Dept. of Energy websites again???…>grin<…

  28. I missed this one.

  29. Hey, aren't you that girl that made up the story about being handcuffed and harassed by the TSA in an airport. I saw the TSA footage you liar!

  30. Don on Thu, 11th Nov 2010 9:52 pm

    Hey, aren’t you that girl that made up the story about being handcuffed and harassed by the TSA in an airport. I saw the TSA footage you liar!…………………………//////….

    No, sorry, Don, you saw the footage edited by TSA…The handcuffing and sexual abuse of Meg McLain was edited out by TSA…

  31. A person will call someone else a "liar" without factual basis in fact only if they themselves have no regard for truth.

  32. You suffered invasion of your liberty and major embarrassment, but your sacrifice made me decide to OPT OUT on the 24th! Thank you!!

    ..and I like your teeth..

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