Rick Van Wickler Discusses the County Jail on WKBK

Thanks to Dan Mitchell for having Cheshire County Jail superintendent Rick Van Wickler on his show to discuss a few issues related to the jail.

I called in to discuss taxpayers subsidizing federal prisoners (and the larger jail), the private property signs, and the continued targeting of Free Keene activists.  Unfortunately Van Wickler advances the Campaign for Ignorance by painting me as the “leader” and claiming “Sam’s group” has people that want to be in jail. If I’m your leader, I have to say, you guys suck at taking orders.

I don’t hink any of us want to be in jail, but there’s a willingness to use the system’s threats and punishment to raise awareness to the injustice and immorality inherent in such actions.

Grab the archive.

If you want to listen to the full interview, download the full hour here from WKBKRadio’s website.

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  1. The "reasons" for not allowing protests at the jail seem disingenuous. Perhaps just ask activists not to block the door, or heck, have someone with a sign informing people that the protesters are not a threat, they're just exercising their right to peacefully assemble on land they've been forced to pay for.

    Also, Rick seems willing to tolerate some abuse, just not rising to the level of 8 days without a shower. That needs to change — he needs to lay down the law with jail employees, that they will not abuse prisoners.

    Furthermore, it's interesting how Rick says that activists want to peacefully assemble "the way they are authorized to do". Rick, do you think our rights are inherent, or come from God, or do you think they're granted by governments? If the men and women in government did not recognize right to peaceful assembly, do you think people would not have that right?

    And no, it's not the private property of the commissioners. That's just absurd.

    I do appreciate his recognition that activists are peaceful, however, and I like his circumspect tone — and of course greatly appreciate his stance against victimless drug laws.

  2. Dear Beloved, Glorious Leader of all things "FREE":… Well, you suck at *GIVING ORDERS*!…w/love, your humble servant-slave ~tKoK.

  3. Please! If I wanted a leader, and I don't, but why would I let Sam be my leader? 😉

  4. I am apointing myself leader of the freestaters..so come to ME with all your queries

    youse can kneel at my feet whilst i despence pearls o' wisdom

    so henceforth i am the grand leader who is omnipotent potentate

    this is particularly directed to guys like dopey dennis

  5. and rip van winkler should habitate one of those jailcells

    till he has a beard like rip van winkles

  6. I'm not sure there is such a big need to go out of your way correcting minor fallacies about Free Staters. The fact that there are all these wild rumors flying around means Free Staters are successful. What do we care whether they think someone is in charge? What do we care whether they think some of us want to be in jail ?

    Them thinking that we want to go to jail = them knowing that they can't intimidate us with jail.

    Them thinking we have leaders who are causing endless trouble = them thinking we are effective and capable of disrupting efforts against us.

    Spending a lot of time correcting these misunderstandings just comes off as obsessing over every detail of your PR image.

  7. I will be calling cynthia tomorrow and correcting her about me being the leader

  8. No, I'm spartacus.

  9. You'll never convince Cynthia that Ian and Sam aren't the leaders unless you actually participate in some kind of activism she doesn't like and a bunch of people (they don't have to be activists, random strangers will do since the bureaucrats and haters will just assume they're all Free Keeners or Staters anyway) decide to participate.

    Don't forget your weed and a bullhorn. Those are your symbols of office and since she'll be expecting them and you want to be believable, they are a must.

  10. Take me to your leader.

  11. The only person who is my leader wears a wedding ring.

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